“Venom: Let There Be Carnage” brings a interesting and new experience for Sony’s October release 

By Emmitt Murphy

Note: This article will contain spoilers. 

Directed by Andy Serkis, “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” is the highly anticipated sequel to 2018’s “Venom” starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and Venom and Woody Harlson as Cleatus Cassady and Carnage.

The image is the logo for the movie “Venom: Let There Be Carnage.” The film started production on November 18, 2019 but was delayed in Spring of 2020.  File:Venom Let There Be Carnage logo.jpg.webp. Sony Pictures Entertainment from https://sonypicturesuniverseofmarvelcharacters.fandom.com/wiki/Venom:_Let_There_Be_Carnage This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Released in the United States on Oct. 1, the film has grossed $90 million on its opening weekend with a current box office total of $353 million.

Critics seem rather indifferent about the film with ratings of 60 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, 48 on Metacritic, and 6.5 on IMDb. On the other hand, audiences seemed to enjoy the film with an audience score of 84 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6.3 on Metacritic.

The film wastes no time and jumps straight into action. Within the first 20 minutes, Cleatus’s motivations are set and the amazing computer-generated imagery for Venom is shown in full, not to mention the witty banter between Eddie and Venom. While Cleatus and Carnage’s rampage through the city, watching Eddie and Venom argue like a married couple is very entertaining.

The finale is down wonderfully, from the action to the atmosphere. The fight was incredibly tense as Venom was at a disadvantage at almost every moment, not to mention the incredible CGI on both symbiotes.

“‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage is action packed and has many humorous moments,” says Citrus Valley freshman Presley Price. “The special effects were excellent along with the soundtrack. Overall, I liked the movie and recommend it to Marvel and sci-fi fans.” 

Though the movie is fun to watch, critics aren’t too fond of the film due to plot conveniences such as how the symbiotes can do almost anything.

As Eddie searches for the bodies of Cleatus’s victims, Venom is seemingly able to do everything. From perfectly remembering a drawing on a wall to making Eddie type extremely fast.

Carnage also falls victim to the symbiote plot convenience. In the movie, Carnage is able to do incredibly outlandish actions, including hacking a computer to find the location of Ravencroft Institute.

With a runtime of only one hour and thirty minutes, Naomie Harris’s character of Shriek is not able to get any character development. She appears to be a simple plot device to give Eddie and Venom a disadvantage with her staple super-sonic screams.

For anyone with a liking to superhero movies or anyone who just likes a fun experience, the film is a good watch.

Also, Spider-Man fans who plan to see the film might want to stay past the credits.

REVIEW: “Squid Game” tops the charts worldwide

By Salvador Barrera

“Squid Game,” a television series on Netflix, has become a worldwide phenomenon in the blink of an eye. The show poses the question: how much are you willing to sacrifice for a chance at salvation? “Squid Game” boiled down to its core, demonstrating how much humanity is willing to sacrifice for hope.  

Salvador Barrera poses with a card that is seen frequently in the show. (Bella Espinosa/Ethic News photo)

The series starts with Gi-Hun in poverty and needs money to regain custody of his daughter after. As the show progresses, he meets a man who offers him a chance to participate in Squid Games where he gambles his life for money. He competes in children’s games and as he continues in the games, he becomes desensitized to the death of others. By the end of the series, a man is willing to persevere and not succumb to the death that longs for him. 

This series is a masterpiece in its own way. However, it leaves much more to be desired as many plot holes need to be addressed in the new season, such as what happens to Gi-Hun’s daughter and how do the organizers of Squid Games get gamemasters to host the games. 

Although many questions arise, “Squid Game” gives a thorough explanation for the current events in the story, such as the backstories of each of the main characters and the shock that the old man has a dark realization that everything is not as it seems.

Yet, the show identifies the different plot points well. The show depicts how every contestant has a life outside of the games and their different motives for wanting to win the prize. The cash prize is the incentive for the contestants since they are all currently in poverty. Despite the different plot points, the show finds a way to connect this to the main idea that all the contestants have to play. 

It successfully brings attention to the hardships that many have to endure and how they see no other way out of their pain and struggle besides the games. 

Although the contestants are faced with the reality that they can quit the games, they decline and put their life on the line for a glimpse of hope. 

Many critics of “Squid Game” say that it is too gory and insensitive to audiences. However, the show uses an adequate amount of horror to hook the audience in and keep them on the edge of their seats. It is not made for children, it was made for people seeking the truth of humanity with evil and people should expect this as they watch it.

“Spider-Man: No Way Home” trailer leads to speculations


The long-awaited trailer for “Spider-Man: No Way Home” was released to the excitement of many fans worldwide on Aug. 31. Since then, leaks and speculation have surfaced on social media focused around the villains, heroes and overall plot of the movie.

The image is the first promo of the film “Spider-Man: No Way Home” in December 2020. Ever since the release of the trailer, many speculations have been discussed.  (This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License)

So far, three villains have been confirmed for “Spider-Man: No Way Home”: Willem Dafoe as Green Goblin, Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus and Jamie Fox as Electro. 

Fans believe that the trailer shows Sandman, played by Thomas Haden Church, due to a sandstorm shown with the first strike of Electro’s lightning. 

“Venom: Let There Be Carnage” was released in the United States on Oct. 1. The film’s post credit scene has Eddie Brock, played by Tom Hardy, being transported into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and witnessing Spider-Man being named a criminal by J. Jonah Jameson. With the focus on Peter Parker being framed as a murderer by Mysterio, it is safe to assume that Venom will be in “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” bringing the Sinister Six to the big screen for the first time.

The most anticipated aspect among fans is without doubt the potential of both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield reprising their roles as Peter Parker. Leaked videos and photos from the user spider.fan1962 on Instagram on set reveal both Macguire and Garfield in costume. 

These videos were thought to have been deepfaked. But, recently VFX artists on Youtube, The Corridor Crew, debunked the theory in their video “Andrew Garfied Spider-Man is Real – VFX Artists Explain Why.”

Gabriel Leon, a freshman at Citrus Valley High School, said, “I think it will be astonishing to see Tobey reprise his role as Spider-Man along with Tom Holland, as well as Willem Dafoe coming back as the Green Goblin, the movie will truly be a great experience.”

There have also been rumors of Matt Murdock played by Charlie Cox making an appearance. If true, this would officially canonize Netflix series “Daredevil,” bringing Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin into the MCU who is a major villain between Spider-Man and Daredevil.

With the plot already confirmed to be focused around the multiverse, there has been speculation on Twitter that this could possibly be how Spider-Man leaves the MCU. Sony has been building their own cinematic universe with 2018’s “Venom,” “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” and now “Morbius” set for 2022. These are all characters from the Spider-Man mythos with no Spider-Man, leaving fans to think Tom Holland’s role as Spider-Man will find a way to leave the MCU to be a part of Sony’s cinematic universe.

 Noah Jaffer, a freshman at Citrus Valley, stated, “Well, I mean that’d be pretty disappointing. With ‘Captain America: Civil War and Avengers Infinity War,’ we saw Spider-Man in the MCU for the first time with all these great character interactions with Iron Man and Doctor Strange and them all and so if he were to leave the MCU it’d just feel just so much more empty.” 

With speculation, it is important to take everything with a grain of salt because of how easy it is to spread misinformation on the internet. Nothing is truly set to happen until it is either confirmed by Sony or Marvel themselves.

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The next generation consoles cause frustration


 The Xbox Series X, released November 10, 2020. (SPENCER MOORE/Ethic News photo)

The Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles are in short supply. While almost every console gaming fan wants one of these illustrious machines, the process of obtaining one, even after nearly a year of being on the market, is ridiculously hard.

Unfortunately, what seems to have happened is that a perfect storm of a number of elements come together to make purchasing one a nightmare for the video game consumer. These elements include resellers, semiconductor shortages and the unprecedented level of demand.

First and foremost, the reason that most consumers blame for having so few of these consoles in supply at retailers around the country, is because of the resellers, commonly referred to as scalpers. As evidenced by popular reselling websites, these scalpers are selling these hot ticket consoles at a ridiculous premium of up to $1,800 when the retail price is $300 to $500.

With so many consumers either unable or unwilling to pay these incredibly high markups, many people throughout the world have expressed their frustration with these resellers. Along with this, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the majority of retail chains across the nation to switch to online-only purchases for these consoles opening up an opportunity for scalpers to set up bots to buy them in mass.

Another massive cause for these console shortages has been the worldwide semiconductor shortage. This shortage was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic requiring a greater number of mobile phones, laptops, personal computers, webcams  and more to be produced so people can stay connected along with making work run smoothly while being at home.

The majority of the semiconductors in the world are assembled by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company or known as TSMC. They are responsible for 54 percent of the semiconductor production in the world. With a lack of a key component, the manufacturing arms of Microsoft and Sony cannot produce these devices.

An additional reason that the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S are difficult to purchase is due to the unprecedented level of demand for each of these consoles. In Winter of 2013, the season in which the Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles launched, the Playstation sold over 4.2 million units, while the Xbox One sold just over 3 million units.

However, in 2020, the Playstation 5 sold over 4.5 million units and the Xbox series consoles sold around 4.1 million units, according to GameSpot. This doesn’t sound like much, however, with all of the above factors, demand is a huge part of availability for the masses.

A possible solution for this issue lies in these companies producing more machines for the masses.

Nathan Upshaw, a senior at Redlands East Valley High School, says, “They should have waited until they had a good few million units to ship, to meet the demand.”

When these companies produce more units, the demand will be met.

Another possibility for a higher purchase rate for these consoles is due to the lowering of their price, especially with the scalped console prices.

Ruben Lara, a freshman at Redlands East Valley High School, says, “If the consoles were lower in price, there would be a higher adoption rate.”

Purchasing a Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X|S has been difficult, and likely will continue to be, but fans of these respective devices should be aware of the reasons behind the difficulty. Whether it be scalpers, semiconductors or high demand, there will always be a barrier for consumers to get these highly demanded items.

