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Good habits spark positive thinking

By ISAAC MEJIA “Elevate your mood today with a positive attitude” (Isaac Mejia/ Ethic News). Maintaining a positive attitude is crucial in life. This is especially true for students in times of distance learning, where never-ending technical difficulties continue to wear patience thin and attack mental psyche. During […]

Dealing with Life’s Detours

By MAGGIE SNAVELY  Life is filled with so many detours. As much as we wish things could always run smoothly, that is simply not the case. When you are constantly thrown twists and turns it is extremely difficult to stay motivated. There are some steps you can try […]

How to express creativity virtually

By MAGGIE SNAVELY (Bongkarn Thanyakij / Pexels) School isn’t just a place for learning and academics. For some students, it is where they are allowed to express themselves, to laugh with friends or show off creative style. Even if we are unable to do it anywhere else, we […]

Old objects prove to be helpful momentos

By MAGGIE SNAVELY About 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders and studies show comfort objects and breathing techniques can help reduce anxiousness. (Angelita Hutabarat / Ethic Photo) There are always places wherein we feel uncomfortable, like a party we wish we weren’t invited to, the entire time […]

How your mood influences your style, and vise versa

By RAYANN ABDO A study published in “Social Psychological and Personality Science” found that when people wore formal business attire and completed a series of experiments that challenged their cognitive processing abilities, those who dressed up felt “significantly more powerful” and “in control of the situation.” ( Angelita […]

Nine hobbies to soothe the mind

By VIVIAN DINH With students settling into classes and new work loads, it’s harder than ever to find time to relax and take care of ourselves. But when we do find time, it is often spent fulfilling daily necessities or perusing on our phones, leaving us feeling unproductive. […]

Journaling has many benefits

By KAITLYN SUTOW At first glance, journaling may seem like a joke. How could writing down ideas that are already in your head help you work through problems? Well, take me for example. I thought the same thing, but once I actually took it seriously and started writing, […]

ASMR provides a way for some to relax

By ANNALYSE YGLESIAS ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, which describes a feeling of euphoric tingling and relaxation that can come over someone when they watch certain videos or hear certain sounds. ASMR is a tool that people who have trouble with sleeping or focusing believe will […]

Is Glossier overhyped?

By AMANDA DUONG When it comes to makeup, everyone has their one preferences. Glossier has several skincare products for “glowing, dewy skin” and makeup products that are meant to be simple and lightweight. Like every other makeup brand, some products are worth the price whereas others are questionable. […]

Baking with Bella: Grandma’s chocolate pie

By BELLA ESPINOZA Family gatherings during Thanksgiving call for delicious meals and tasty homemade desserts. Chocolate pie is a classic holiday treat, perfect for your contribution to the table filled with many delectable foods. This quick and easy chocolate pie recipe uses common ingredients that can be found […]