Outfit tips for the unpredictable weather


Fall season 2019 in the Inland Empire has been experiencing weather that can only be described as bipolar. Technically we are approaching the “winter” season, where in the IE winter weather averages a whopping 70 degrees.

This is unfortunate for those who enjoy bundling up in cute winter outfits. Most are rarely able to do so because mother nature always plays everyone and makes it super chilly in the morning but hot in the afternoon, so instead everyone ends up wearing a summer outfit and just bearing the cool morning weather.

Students from Redlands East Valley High School offered their input on this subject and how they choose their outfits.

Eileen Carrillo, REV sophomore, said, “ I put my hoodie on and I don’t have anything under so when I get really hot in the afternoon, I can’t take it off, and that makes me feel annoyed.”

Destiny Gonzalez, REV sophomore, said, “ I choose the wrong outfit in the morning, like I’ll choose a warm outfit, and then I start hating it throughout the day because it gets hot.”

 Here are a few outfit hacks to combat the bipolar weather.

1. Layer with a jacket. Wear your outfit of choice, but throw a cute jacket over it that does not take away from the outfit itself. Then, later in the day when it warms up you can take the jacket off but still look cute. One must not underestimate the power of a jean jacket so that should definitely be one of the first choices. A plus is that jean jackets look really cute tied around your waist.

2. Wear a long sleeve sweater. If you do not want to wear a jacket, when it gets hot, cuff the sleeves up and you will immediately feel cooler while still maintaining a look.

3. This tip is actually a trend of today. Wear a long sleeve shirt under a regular cropped or uncropped  t-shirt. It looks super cute and trendy, and surprisingly, even when it does get hot, you will still feel cool even with the long sleeve. If this is not the case for you and you still get hot, obviously you can just take the long sleeve off.

These tips are simple and easy to do, especially in a time crunch. Say you pick out  a winter outfit without seeing on the weather app that it is going to get warm,  you can just use one of these tips.

Featured Photo: Above is Cole Dabbs, a freshman, and Nayelli Bermudez, a senior, outside in the REV quad at 2 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 22. (Alyssa Ornela/Ethic Photo)

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