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Redlands East Valley builds homecoming floats to kick off homecoming week


For Redlands East Valley High School’s homecoming, the different classes made their floats after their fairy tale theme called “Once Upon a Homecoming.”

 Redlands East Valley High School  sophomores decorated their homecoming float’s background as the ending page of the book “Hansel and Gretel” on Sep. 30. The sophomore class won best homecoming float.  (KENDRA BURDICK/ Ethic News Photo)

 The class of 2025 created the grandmother’s house and a hooded girl with a forest background from a children’s tale on Sept. 30. Their homecoming float has the theme of “Little Red Riding Hood.” (KENDRA BURDICK/ Ethic News Photo)

 The class of 2025 showed off their “catchy” play on words with their theme on the back of their homecoming float on Sept. 30. (KENDRA BURDICK/ ETHIC NEWS)

A trio of freshmen students begin to paint the tree trunks in the forest background of their “Little Red Riding Hood” float on Sept. 28. (AILEEN JANEE CORPUS/ Ethic News Photo)

 The class of 2022 homecoming float had the words “Surrender Dorothy” in black clouds on Sept. 30. This showed off their theme of “The Wizard of Oz” perfectly. (KENDRA BURDICK/ Ethic News Photo)

The class of 2022 added the yellow brick road and the tornado swept house to add to their scene on Sept. 30. All of their add-ons helped complete the float and earned them second place in the homecoming float competition. (KENDRA BURDICK/ Ethic News Photo)

Two senior students painted the city of Oz in green on the “Wizard of Oz” inspired float on Sept. 28. All floats were inspired by the theme of fairy tales. (AILEEN JANEE CORPUS/ Ethic News Photo)

The class of 2023 created the beanstalk on their float to represent their theme “Jack and the Beanstalk.” This shows off their theme and how much effort they put in to make their float. (KENDRA BURDICK/ Ethic News Photo)

REV junior Deborah Toma helps with painting the gradient of the “Jack and the Beanstalk” float in the REV autoshop area on Sept. 29.  The REV Associated Student Body displays these floats during the homecoming football game and uses their funds and donations to gather materials for each float. (AILEEN JANEE CORPUS/ Ethic News Photo)

REV junior Deborah Toma (left) and ASB junior Emma DeDoes (right) work on painting grass on the juniors’ float on Sept. 29. Everyone was welcomed to volunteer and work on their class’s float. (AILEEN JANEE CORPUS/ Ethic News Photo)

Redlands East Valley students are seen working on floats, eating snacks or talking with friends on Sept. 28. The students building the float gain, not only, community service but also a fun time to spend with friends or make new ones. (AILEEN JANEE CORPUS/ Ethic News Photo)

Weekly Spotify playlist: Motivational Monday


Mondays are the bane of existence for some. For others, it is the first thought when it comes to pure joy. Whether or not Mondays are what make you moan and groan, this playlist is made to get you up and motivated to face the week head-on.

Float On by Modest Mouse

Don’t Stop Me Now by The Regrettes

Good Grief by Bastille

Send Them Off by Bastille

Too Late by The Happy Fits

Make It Right by The Greeting Committee

No Instructions by The Happy Fits

Keep Going by The Revivalists

All These Things I’ve Done by The Killers

Ladies of Cambridge by Vampire Weekend

Citrus Valley High School Black and Gold Brigade prepares for first major post-pandemic show “Accused”


As football slowly makes its way back to Hodges Stadium, Citrus Valley High School marching band, the Black and Gold Brigade, follows. BGB will return this fall with a brand new show with beautiful, well rehearsed music for audiences all around. BGB students have been working hard to prepare for their first big show of the season, “Accused”, after a long year of distance learning.

The marching band waits for instruction on the field during their first day of band camp. This instruction would later be used for the full field show. (Photo credit to Jeicy Jimenez)

Austin Meiners, the band director at CV, states, “It’s based loosely off ‘The Scarlet Letter’ and the whole purpose of the show is to use music written from old times classically and pop music to kind of tell a story about society misunderstanding and then eventually embracing someone who is different. It’s kind of a loose idea of that but mostly it’s just coming out of COVID and I want everyone to feel like they’re part of a team again.”

Meiners said, “The show has music, specifically for the halftime show, we’ve got classical music such as Dvorak’s Cello Concerto, that has been converted for the field. We have the main theme from a movie called ‘Kill Bill’ which is famous for that little whistle, and it also has a little bit of Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’ which is incorporated in the ballad and the closer.”

CV marching band has a variety of sections and instruments to hear in the stands and see on the field. From the woodwinds, which include the flutes, clarinets and saxophones, to the brass section, which include the tubas, trumpets and trombones, to the percussion, which include the marimbas, xylophone, snare, base and tenners. Along with color guards with their flags and rifles. These four sections come together to perform at home football games and multiple competitions across Southern California.

Just like all other school sports and extracurriculars, BGB lost their entire 2020 season. However, they had the opportunity to perform at a few football games in early 2021.

“[Losing the season] definitely had an effect on how we structured everything we do. But, we are doing our best right now to comply and be safe and responsible and give the students an opportunity to make music and art together,” Meiners stated.

Students talk amongst themselves during their time in the Blackhawk theater while learning their show music. During this time, BGB students would also prepare for a parent preview of the first few show minutes on the last day of band camp. (Photo credit to Jeicy Jimenez)

Teaching band in-person once again has given Meiners much joy after so long.

“I’m so happy to be back in this environment, the students here really give me a lot of joy. The marching band is a lot of fun, but it’s exhausting. I get home exhausted, tired and late many nights but seeing the result of their effort and their work is why I come back every day with a good attitude because I see the attitude and positivity it brings others on our campus,” Meiners explained.

Black and Gold Brigade is currently hosting a fundraiser through Snap Raise that will last from Aug. 19 to Sept. 15. Donations will be put toward new uniforms, equipment and travel costs for the season.

“I really appreciate getting some information out there and I really am glad that the marching band, I think, has a good reputation on this campus as a fun and positive school place and I hope it continues to be just that. I hope people enjoy our show,” said Meiners.

After much hard work and dedication, Black and Gold Brigade made their first appearance at the first home football game of the season on Aug. 27. The halftime show and game tunes were both major successes, according to many students and parents that attended the football game.

“They sounded and looked incredible. I can’t wait to see the completed show,” said BGB parent Christina Marin.

Black and Gold Brigade students take the form of an ‘A’ for their show titled “Accused.” The very first show on Aug. 27 was a two minute preview of what their complete show would look and sound like in competitions and future home games. (Photo contributed by Christina Marin)

BGB will have their first opener preview on Sept. 18 at Redlands High School along with other bands across the Inland Empire. Attend ready to cheer for BGB and the many other bands that take the field that night. Information on upcoming BGB performances will be advertised on the BGB Instagram and in the school bulletin.

Video: Citrus Valley “Enchanted” homecoming information

Created by EMILY WALOS


The executive cabinet of the Associated Student Body at Citrus Valley High School, seniors Jenna Negrete, Madeline Hernandez, Tora Bruich and Arianna Nelson, share information about the upcoming Homecoming Dance. The dance will take place on Sept. 25 on campus. (EMILY WALOS and BELLA ESPINOZA/Ethic Media)

After 16 months of not being able to return to campus due to COVID-19, Citrus Valley High School has announced that they will hold a Homecoming for the 2021-22 school year. The dance will take place on Sept. 25 at 7 p.m. and will last until 11 p.m.

The location of the dance will be one of both familiarity and novel as it will take place in the school at the Citrus Valley quad. However, it will be transformed into a fairytale atmosphere as this year’s theme is “Enchanted.” Citrus Valley Associative Student Body is working with the production company Props AV to put on the event as they will provide the decorative elements of the dance.

Ticket prices for the dance are $65 with ASB, $70 without. Prices will increase on Sept. 20 to $70 with ASB and $75 without. The last day for students to purchase tickets is Sept. 23.

Each student will be required, before buying their ticket, to sign and turn in a dance contract which they are able to receive from the Citrus Valley finance office.

This year, Citrus Valley is allowing guests to attend the event, meaning students of Citrus Valley are able to invite other students from any other school as well as bring any graduate to the dance. The guest must sign a contract and purchase a ticket. The last day to turn in a guest pass is Sept. 22. 

Tiktok enforces new parameters for the Milk Crate Challenge


The Milk Crate Challenge became popular in July 2021. It became TikTok’s newest craze as thousands of accounts posted new videos trying to gain the fame that came along with going viral. This challenge has seen many people injured, and because of this, TikTok has attempted to put a stop to it by banning it all together on its app.

Salvador Barrera, a junior at Citrus Valley, takes his first step in his attempt to complete the Crate Challenge in the courtyard at Citrus Valley. This photo was attempted in a safe environment to spread awareness of the dangers of the challenge. (EMERSON SUTOW/ Ethic News photo)

TikTok, originally known as the app Musical.ly before it was bought out by ByteDance Ltd. in 2016, led to the birth of this challenge. TikTok was made to let people express themselves and share with others has bolstered over 2 billion downloads, which has let them become the number one app on the app store.

With this TikTok trend riveting the nation, many social media platforms have tried to discard it completely from their platform. However, many still attempt this challenge regardless of public opinion.

Many celebrities have also boosted the popularity of this challenge, forcing a massive increase in people attempting this challenge.

In an official statement, TikTok said, “TikTok prohibits content that promotes or glorifies dangerous acts, and we remove videos and redirect searches to our Community Guidelines to discourage such content. We encourage everyone to exercise caution in their behavior whether online or off.”

In its attempts to get rid of the crate challenge, TikTok has banned the hashtag. The hashtag allows people to search for the challenge directly; removing it significantly decreases the chances of finding similar videos.

Public opinion is similar about the hashtag being removed from TikTok.

Riley Hokestra, a junior at Citrus Valley, said, “I think it’s good because it just stops people from getting hurt and going viral off of it and encouraging them to do it more.”

