ASMR provides a way for some to relax


A student types on a mac keyboard. The sound of typing on a keyboard is considering soothing by some. (MIA DELMONICO/ Ethic Photo)

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, which describes a feeling of euphoric tingling and relaxation that can come over someone when they watch certain videos or hear certain sounds. ASMR is a tool that people who have trouble with sleeping or focusing believe will help them sleep or relax and can cause them to get a tingling sensation. An example is when a person taps something repeatedly, which could be seen—or rather heard—as soothing.

When people hear tapping or soft talking, it stimulates the brain, which causes it to relax and calm down. YouTubers who make ASMR videos might also listen to ASMR themselves. However, there are many individuals who do not like ASMR because of the way the noises disturb them when they listen to it. The sounds that the people produce might make some very uncomfortable.

There are many types of ASMR, like tapping, tongue clicking, slime, etc. The creators who do ASMR might have a preference for what kind of ASMR they want to do or might do ASMR based on what their viewers want to watch. Some ASMR includes roleplaying, which is when a person dresses up as a character and does ASMR as they usually would but while portraying that character.

Viewers might want their creator to ask them what kind of ASMR they want to do, as many people have different inclinations towards different types of ASMR. If the creators listen to the opinions of their viewers, then it will help the viewers achieve what they want to get out of watching the ASMR video.

People will always have different opinions on the topic, but not everyone has to watch it. ASMR will still be just a thing for people to enjoy and use to relax.

For those interested in the sounds of ASMR, but may not have access to a nearby pencil-tapper or slime, a youtube search for “ASMR” yields a variety of distinct sights and sounds that might be soothing to some.

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