Keeping an organized room while stuck indoors


As we all know, keeping a room clean and organized is a very difficult thing to do. A few days after cleaning, things like trash, dirty laundry, and random items, start to pile up on the floor. 

Freshmen Ava Larson said, “I have a really hard time keeping my room clean after cleaning it. Everytime I clean, [by] next week stuff is everywhere on the floor.” 

Not only is cleaning a messy room extremely repetitive with time, but it is not the most enjoyable or pleasant activity in the world. Even while listening to your favorite songs while picking up your room, it can get tiring after a few minutes. Sometimes all you want to do after a long day is relax in your room, but you can’t because it’s messy! Having a cluttered space often leads to stress and can cause a cluttered mindset.

Although it is hard to keep a room clean and organized for a long period of time, there are a few steps that will help make it easier: 

  1. Detail clean the room 

To do this you just need some cleaning spray, a towel and a trash bag. Start with picking up any trash on the floor or under the bed. After the trash is all picked up, wipe down all surfaces in the room, then go through all your drawers and throw out anything that you don’t need anymore. 

  1. Get rid of old things 

If you have any old notebooks or nick nacks you don’t use anymore, throw it away! If there are clothes that don’t fit anymore, or that you just don’t wear anymore, donate it! By doing this, it will eliminate clutter and give you more space in your room!

  1. Reorganize 

When you are done cleaning out everything, go through the items you have and separate them into different categories. Once you do this, it will be so much easier to find things you are looking for! 

  1. Make your bed everyday 

By making your bed in the morning, it automatically brightens the room and makes it feel much cleaner. William H. McCraven, a retired Navy SEAL, said that “if you make your bed in the morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task, and another, and another. And by the end of the day, that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed.” 

  1. If you see something out of place, put it where it belongs! 

If you walk into your room and see a piece of trash laying on the floor, quickly put it in the trash. If there are dirty clothes on the floor, pick them up and put them in the hamper. It is so much easier to take five seconds picking up a piece of trash off the floor right away, than to spend hours cleaning a messy room! Every item has a home and we just need to help it get there!

     6.   Make a list of chores 

If you are the type of person who likes to write lists, this trick is for you! All you need is a pen and paper and maybe even a notebook! To keep your room very tidy, make a list of daily, weekly and monthly chores. An example of a daily chore is to pick up things off the floor, a weekly chore might be to vacuum the room and a monthly chore could be to wipe down flat surfaces in your room! It is an easy, yet effective way to keep yourself accountable for keeping your room organized! 

Even though keeping a room clean can be extremely difficult and tedious, it is not impossible! Using these tips and tricks will definitely help. 

Featured Image: The desk of high school senior, Lilian Mohr, who is currently attending Redlands East Vally through distance learning. All classes, school work, and assignments are done here and Mohr states “I have really tried to keep my work space clean and organized as it helps me stay productive during school.”(Ethic Photo/ Lilian Mohr)

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