Brooklyn Tim, a junior at Citrus Valley, agrees, saying, “I think it’s good because everyone is getting hurt.” Yet, she also said, “I would probably do it because it looks fun.”

It is important to note that although the crate challenge is now being attempted worldwide, most people who attempt this challenge were left with injuries and some hospital trips due to the overwhelming amount of risk taken with the instability of the crates.

Lea este artículo en español aquí: https://ethic-news.org/2021/09/22/tiktok-impone-nuevos-parametros-para-el-desafio-de-la-caja-de-leche/

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Spotify Weekly Playlist: Finally Friday!


Ever feel like you’re going to lose your mind if the weekend does not swing around to pick you up? If so, this playlist helps you jam out during the well awaited Friday. 35 minutes of upbeat and head banging bops are what you will find in this playlist.

Friday I’m in Love by The Cure

Your Soul by Forrest. (ft. Biskwiq)

Pick U Up by Foster The People

Violet by Sea Girls

Saturday Sun by Vance Joy

New Perspective by  Panic! at the Disco

Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind) by  Panic! at the Disco

It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You) by The 1975

Sit Next to Me by Foster The People

Saturday by Sam Fender (explicit)

Wildcats’ drama department fosters creativity with student-written plays through Bakeoff Showcase

Originally published in La Plaza Press



Due to the school year being held virtually, many extracurricular activities have had to adapt and change drastically. Theatre had one of the biggest changes, because no plays have been able to be performed this year.  

This has not stopped students and teachers from getting creative.  Teacher Kaitlyn Daniels gave students a chance to express their creativity with the Redlands East Valley Writers Bakeoff.  The Writers Bakeoff was a class for the spring quarter where students were able to write and create their own plays.

Six plays in total were created and performed.  Each of these plays are available to the public via the Redlands East Valley High School website.  From all different varieties and locations, every play tells a tale that the students told through playwriting.

The showcases of student plays are a replacement of the spring play that normally takes place in the spring at Redlands East Valley. “I had a dedicated, creative, hard-working group of students that made this project and its final results possible.” says Kaitlyn Daniels, the theater director at Redlands East Valley High School. “I would absolutely love to do a project like this in the future. I really enjoyed the process and the outcome at the end of the eight-week experience!”

The Showcase is available to watch here:  https://revhs.booktix.com/view/6/92517f00656e56c6/

Garner Holt brings imagination to life through animatronics and robotics


Garner Holt has set up a virtual walk-through of their studio in Redlands, allowing people from all over to experience the field of animatronics and robotic entertainment.

Holt produces designs that are considered to be world-class attractions, as they are used in shows and exhibits in popular theme parks such as Disneyland and Universal Studios.

“I think Holt’s animation presentations are awesome and well put together. The staff who work on each part are very good at what they do,” Andrew James, a substitute teacher of Redlands school district, says.

Garner Holt is identified as the “world’s largest manufacturer of animatronics…specializing in special effects, show action with show elements,” according to their website, http://www.garnerholt.com. They help spread their art and talent by giving school tours and doing what they do: the creation of animatronics. According to Garner and Holt’s website, they want to share their services for the next generation of dreamers.

Education Through Imagination, a group that allows anyone to request a field trip to view Holt’s art, says, “We are certainly pleased that schools and youth groups are working to educate and inspire the students they serve with the work we do.” 

Some of their most recognizable works are included in various attractions at Disneyland, such as Ariel, It’s a Small World, The Haunted Mansion, Monsters Inc. and the fire breathing dragon from the iconic movie Sleeping Beauty that still stands at the park. They also created all of the dinosaurs on the Jurassic Park ride located at Universal Studios.

Holt Productions, Inc. is the entrance to realms of beyond belief artistry, technical work, imagination, quality and experienced industry experts. They make extraordinary life-like creations that are widely spread from retail restaurant settings to museums. According to the Garner Holt Productions website, “We’ve learned a thing or two about making a truly exceptional product. We take care to make sure that from the sketch stage to sculpting, animatronic parts fabrication, paint.” 

The studio of Garner Holt is located at 1255 Research Dr, Redlands, CA 92374. Due to the mask and distance precautions, they have opened up an entire new entrance, completely dedicated to their tours. (Kendra Burdick / Ethic News)

According to the Redlands’ Daily Facts, Holt Inc. has, above all, created more animatronic figures than any company in history. The presentations that Holt creates for all around the word clients are titled to be the very best and available anywhere. 

Holt’s company lets everyone take joy in their creations all over the world by continuing to make their work accessible to children and many others.

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Coffee lover explores underestimated coffee brands


To say that people enjoy coffee could be an understatement. Most people actually have an obsession with coffee to the point that they could be moody without it.

WebMD states many adults or teens claim to have an addiction to coffee and, according to them, people can experience withdrawal symptoms if they suddenly stop taking heavy intakes of caffeine too quickly. For anyone who feels that they are addicted or simply enjoys coffee, it could be helpful to know where to buy coffee without unreasonable expenses.  

Obsessions with coffee and the reasons for it can vary. While some people love to explore new coffee places to find a flavor they truly enjoy, others like to post their coffee on their social media because it looks pleasing and enjoyable.

Whatever your flavor, expensive coffee doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good quality coffee. Most people think that good coffee has to be expensive or from a trendy place that everyone goes to. That’s actually not true. You may be paying extra for fancy packaging or the location and not the coffee itself.

Every coffee drinker should be open to try new flavors or orders of coffee because it doesn’t hurt to try new things. It is also better to go to more places, as you may find a better coffee for cheaper. For simple hot or iced coffees, Del Taco, McDonalds and Jack in the Box can be just as good as other trendy coffee places, as they are cheap and allow for crowded cafes and long obnoxious lines to be skipped. A large iced coffee from McDonalds is only $2.49, while a large iced coffee from Starbucks is $3.45. This may not seem like a lot, but if you are a self-proclaimed coffee addict, those dollars can add up.

A large iced coffee from Starbucks costs about $3.45. On the other hand, a large iced coffee from McDonalds costs only $2.49. (Nyla De Carvalho/Ethic News Photo)

Let’s talk about the most popular coffee shop on many corners in town, Starbucks. Customize your drink by adding any of their many toppings and flavors, like caramel drizzle. They also offer food and refreshers, as well as hot chocolate. Just like their coffee, these items can be overpriced. According to Sarah Schmalbruch, a Syracuse University graduate, it “feels [like] the coffee doesn’t taste as good due to coffee beans that aren’t as fresh as other shops.”

Another cheap alternative is to make your coffee at home. Waking up in the morning to fresh coffee and a boost of energy is a convenient way to get your daily dose and decrease the daily dollars spent. It is very easy to make hot or iced coffee from home and, just like Starbucks, it can be made perfectly to the individual’s taste, rather than placing a long and complicated order.

In order to get good coffee or find your favorite, be open minded and try coffee from all different places. You may find your new favorite coffee for a lot less money.

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Photos: Roast The Dead Coffee shop scares its way into Yucaipa

Originally published in La Plaza Press


Located at 12764 California St. in Yucaipa, this horror themed coffee shop is not something civilians would see in everyday life. The shop is based on the horror genre and multiple horror movies which makes it a very rare and uncommon theme to see in a coffee shop. It has grown in popularity since opening Valentine’s Day weekend, and it’s no surprise why.

The Roast The Dead Coffee shop sign at the entrance is just the beginning of a coffee shop experience horror-movie lovers will never forget. (DESTINY RAMOS MARIN/ La Plaza photo)

A small statue of Sam from “Trick ‘r Treat” (2007) stands with his lollipop alongside the disposables and menus holding treats for patrons to enjoy. (DESTINY RAMOS MARIN/ La Plaza photo)

An accurate replica of the Anabelle doll from “The Conjuring” franchise sits inside of her glass box in the resting corner of the shop along with a ouija board, a friendly ghost statue and two pieces of 80’s style furniture. (DESTINY RAMOS MARIN/ La Plaza photo)

In the corner of the shop, posters of the classic movies “The Lost Boys” (1987), “Halloween” (1978), “The Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984), “Friday the 13th” (1980) and “Killer Klowns from Outer Space” (1988) are accompanied by smaller photos of the classic horror movie characters Anabelle from the “Annabelle” film series, Leatherface from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” film series, Pinhead from the “Hellraiser” franchise and 2017’s Pennywise from the “It” films. (DESTINY RAMOS MARIN/ La Plaza photo)

Life size statues of the well known horror characters Micheal Myers, Freddie Kruger and Jason Vorhees stand on the right side of the shop constantly watching attendees enjoy their drinks. (DESTINY RAMOS MARIN/ La Plaza photo)

This part of the shop is where patrons decide which of the many delicious drinks and pastries they will purchase. Each of the unique drinks have creative horror-themed names such as ‘6 ft Under,’ ‘Freddie’s Nightmare’ and ‘The Myers.’ (DESTINY RAMOS MARIN/ La Plaza photo)

The final verdict for Roast the Dead Coffee is that it is an amazing shop and a must-see for all horror-movie lovers. The shop itself may not be the biggest, but in the end, that is only a fraction of what matters. It has delicious drinks and pastries, hard working and kind employees, a supportive community and a very pleasant vibe. In short, the shop has something for everyone to enjoy. It is heartwarming to see Roast the Dead Coffee exceed in all areas so well. Yucaipa is fortunate to have such an amazing and rare coffee shop in its community. 

Editorial cartoon: Return back to school?

Originally published in La Plaza Press


The Redlands School Board voted on schedules for returning to in-person instruction for secondary schools on April 1. Middle school students will return to school on April 12 and high school students on April 19. Each student can choose whether they would like to opt for in-person instruction or continue with distance learning and may mark their decision on Aeries.

Amusement parks begin to reopen with new restrictions as the pandemic continues


Whether it was the thrill of a fast and menacing rollercoaster, getting to meet a favorite character or getting to snack and walk around while enjoying the atmosphere, the magic of theme parks has always put a smile on countless faces. 

