Pleasing by Harry Styles: Spring collection released


An illustration of the new pleasing nail polish Shroom Bloom set (ELIZABETH MOLLOY)

Singer and actor Harry Styles released the beauty brand Pleasing with only the first collection of the brand in November 2021. The second micro-collection from the brand was released with a springtime theme in March. The collection has been named “Shroom Bloom,” a play on words with a nod to plants that start to bloom during the springtime.

With the release of this collection, Styles has chosen Mick Fleetwood to become the face of Pleasing and the collection itself. Fleetwood is the drummer of the band ‘Fleetwood Mac.’ Styles also has close ties to the band through the lead singer of the band, Stevie Nicks. 

With a new collection comes new products and colors. This time around, Styles has featured four new nail polish colors: Sprouting, The Whole Dewniverse, Tender Bud, and Vine Ripe. 

The brand also features two new skincare items. This includes a serum, “Acid Drops” as well as a Hand Plus Nail Balm. According to Pleasing, “This essential hand and nail cream melts into skin…protecting hands against drying elements and enriching nail beds.” In regards to the serum, it includes three different acids that are beneficial to the skin: malic acid, hibiscus acid, and salicylic acid. These acids combined with other ingredients provide glowy and replenished  looking skin. 

The apparel added to the collection features illustrations from artist Marisol Muro. Muro was consulted to create illustrations that are now displayed nearly everywhere when it comes to promotion from the brand. The newest line of Pleasing apparel displays Muro’s illustrations on the front. 

From March 15 to March 20, there were Pleasing pop-up shops in Los Angeles, New York, and London. Currently, all products are only being sold online and have not found their way to a store. These pop-up shops provided an opportunity to buy these items in a store as well as enjoy the art and whimsicality of what Shroom Bloom is all about. 

This collection showcases bright colors, a whimsical tone, and as Styles puts it, “a supernatural feel. This collection is a more authentic reflection of the singer himself as well as the intended idea of the brand; it’s intended to be something fun with no boundaries and that everyone can enjoy. This is very clear through the difference between the serious tone of the first collection and the fun lighthearted tone of the second. 

These products, including apparel, can be found on Pleasing, the Styles website where both the first and second Pleasing collections can be found. 

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