Since March 2020, theme parks have closed to help reduce the possible spread of COVID-19 among the population. With a constant decrease in COVID-19 cases recently, theme parks have a chance of opening again with limited occupants and new restrictions. 

A new bill was introduced in Anaheim, California and, if passed, will allow large theme parks to open. According to the New York Times, “The state’s theme park reopening guidelines hold that a larger theme park can reopen at only 25 percent capacity when its county is in the minimal tier of less than one new COVID-19 case per 100,000 people per day and a coronavirus positivity rate of less than 2 percent.”

Reopening theme parks is an important step to returning to normal, as theme parks are a big help to the economy. It helps by allowing more people to return to their jobs and allow others to get some out of the house enjoyment while prioritizing safety. Additionally, it attracts tourists from all over the state and different countries bringing in income for the government.

Samantha Fujiwara, a freshman at Citrus Valley High School, is a huge Disney fan. She has been to Downtown Disney twice since the pandemic and she was recently also able to visit Disney California Adventure Park. “It was very different, but in a good way,” she says, “They are taking all the correct precautions for the pandemic.” She says that she felt very safe the whole time she was there, and she still “got [her] Disney fix.”

Disneyland is partially open, including Downtown Disney and Buena Vista Street with certain dining and retail locations and excluding the rides. Downtown Disney in Buena Vista is going to close on March 15, 2021 to prepare for A Touch of Disney on March 18, 2021. The tickets for the event include shopping and dining, which will take place at Disney California Adventure Park. 

New ticket sales are temporarily on hold at the moment and reservations must be made in advance to enter the park. All Disneyland hotels are closed as of right now and are planned to reopen in late April. Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park will also remain closed for the time being. 

Infographic created using Piktochart, including information about the updates regarding popular amusement parks such as Universal Studios, Disneyland, and Six Flags. (Ethic Digital Art/ Allison Stockham)

Jennifer Rhodus, a teacher at Redlands East Valley High School, has been to Disney’s California Adventure and Knott’s Berry Farm since the pandemic. She attended the Taste of Knott’s event in August as well as Taste of Fall-O-Ween at Knott’s in November, which are both events where you get to walk around the park and try different foods. 

“I did not enjoy them as much as I thought I would. There really wasn’t anything to do but eat.  The food was good, but both times I went I did not use all of my food tickets because I was so full.”  Rhodus explains how it was very different walking around the park without the rides, saying, “It’s very quiet. It also takes some of the spontaneity out of a trip to an amusement park.” Since the start of the pandemic, Rhodus says that she really enjoys Disneyland and noticed how they have tried really hard to keep the normalcy with things like different food, their seasonal treats and buckets and new merchandise, but it is, of course still not the same. 

Six Flags is a theme park favored by many for its giant, thrilling roller coasters. While this park has been closed since March 13, 2020, it is planned to reopen in March 2021. The park will only be open three days a week, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with shorter hours until it is safer to stay open for longer. Guests must also reserve a spot for the day they want to visit the park in order to maintain a certain capacity. 

According to the official Six Flags website, “all guests will be asked to carefully review [their] health policy, which requires all attendees to have been healthy for at least 14 days prior to their visit. Guests over the age of two and all team members will be required to wear face masks covering the nose and mouth throughout their time on the property, Six Flags [will only accept] card and mobile payments only at all locations including restaurants, retail stores, games, ticket windows and parking toll booths.” Six Flags is also staying safe by keeping temperature check stations all over the parks along with enforcing separations on rides, in lines and seating areas. They will be constantly disinfecting common areas, eliminating objects of contact and monitoring the health of employees. 

To boost reopening, Six Flags is promoting The Underground, a new area full of new roller coasters like West Coast Racers or Apocalypse, which opened on January 19, 2020 but failed to receive much attention due to the pandemic. The area also has rides for audiences who want to still enjoy the park without the fear of large roller coasters. The website describes The Underground as “an LA centric urban-themed area where guests enjoy a high-energy street vibe. Currently located in this area is the popular wooden coaster, Apocalypse and Pacific Speedway Go Karts.”

A separate theme park, Universal Studios in Hollywood is full of characters and rides from many shows and movies such as Harry Potter, The Simpsons, Jurassic World, The Walking Dead and many more. Universal Studios is still currently closed, but when they reopen in April, face coverings and temperature checks will be required by all guests and staff.

A temperature higher than 100.4 will not be allowed in the park and everyone must social distance and follow the labeled floor markings. Guests will also be required to use hand sanitizer at certain times, like boarding rides. There is also a limited capacity of people at one time to help make social distancing even easier. 

When they reopen, however, state rules have to be followed to maintain safety of both staff and guests. The world is slowly starting to go back to normal, and as COVID-19 cases continue to reduce, theme parks will surely be one of many locations that people will excitedly wait for.

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Photos: Disneyland memories before the pandemic revives nostalgia for park attendees

Originally published in La Plaza Press


As Disneyland reached their one year anniversary of closing on March 14, 2020, some may need to be reminded of how magical and happy Disney was before Covid-19 prompted the shutdown of amusement parks.

The view from Tarzan’s Treehouse in Adventureland in Disneyland on Sep. 8, 2017. Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Indiana Jones Adventure are some of the principal rides in Adventureland. (DESTINY RAMOS MARIN/ La Plaza photo)

Disneyland attendees line the parade route to watch the attractions pass by in the afternoon during Pixar Fest on  April 22, 2018. Pixar Fest is an annual month-long celebration in September in Disneyland that consists of events, like the “Together Forever – A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular” fireworks, “Paint the Night Parade” and “Pixar Play Parade.” (DESTINY RAMOS MARIN/ La Plaza photo)

Park attendees are seen tightly packed together as they walk down Main Street to experience the annual holiday decor at Disneyland on Dec. 14, 2017. Winter decorations adorn the entire park from New Orleans Square to Fantasy Faire, and comprise glistening lights, festive wreaths and garland on storefronts and lampposts. (DESTINY RAMOS MARIN/ La Plaza photo)

The Pixar Ball statue lit up at night on the pathway to a nearby Disney parking garage on Feb. 2, 2020. The Pixar Ball, also known as the Luxo Ball, is known for its appearance in many Pixar films, most notably the “Toy Story” films. (DESTINY RAMOS MARIN/ La Plaza photo)

The Beauty and the Beast float during the “Paint the Night Parade” float on April 15, 2018. The “Paint the Night Parade” is Disneyland’s first all-LED parade. (DESTINY RAMOS MARIN/ La Plaza photo)

A chocolate drizzled M&M treat from Marceline’s Confectionery in the Downtown Disney District on July 12, 2015. Marceline’s Confectionery is named after Marecline, Missouri, where Walt Disney lived for five years of his childhood. (DESTINY RAMOS MARIN/ La Plaza photo)

Park attendees stroll through Batuu in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge on Feb. 23, 2020. Batuu is one of the many fictional planets in the “Star Wars” film series and is known specifically for being a stop for travelers. (DESTINY RAMOS MARIN/ La Plaza photo)

The real life replica of the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge within Disneyland Park on Feb. 13, 2020. In California, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened on May 31, 2019. (DESTINY RAMOS MARIN/ La Plaza photo)

The Sleeping Beauty Castle seen in the afternoon in Disneyland on Feb. 23, 2020. The Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland is the only Disney Castle that was overseen in construction by Walt Disney. (DESTINY RAMOS MARIN/ La Plaza photo)

A funnel cake pictured from Stage Door Cafe in Disneyland on Sep. 10, 2018. Stage Door Cafe, a fast-food outpost located in Frontierland, has a small variety of funnel cakes to choose from for dessert. (DESTINY RAMOS MARIN/ La Plaza photo)

Disneyland may be closed, but Downtown Disney and Buena Vista Street are still open for shopping and dining. A trip to Downtown Disney and Buena Vista St. may not make up for everything, but it is still exciting to see something that is part of Disneyland after so long. 

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Friday Fight Night: Doctor Strange vs Doctor Doom


Photo made using FlamingText, a logo design and name generator (Azriel Olmedo / Ethic News).

Note: Doctor Doom will be solely represented in his comic-book versions, while Doctor Strange will be represented by his live-action version.

Magic is gradually climbing the ranks in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Characters such as the Scarlet Witch and the Ancient One have already made their debut, opening the door for more magic-users to enter the live-action universe. While it is not a subject that is widely discussed, the introduction of magic in the MCU calls for many different paths that all characters may interact with, such as dimensional forces, universal catastrophes, or tears in the space-time continuum.

Doctor Strange has a wide range of magical abilities. The film of the same name was released on October 20, 2016, and was directed by Scott Derrickson (Photo from Den of Geek).

In Fall 2016, Marvel’s Doctor Strange was released in theaters, and fans got to see magic at play for the very first time. Doctor Strange was quick to develop his understanding of the mystic arts, and has grown to become widely recognized as the successor to the Sorcerer Supreme. Since his debut, Strange has surely improved his magic and has been heavily involved in the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame.

Doctor Doom made his first debut in Marvel Comics “The Fantastic Four #5” in 1962. Since then, he has not made an appearance in the MCU, but has recently been rebooted in 20th Century Fox’s “Fantastic Four” in 2015 (Image from CinemaBlend).

With the promise of future installments in the MCU, fans are wondering when the infamous Doctor Doom will make his debut. Victor von Doom is primarily recognized as the most dangerous enemy to the Fantastic Four, another debut fans are patiently waiting for. Doom is a polymath with genius-level intellect, and received his abilities after the same accident that granted the Fantastic Four their abilities.

There is a rich history between Doctor Strange and Doom, as both have been realized as powerful sorcerers, which begs the question: who would best the other in a one-on-one duel?

Round #1: Power

After discovering Kamar-Taj, Strange quickly became proficient in the mystic arts, even impressing the Ancient One. His proficiencies include transmutation (when he is able to transform Thanos’ attack into a swarm of butterflies), astral projection, magic manipulation and self-duplication. 

Among his many proficiencies, Strange is a master of the sling ring. Additionally, he has access to the Mirror Dimension, “a place to train, surveil and sometimes to contain threats,” as said by the Ancient One in Doctor Strange.

Much like Strange, Doctor Doom is also a sorcerer, and has frightening abilities that are displayed through sheer wrath and willpower, such as demon summoning, technopathy, energy absorption/projection and telekinesis.

Doctor Doom stands with his Doom-Bots at his sides. Doom can easily control his Doom-Bots with his mind, in which he mostly uses to fight his battles for him (Image from Den of Geek).

Apart from his supernatural abilities, Doctor Doom also has diplomatic immunity, as he is “the sole ruler and monarch of Latveria,” a fictional nation appearing in Marvel Comics. While he is a villain, “the world is unable to harm him,” according to ScreenRant.

Round #2: Applications

With the help of many Kamar-Taj disciples, Strange managed to open a large number of portals in time for the final battle against Thanos and his army in Avengers: Endgame, allowing for the dusted-heroes to return for one final bout against the Mad Titan. 

Sling rings are seen as the ultimate convenience so far in the MCU, as they are able to allow anyone anywhere with ease. Not only can it transport living beings, but it could also serve as a form of transportation for solid objects as well.

What seems like the most memorable seen from Avengers: Endgame is when the portals begin to open. Avengers: Endgame released on April 26, 2019 (Photo from Daily Express).

While Doctor Doom does not hold a sling ring with him, he uses another form of travel. Using his genius-level intellect, he was able to create what he calls a “time platform that could send anyone who stood on it back into the past,” according to the Marvel Database. At first, it required the use of a large machine to operate, however, as the years passed, Doom had integrated the machine into his armor, allowing him to travel to the past whenever he desired.

Doctor Doom’s time platform allows him and a number of others to travel to the past. Its first appearance was in Marvel Comics “Fantastic Four #5” (Image from Marvel Database).

Doctor Strange, as seen in the MCU, has also dabbled with time. The Eye of Agamotto made its very first appearance as a holder of the Time Stone in Doctor Strange. The very first time that Strange took hold of the artifact, it was said that he was not “manipulating the space-time continuum, [he was] breaking it,” as said by Wong, a recurring character in the film.

Round #3: Accomplishments

Mastering the mystic arts in such a short amount of time is most definitely an accomplishment, especially for someone who had lost all mobility and functionality of his hands. 

Strange also took part in a time loop with Dormammu using the Eye of Agamotto, overwhelming the being from the dark dimension and stopping him from taking the Earth. Additionally, using the Time Stone, Strange was able to view “14 million, six hundred and five [possible futures]” according to himself in Avengers: Infinity War, and revealed that there was only one outcome where the Avengers would emerge victorious.

Doctor Doom has also had his fair share of growth in his years, such as stealing the Power Cosmic from the Silver Surfer. This turn of events had granted him “a vast source of limitless, godly, cosmic energy and power,” according to the Marvel Database. Additionally, using his genius-level intellect, Doom was also able to completely cure Ben Grimm, otherwise known as The Thing in the Fantastic Four. This procedure was something that Reed Richards, or Mr. Fantastic, could never accomplish.

Doom was also found worthy by the Panther God, the same god that gave the Black Panther power, in his efforts of obtaining Vibranium.

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Recipe: Baking fudge in the comfort of one’s home


There are moments when one develops a strong craving, in this case having a sweet tooth for a delicious dessert. A popular delicacy for people who want to satisfy this appetite and love chocolate, is fudge. Whether it contains nuts on the inside, other toppings or even if plain fudge is preferred, the options are nearly endless and convenient to make in the comfort of one’s own home with this easy four-step recipe. 

Before beginning the tutorial, the following will be needed:

– A seven-ounce jar of marshmallow creme

– One and a half cups of white sugar

– Two-thirds cup of evaporated milk

– A quarter cup of butter

– Two cups of milk chocolate chips

– One cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips

– Half a cup of chopped nuts (optional)

– One teaspoon of vanilla extract

Double check and make sure that all the correct ingredients and amounts have been obtained before beginning. (Jasmine Rosales/Ethic photo)

Step 1:

Line an eight-by-eight inch pan with aluminum foil and set aside.

Step 2:

In a large saucepan over medium heat, mix the marshmallow cream, sugar, evaporated milk, butter and salt. Bring to a full boil and cook for five minutes with a constant stirring.

In the pot make sure all ingredients are mixed in smoothly and contain no clumps. (Jasmine Rosales/Ethic photo)

Step 3:

Remove the saucepan from heat and pour in the semi-sweet chocolate chips and milk chocolate chips. Stir until the chocolate is melted and your mixture is smooth. Stir in nuts and vanilla. 

Once removed from heat, combine the remaining ingredients until fully mixed. (Jasmine Rosales/Ethic photo)

Step 4:

Pour into the prepared pan. Place it in the fridge and let it cool for two hours or until it is firm.

Pour into lined pan. (Jasmine Rosales/Ethic photo)

Step 5:

Remove from the fridge and cut into desired size and serve.

Remove from fridge and serve (Jasmine Rosales/Ethic photo)

Shop Local for Valentines Day: Gift ideas for that perfect someone from Redlands small businesses


As Valentine’s day is just around the corner, the stress of finding that perfect gift may be creeping in, however there are many Redlands’ small businesses that can help. During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic it is critical that small businesses are supported; by shopping locally one can beat the large crowds at the larger retail stores, such as Kohls and Target, and get quality products on safer and faster terms. 

Here are some businesses in Redlands that are selling specific Valentines Day items, some are still taking Valentines day orders, which will make for that thoughtful, special gift for you or your Valentine. As a reminder please order or shop as soon as possible to allow for a smooth holiday. 

Clarity Candles

Let the smell of love fill the room on Valentine’s Day with a gift from Clarity Candles. This small business owned by, Redlands East Valley, senior, Brooklyn Fashempour is selling limited edition Valentine’s candles with the 4 different scents called Be Mine, XOXO, Cupid’s Arrow, and Rose’s are Red. Other candle items available for purchase include her newest collection Salt Air and Honeydew, Ginger Coconut and Amber, Woody Leather and Brandy, and many more. Shopping is still currently open for Valentine’s Day. 

Three of the different candles that Clarity Candles offers, possible Valentines Day gift ideas. (Photo credit Brooklyn Fahsempour)

4 oz candles are recommended by Fashempour as “they are so small and cute, but, the 8 oz size makes perfect gifts as well.” 

Order type: Locally in Redlands for pick up, shipping, pre-order 

How to order: Online by going to claritycandles.shop/ 

Yayi’s Yums

Looking for a business to hit that sweet tooth? Well Yayi’s Yum owned by Valerie Alfaro, a junior at Citrus Valley High School, has got it covered. For the holiday specifically her bakery is selling limited edition heart shaped cookies, heart shaped cinnamon rolls, and Valentine’s themed cupcakes. Her main menu also includes various flavors of cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and cinnamon rolls. She is currently taking orders until Feb. 13 and on the 14 she will only be supplying pickups. 

Valentines Day themed cupcakes, just one of the possible gifts available for purchase from Yayi’s Yums. (Photo Credit to Valerie Alfaro)

Order type: Locally in Redlands for pick up, pre-order 

How to order: Direct Message @yayis.yums on Instagram Or By calling (909) 665-0381

Swank Design/Swoon Home 

By having a double category store Swank Design/Swoon Home has a variety of personal items that are sure to gain a smile. Selling themed pillows, vases, candles, bath and body items and books there is sure to be just the right item fit for your important someone. Shopping for Valentine’s Day is still available. 

Table at Swoon Home store, featuring the Valentine’s Day themed items they have available. (Photo credit to Swoon Home and Swank Design)

Raelena Vasquez, the owner of the shop, states “all of the above” when it comes to a recommendation of products. 

Having five stars on both Google Reviews and Houzz this local business will not disappoint. 

Order type: In-store and curbside 

How to order: In-store shopping Or Online by going to https://www.swankdesignhome.com/

Above the Stem

Above the Stem is the one stop shop for your traditional Valentine’s Day; as they sell various flower arrangements, chocolate, swiss chocolate, cards, bears, soap, pens, lotions, and candles. It is important to note that Above the Stem is not only selling roses but also other elegant flower arrangements containing flowers including Calla Lilies, Tuples and Ranunculus to name a few. Nevertheless don’t fret about the supply of traditional roses! According to Prerea Kapadia, the owner of Above the Stem, they “have plenty of roses” with the bouquet of “designer choice being amazing” as well. 

Focusing greatly on supporting the community Above the Stem gets most of its merchandise and materials from other local shops in Redlands. They are open for orders and walk-ins on Valentines Day as they will have their displays in the front of their store as customers can pick what they would like and have it brought to them outside of the store as a COVID precaution. 

Order type: In-store pick-up, pre-order, delivery  

Opening the door to a beautiful bouquet of flowers is sure to be a heart pleaser on Valentines Day. (Photo credit to Above the Stem)

How to order: In-store shopping by calling (909) 335-850 Or Online by going to https://abovethestem.com/

Emerson Fine Jewelry

Find the perfect set of jewelry to complement the beauty of your loved one this Valentine’s day. At Emerson Fine Jewelry elegant, hand crafted pieces that are sure to elevate the day. For the holiday specially they are selling the items: Silver Horizontal Bar Bracelet, Love earrings, It’s only love necklace, Puffed Heart Pendant With Diamonds, ANGÈLE 3 Mini Hearts On Chain. They are a family owned and operated business located in the heart of Downtown Redlands. They are still currently taking Valentine’s Day orders. 

One of the necklaces for sale on Emerson Fine Jewelry’s website with a Valentines Day themed message. (Photo credit to Emerson Fine Jewelry)

Order type: In-store pick-up, delivery  

How to order: In-store shopping (Extra covid safe in store) Or Online by going to https://www.emersonfinejewelry.com/


Want a more personalized touch to your gift? WashingtonWildflower has you covered. Owner, Elysse Washington hand creates every piece order, with items including one-of-a-kind home decor and embellished hair clips. Some of her Valentines pieces include a Floral heart wreath and Valentines XO set. She is still currently taking Valentine’s Day orders. 

Dried floral hanging wreaths, hair clips and palms palms can be found for sell, as the wreaths come in various different shapes as well as sizes. ( Photo credit Elysse Washington)

Washington states, “I just love making one of a kind pieces for people to love.” 

Order type: Shipping and local delivery 

How to order: Direct Message @washingtonswildflowers on Instagram Or Online by going to www.etsy.com/shop/WashingtonWildflower 

Sugar Bee

Sugar, Spice, and everything nice can be found at Sugarbee Cafe & Bake Shop. For Valentines Day the bakery offered a variety of gifts including: cocoa bombs, chocolate covered strawberries, cookies, cakes, cupcakes, breakable hearts, and more. However, they are no longer taking orders for the holiday as they are sold out. However, they also sell custom cakes and cupcakes for any occasion, as well as keto, vegan and gluten free desserts.  

A chocolate heart surrounded by chocolate covered strawberries, a sweet treat for a possible Valentines gift. (Photo credit Sugar Bee Cafe and Bake Shop)

Order type: In-Store pick up 

How to order: online by going to https://www.sugarbeecafe.com/


During these days of lockdowns, nail salons have been shut down and reopened again so now is the time to get your Valentine a manicure. Nailsbymeriel, owned by Meriel Wasbotten, offers premium manicures and gift certificates that will work as an exciting gift. The salon also offers pedicures to make for the complete nail package. Pricing ranges from 35-50 dollars. 

A gift certificate for a pedicure service by Meriel Wasbotten, a possible valentines day gift idea for a loved one or friend. (Photo credit to Meriel Wasbotten)

How to order/make appointment: Direct Message @nailsbymeriel on Instagram Or By calling (909) 528-8083 

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to showing the ones closest to how much they are loved and appreciated, by purchasing locally for gifts both will be achieved as well as helping the local community thrive.  These are hard times for all, allow this holiday of love to be an outlet for everyone to enjoy. 

Featured Image: Valentines Day themed art. (Art created by Emily Walos/ Ethic News Art)

Friday Fight Night: Thor vs Black Adam


Photo made using FlamingText, a logo design and name generator (Azriel Olmedo / Ethic News).

Note: The live-action adaptation of Thor without Mjolnir or Stormbreaker will be used as source material. Any DC publications featuring Black Adam will also be used.

Mythology is no stranger to the world of comics. For both Marvel and DC, there exists a boundary between gods and mortals. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe however, this boundary seems to have been broken long ago, considering Thor is mostly present on Earth and regularly interacts with his fellow Avengers. On the other hand, the DC Universe has made it clear that gods are a bit more exclusive.

Thor is the God of Thunder and son of the King of Asgard, Odin. In the MCU, Thor has appeared in six films, including Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, and the rest his own (Photo by CinemaBlend).

Thor, as many are familiar with, is the son of Odin, the King of Asgard. As God of Thunder, Thor has struck the hearts of many and is loved for his cunning and sometimes oblivious nature. With Mjolnir and Stormbreaker, which was first introduced in Avengers: Infinity War, he has grown to become one of the most powerful heroes in all of Marvel.

Contrarily, Black Adam takes the role of a villain in the DC universe. To put it simply, Black Adam “draws power from a collection of Egyptian deities and becomes a superhuman warrior,” when shouting the word “Shazam!” much like the hero, Shazam, according to the DC Universe Encyclopedia. Over the years, he has learned to control the element of lightning, further magnifying his abilities.

Black Adam first made his appearance in DC’s “The Marvel Family #1,” published in 1945. Here, Black Adam sits atop an Egyptian throne, giving a homage to his past and history before becoming a full-fledged villain (Photo by LRM Online).

These two powerful beings not only have a striking elemental resemblance, but are also considered some of the strongest lightning-users in comic book history. This begs the question, who would win in a battle of the gods between Thor and Black Adam?

Round #1 – Power

In Thor: Ragnarok, fans were reassured after Mjolnir’s sudden destruction that it was merely a way to contain the God of Thunder’s immense power. Beforehand, Thor could only call upon the lightning to strike Mjolnir and direct it towards his enemies. 

After Mjolnir’s destruction, Thor learned he could not only direct lightning, but create his own and manipulate it to his will, using this to his advantage during the final moments of his battle with Hela, the Goddess of Death and in the Battle of Wakanda in Avengers: Infinity War.

On the contrary, lightning is only a piece of what makes Black Adam what he is. Originally, he was not gifted with the element, but after learning how to utilize the magical lightning that struck and changed him into the powerful being he is, Black Adam became accustomed to the element.

Much like his heroic counterpart, Shazam, Black Adam is granted power from Egyptian deities at the shout of “Shazam!” Specifically, he is granted the “stamina of Shu, the swiftness of Heru, the strength of Amon, the wisdom of Zehuti, the power of Aton, and the courage of Mehen,” according to the DC Universe Encyclopedia.

Round #2 – Strength

Although Black Adam is not known as well as some of DC’s flagship characters, he is said to be on par with Superman, Wonder Woman and Shazam in terms of strength.

Superman fights Black Adam in DC’s “Action Comics #831,” published in 2005. Both characters are shown to be equal in strength (Photo by DC Comics).

Additionally, Black Adam once fought Ultraman, a version of Superman from another universe that thrives on tyranny and conquest. While he lost their first battle, Black Adam managed to move the moon away from its eclipsed state for their second battle, allowing the light to shine through and significantly weaken Ultraman.

The sheer amount of strength needed to simply move the moon out of place is astonishing. Ultraman, unlike Superman, is “weakened by yellow sunlight,” according to the DC Database.

In Avengers: Infinity War, Thor was able to hold and withstand the full force of a star to some extent when Rocket, Groot and himself arrived at Nidavellir in order to properly craft Stormbreaker. 

Round #3 – Accomplishments

While the full force of the star Nidavellir had left Thor burned and nearly unconscious, he still accomplished something that many heroes could never dream of achieving. Upon receiving the axe, Stormbreaker, Thor’s body had surprisingly healed from the burns, and the Avenger was once again ready to fight Thanos’ army in Wakanda.

Thor fights Hulk in a one-on-one gladiator match on the planet Sakaar. Thor: Ragnarok was released in theaters on November 3rd, 2017 (Photo by The Verge).

Speaking of fighting, Thor also managed to overwhelm and, arguably, defeat the Hulk on the planet Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok. He awakened in a state of almost unstable electricity, without the need of Mjolnir. The Hulk has always been considered a powerhouse in the comics and the live-action universe, and seeing Thor strike the green juggernaut was definitely a sight to see.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will play the live-action Black Adam starring in his own movie. Due to the pandemic, the release date for the film might be pushed at a later date than what was announced (Photo from Deadline).

Black Adam holds the accomplishment of starting World War III on his own. Adam managed to obliterate “2 million people in the fictional nation of Bialya,” inspired by the country of Libya in North Africa, according to ScreenRant, and was able to single handedly defeat the “Teen Titans, the Doom Patrol, and countless others.” It required the efforts of both Superman and Shazam to take him down.
Now that some statistics have been given, the question can now be answered: who would win in a fight between Thor and Black Adam? To the surprise of many, it was revealed on August 22, 2020 that Black Adam would make his way into the live-action DC universe, and will be played by none other than Dwayne Johnson. Fans of both the actor and the comics will get to see his performance when Black Adam hits theaters early 2022.

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Photo slideshow: Sense of community in Redlands during the holidays


Bricks and Birch employee Caleb Gasca smiles from the camera in light of the holiday spirit (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo). 

In the lobby of Bricks and Birch stands a tree decorated for Christmas (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo).

Employees of Cheesewalla get to-go orders ready for customers. Due to COVID-19 cheesewalla has been limited to to-go orders only (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo).

Cashier at Hate Burger, Gabby (last name withheld), smiles for the camera from the ordering window, wearing a festive hat (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo).

A side street near State Street in Redlands, decorated in lights, showing the natural and serene beauty of downtown (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo).

Employee of Jacks Toy Shop, Jeanette Martinez, shows their favorite stuffed plushie in the store for the holidays (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo).

Students of Redlands East Valley, Natalie Strain and Alexis Dresser, pose with a Santa bear in front of Fleur De Lis Gift and Home, located on State Street (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo). 

Employee of LeRoy’s Boardshop, Marian Dendinger, is seen folding clothes to put up for display (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo).

Employee, Mark Trejio, of The Alley Collective smiles for the camera with great spirit (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo).

The Molinos Coffee store front, located in Downtown Redlands (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo).

Pictured are the colorful umbrellas that lead to the Orange Street Alley of Redlands. This ally is home to many local businesses and restaurants (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo).

The word “love” painted on a wall near State Street. Shows the significance of love to the town during these times (Isabella Landeros/Ethic Photo).

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Students share holiday treat and drink recipes to make this winter season

Originally published in La Plaza Press


The holiday season is the perfect time for seasonal foods and drinks.  Many families have certain foods and drinks they like to make during the winter season to make it more memorable and fun.  Food is universally loved and is the reason holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas are enjoyed so much.  Without food, these holidays would feel incomplete to most people. Making a good meal and enjoying it with loved ones brings everyone together and let’s them enjoy something everyone loves, eating.  

Drinks are very important to complete a festive meal, and to stay warm.  This hot cocoa recipe was made by Sophia Feduska, a junior at Redlands High School.  To start, you need three-fourths cup of milk, one-eighths cup of hot cocoa instant powder, one-half teaspoon of vanilla extract, two tablespoons of dark chocolate chips, one Whipped cream canister, two large marshmallows and two teaspoons of sprinkles.  

Once you have all that you need, microwave milk for a minute and a half or until hot, then add hot cocoa powder and stir until dissolved.  After that, reheat milk until hot, add chocolate chips, stir until chocolate chips have melted and add the vanilla.  Finally, add whipped cream, sprinkles and marshmallows on top.

While many adults enjoy eggnog, it often isn’t suitable for children and young teens.  A safe alternative can be a Coquito, this recipe was made by Alejandro Rodriguez, a sophomore at South Carolina Virtual Charter School.  This simple recipe requires two Cinnamon sticks, one can sweetened condensed milk, one can cream of coconut, one coconut milk, four ounces of evaporated milk, one-half teaspoon ground nutmeg, one-half teaspoon ground cinnamon, and one-half teaspoon vanilla extract. 

To start this easy recipe, mix all but the two cinnamon sticks together, once mixed, add cinnamon sticks afterwards, drink and enjoy!

A classic Spanish drink that many families enjoy is champurrado.  While it has many different ways to be made, this recipe is simple and delicious.  All that’s required is a stockpot, blender,  one and one half to two liters of water, one hot chocolate tablet, two packets of Gamia Maria Crackers, two cans of evaporated milk, two to three cinnamon sticks.  Some optional ingredients can be used such as walnuts, honey, or vanilla extract.  

(CYRUS ENGELSMAN/ La Plaza photo)

To start, insert water into a stockpot, heat to low boil and add hot chocolate tablet and mix, throw both packets of crackers and evaporated milk into the blender and blend, once blended mix drinks together and stir.  Once all that’s done, enjoy.

As important as drinks are, a meal incomplete without food.  This egg casserole made by Paul McClure, a Redlands High School junior, shows how delicious casseroles are.  To start you’ll need one 14 inch baguette, one pound Pork sausage, one small onion, three cups shredded cheddar cheese, one dozen eggs, four cups whole milk, salt, pepper, hot sauce.  

Once everything is prepared, slice and toast the bread until golden, then fry sausage and onion until sausage is brown and onions are translucent, followed by greasing a thirteen-by-nine baking pan and shingle half of bread layer with half of onions and sausage and one cup cheese, repeat with the rest of bread, sausage, and onion, after that whisk up eggs, milk, salt, pepper, hot sauce and pour over the casserole. Wrap and refrigerate overnight with a weighted lid, finally spread remaining cheese on top and bake at 350 degrees Farenheit until lightly browned.

Snacks are just as important as meals, and lots of people’s favorite snacks during winter time are haystacks.  For this recipe, one cup of butterscotch chips, half a cup of peanut butter, half a cup of peanuts, and two cups of noodles are needed.

To begin this recipe, peanut butter and butterscotch chips need to be melted, after that stir peanuts and noodles into mixture, finally place the mixture into waxed paper and set to cool.  While this is a common recipe for haystacks, additional ingredients can be added such as shredded parmesan cheese, vanilla extract, or sugar for extra flavor.

While food is an essential for dinner, a good dessert can make a good night even better.  Sierra Lesnikowski, a junior from Summit High School, recommends her Snickers (candy bar) salad.  For this dessert, one container of cool whip, two green apples, mini Snickers, a large bowl, and caramel are required.  

To make this dessert, put the whole container of cool whip and a bit of caramel into the bowl, secondly cut up the mini Snickers and apples into small pieces and put them into the bowl, finally mix it all together and add some caramel at the top for extra flavor and decoration.  

The winter season is perfect for people to come together and spend time with the people you love.  No matter what’s being made, always make sure there’s enough for friends and loved ones alike.  Holidays are not the same without food, and really brings everyone together.  Meals help people share memories and fun times together, whether it’s having an amazing meal or making something new with loved ones, food always helps people come together.

Friday Fight Night: Black Panther vs Wolverine


Photo made using FlamingText, a logo design and name generator (Azriel Olmedo / Ethic News).

Note: The Official Handbook for the Marvel Universe will be the main source of evidence for this edition, as well as official publications and iterations of both characters.

(In memory of Chadwick Boseman)

Every superhero in the Marvel Universe has a diverse method of combat; whether it’s shooting pulse lasers, calling down the blinding power of thunder or crushing enemies with brute force and martial arts, the world of comics has allowed for heroes to make their mark, becoming easily recognizable from the vaguest description.

Nonetheless, hand-to-hand combat seems scarce. Heroes such as Hawkeye and Daredevil find it difficult to meet the challenges and threats of beings beyond comprehension. However, two unmistakably powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe hold none of these traits, yet have stood toe-to-toe amongst the greatest of threats.

The Black Panther is a warrior that dates back to the Stone Age. This legendary warrior receives power from the Heart-Shaped Herb, a plant said to have been mutated from a meteorite of vibranium. Vibranium, said to be the same metal that was formed into Captain America’s shield, was described as being “stronger than steel, a third the weight, and completely vibration-absorbant,” according to a young Howard Stark in Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger.

The Black Panther is one of the many surprising but welcoming characters to make their debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel’s “Black Panther” was released in 2018, and gave a stunning origin story after the events of “Captain America: Civil War” (Photo credit: Marvel Entertainment).

Contrarily, the metal known as adamantium is recognized as the material for Wolverine’s claws. Being the result of illegal experimentation, Wolverine’s skeleton was forcefully bonded with a large amount of adamantium. This mysterious metal has a tendency to stay in a fixed shape once it is set. It cannot be damaged or broken down unless it is brought to its melting point, which is 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.

What if Wolverine were to go toe-to-toe against the King of Wakanda? Both heroes can be described as the embodiment of both metals, and can be taken as a test to see which metal can ultimately endure the longest.

Round #1: Abilities

The Black Panther has a variety of abilities, including superhuman speed, strength, agility and endurance. Additionally, the Black Panther has access to all the knowledge of any previous Black Panther.

In Marvel’s “Black Panther,” released in 2018, he is able to turn invisible thanks to the vibranium technology embedded in his suit. As a master of stealth, the suit also allows him to run and climb objects undetected, as it is said to absorb the momentum for total silence. There are also instances in Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War,” where Black Panther falls from a high altitude, and lands swiftly and silently.

On the other hand, Wolverine has many impressive abilities of his own. For starters, being a mutant provides him with an incredible regenerative healing factor. This extremely convenient ability has been on many experimental sights, and has made even a single drop of blood from Wolverine priceless. In Wolverine Issue #43, he regenerates his entire body from only his adamantium skeleton after being burned to a crisp.

Wolverine and Captain America fight one-on-one. Despite what others might say, Wolverine’s claws are just not strong enough to break apart Captain America’s shield (Photo from Avengers vs. X-Men issue #3).

Wolverine’s claws were also enhanced by the adamantium metal. Before the illegal experimentation, Wolverine had only his healing factor and wooden claws. However, even with adamantium claws, Captain America’s shield cannot be penetrated by Wolverine.

Round #2: Strength

According to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, Black Panther is “able to lift (press) approximately 800 pounds,” and able to “sprint at speeds up to 35 miles per hour.” His endurance is “about double that of an Olympic athlete,” and his “powerful leg muscles enable him to [leap] approximately 10 feet.”

It is also important to know that his MCU’s debut enabled him to “absorb the kinetic energy of any blow as well as redirect it instantaneously,” as seen in Marvel’s “Black Panther.”

A page from the official description of Wolverine in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. The handbook was written in 1982 (Photo from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe).

Wolverine is said to “possess the normal human strength of a man his age, height and build who engages in intensive regular exercise,” according to the handbook. Other than his uncanny mutant abilities, Wolverine is a “master of many forms of unarmed combat.” In terms of his preferred fighting style, Wolverine engages wildly at his enemies. This is due to the intense pain he feels when he unsheathes his claws, in which his skin is torn but constantly healed in the process. 

Round #3: Accomplishments

Deadpool takes on the King of Wakanda in a new crossover-event. Marvel had introduced this teaser for a short mini-series starring both characters in 2018 (Photo from Comics the Gathering).

In a short crossover-event, Black Panther was able to take down Deadpool after he trespassed on Wakanda. As a trophy, he dismembered Deadpool in order to study his impressive healing factor. Additionally, Black Panther defeated all members of the Fantastic Four and Iron Man, who had made a special suit of armor specifically to counter the King of Wakanda.

In 20th Century Studios“The Wolverine,” produced in 2013, Wolverine saves Yashida, a business executive during World War II, from the intense heat of an atomic bomb. Here, the audience got a good look at Wolverine’s healing factor first hand, and how effective it was.

Wolverine, now known as Old Man Logan, fights with Maestro, an alternate, ruthless version of Hulk. In one of the most intense battles in Marvel history, Old Man Logan finally defeats the tyrant Hulk (Photo by Marvel).

In Marvel’s comic series “Old Man Logan,” Wolverine is the last surviving superhero in a supervillain-dominated world. Here, Wolverine finally defeats Maestro, an evil alternate version of Hulk who became king of the new world. 

Now that some statistics have been given, the question can now be answered: Who would win in a fight between Black Panther and Wolverine? Both fighters are undoubtedly fearsome in battle, and have proven themselves time and time again. Here’s to hoping that Wolverine, and the rest of the X-Men will find themselves joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon!


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Redlands notices an increase in reading rates


During this pandemic, many have turned to the world of fiction and non-fiction for an escape. Books are just one of the many activities one can use to distract themselves from boredom (Kendra Burdick/Ethic Photo).

Through this long and tortuous year, it is important to have activities that will keep the mind active and busy. Reading books is one of the best pre-boredom activities that a person could do. Through books, the mind can travel almost anywhere and do anything with anyone. 

“I feel like I can learn more about universal experiences or topics that are talked about so I have a better understanding of who someone is and start a conversation… it’s like therapy,” Destiny Blackwell, freshman at Redlands East Valley High School stated.

As a result of some unfortunate events, people have turned to books to cope with the amount of absurdity of this year. According to Real Simple, an article written by the same name that consistently follows book trends, “reading books can help readers understand perspective.” Reading can help you make strong predictions on the feelings and actions of others. This year has seen a huge increase in reading books, according to The Guardian.

The five main books that book lovers of the National Book association that most readers are currently reading are listed below.

  1. “Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents” by Isabel Wilkerson

This book delivers a well-timed reevaluation of American divisions. Wilkerson’s thesis states that the country’s current obsession with race is somewhat misplaced; that there is a deeper and more intractable system that would more accurately be called American caste.

  1. “The Cold Millions” by Jess Walter

Walter structures his book about two lovable, penniless brothers trying to make ends meet in Spokane, Washington, as a concoction of tales swirling around the violent repression of laborers in the early 20th century.

  1. “Hamnet” by Maggie O’Farrell

This richly drawn and intimate portrait of 16th-century English life is set against the arrival of one devastating event: the loss of William Shakespeare’s only son to the plague.

  1. “Vesper Flights” by Helen Macdonald

In the 41 essays that make up this collection, the naturalist and author of “H Is for Hawk” seeks to tell another type of nature story, one that asks readers to see the natural world as something other than a reflection of themselves.

  1. “The Art of Dying” by Ambrose Parry

Parry takes a step back from modern medicine and wanders why patients are dying all across the city, with doctors finding their remedies powerless. She draws two characters that try to unravel the mysteries of the medical distortion, Sarah and Will Raven. The one thing holding them back is their past history with each other.

According to Spreeder, a dedicated reading system that tracks a person’s reading, “people that tend to read from one book to 1000 can become aware and diplomatic to many customs that the reader is unfamiliar with.” Many readers have even said that, due to reading, they have become more compassionate to others beliefs and viewpoints. 

Giving our minds access to books allows for us to reevaluate the world and so forth. Reading can provide the opportunity to go beyond our mind and thoughts. It lets us escape from the not-so-happy times we are currently experiencing in life–it provides hope.

Books have been helping the world through the hardest times, personal and worldwide. Now, books are helping everyone through this pandemic, providing a gateway from society to the world of mind and imagination.

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Student shares how to make homemade banana bread and fettuccine alfredo


As Christmas is coming, many people love to make and enjoy baked homemade treats. One of my family’s favorite things to make during the holidays is homemade banana bread. 

The banana bread right out of the oven. (Emily Prinstein / Ethic photo)

Banana Bread


  1. 1 Stick (1/2) Butter
  2. 3 Large Ripe Bananas 
  3. 2 Large Eggs
  4. 1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  5. 2 Cups All Purpose Flour
  6. 1 Cup Granulated Sugar
  7. 1 Teaspoon Baking Soda
  8. ½ teaspoon salt
  9. ½ teaspoon cinnamon

 The ingredients in the banana bread. Use these ingredients and have a perfect loaf of banana bread. (Emily Prinstein / Ethic photo)


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Spray a loaf pan with non-stick spray and set aside. 
  2. Add the stick of butter into the microwave for one minute.
  3. Add the bananas to the same bowl and smash with a fork.
  4. Add the Vanilla extract and eggs to the bowl and stir.
  1. In a second bowl mix together the flour, sugar, baking soda, salt and cinnamon.
  2. Add the dry and wet ingredients into one bowl and mix until combined.
  3. Pour the batter into the loaf pan and bake for 45-55 minutes until the bread is completely set.

The bananas, eggs and vanilla extract placed together in a bowl before it is mixed with a whisk. (Emily Prinstein / Ethic photo)

Fettuccine Alfredo

Creamy fettuccine alfredo featured after being prepared. (Emily Prinstein / Ethic photo)


  1. 6 tablespoons butter
  2. 1 tablespoon garlic
  3. 2 tablespoon all purpose flour
  4. 1.5 cups heavy cream
  5. 1.5 cups milk
  6. ½ cup parmesan cheese
  7. ½ cup romano cheese
  8. Salt and black pepper ( to taste )
  9. 1lb Fettuccine

In this picture are the ingredients that are in the creamy fettuccine alfredo. The ingredients that are in the photo are butter, garlic, flour, heavy cream, milk, parmesan cheese, romano cheese and fettuccine noodles. (Emily Prinstein / Ethic photo) 


  1. Boil the noodles according to the package.
  2. Melt the butter in a large sauce pan on medium heat. Then add the garlic and cook for one minute.
  3. Whisk in the flour. Then add the heavy cream and the milk.
  4. Reduce the heat to low when the sauce begins to bubble.
  5. Slowly add the cheese, continuing to mix.
  6. Drain the pasta and carefully mix it into the sauce.

Christmas lights spread much needed happiness


For years it has been a known tradition to dust off the Christmas lights and hang up decorations to celebrate the festive holidays. Giant red-nosed reindeer and colorful flashing lights hanging from rooftops get everyone walking by excited for a little holiday cheer. As these decorations set reminders of joyous holiday moments with family and friends, they are more significant this year than ever. Even with the restrictions of COVID-19, taking a walk to admire the festive christmas decorations is something that the pandemic cannot take away.

While this year may not allow a normal Christmas, the bright lights and decorations that spread throughout neighborhoods are here for everyone to enjoy. 2020 has been full of challenges but as the holiday season has arrived so has all the happiness and unity that comes along with it. Walking around and seeing how different houses have been transformed for Christmas is a great way to find some holiday cheer. This year has been full of many different challenges for many different people, but seeing bright lights is a reminder of the harmony of the holidays and how no one is battling the challenges of this pandemic alone. 

Light display in East Highlands synchronized to festive Christmas songs (Emily Prinstein/Ethic Photo).

A festive house decorated with bright lights for the holidays (Emily Prinstein/Ethic Photo).

Festive Holiday house with blue icicle lights with Christmas blowups (Emily Prinstein/Ethic Photo).

Fun and festive house with lit up festive walkway with Christmas blowups (Emily Prinstein/Ethic Photo).

Cute light displays with snowmen and rainbow lights on house and palm trees (Emily Prinstein/Ethic Photo).

Another house synchronized to festive holiday songs with lights made up has trees and reindeer (Emily Prinstein/Ethic Photo).

Pretty Christmas light display with rainbow lights and blowup polar bear (Emily Prinstein/Ethic Photo).

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Uncovering why the game Among Us is so popular among teenagers


For many teenagers, quarantine has been a string of monotonous months all tied together by one defining factor: boredom. To combat their ennui, teens, if not yet drained from watching Netflix, have filled their at-home days trying new activities. It comes as no surprise that when a multiplayer mystery game called Among Us suddenly skyrocketed in popularity, teenagers would be the first to experience a newfound love for the online game. The unforeseen Among Us craze begs the question: what makes it so popular among teenagers?

Among Us is an online murder-mystery game that is only available through download on a computer or other mobile device. The game can take place in one of three space themed settings all of which are composed of a series of rooms with specific corresponding tasks. Each player enters the game as a living entity wearing a different colored spacesuit. Players have the option to express their originality by customizing their character and creating a name that other players will refer to them as during the course of the game. When the needed amount of players join (4-10), the host will start the game and players will randomly be assigned as crewmates or imposters. 

Crewmates are accountable for traveling around the map to complete their assigned tasks while imposters, relying on individual strategy and wit, have to blend in with the rest of the crew while simultaneously murdering them. When a body of the deceased is found and reported, everyone is catapulted into a meeting to discuss and identify who killed the body. To the best of their ability, the crewmates investigate the incident while the imposters deny accusations against them and use false evidence to their advantage to prevent themselves from being voted out of the game. Providing both suspense and an adrenaline rush, the game satisfies the appetite for thrill and excitement. 

With all that being said people seem to have discovered Among Us around the same time, many wanting to see what all the fuss was about. Ryan Colunga, a sophomore from Citrus Valley High School, claims “I actually started playing it with friends a few years ago before it recently became popular.” 

On the app store’s Top Games of 2020, Among Us reached the number one spot on the list. Among Us has been released since 2018, but has just recently caught attention this year. (Photo provided by Sportskeeda)

Other students like CV freshmen Questin Hamlet, Aneesa Jara and Leana Vargas say they found out about the game from different social media platforms. Hamlet says, “This year from Youtube” referring to when he found out about Among Us. Along with many other students, they say that they found out from Tiktok and Youtube. The game has been released since 2018, but not that many people seemed to know about it. With it being posted on social media, it resurfaced and became popular amongst people of all ages.

Many Redlands students have found pleasure in playing Among Us in their free time–that is, if one enjoys the restless feeling of suspense. For those who are always compelled to try out games with a mix of mystery and strategy, Among Us is a dependable go-to option.

CV junior Erubiel Gaxiola said, “It’s really fun tricking and basically being a parasite among your friends and then them finding out at the end.”

“As the impostor you have to think about what your plan is and when you’re a crewmate you have to use your knowledge to sniff out the impostor,” said CV sophomore Alexander Lemoine. 

Among Us may seem like any virtual game in the 21st century, reaching its zenith of popularity before descending down towards irrelevancy. However, for many students, the game is not only a source of entertainment, but it is an outlet in which they can enjoy a well deserved break from their tiring school schedules.

Rosalinda Ramariez, a junior at Redlands East Valley High School, says that the game “gives you a break from other things, especially school right now. It will get you away from stressing over your homework.”

CV freshman Albert Luna said others should play Among Us to “distract yourself from school a bit and have fun.”

The general consensus among highschool students is that the game is a definite remedy for perpetual boredom. Jayden Call, a CV freshman, even goes as far to say that “when you are bored, it can save your life.” 

Impressively, the game still manages to provide students with a desperately needed aspect of their life: social interaction. The months of continued isolation and distance learning have left highschool students yearning for quality time with their friends and the feelings that come with it. To an extent, Among Us gives students the opportunity to connect online and fill a missing void in their life. 

The ability to stay in touch with friends with the effortless sending of a game code has led many people to regularly playing this game. 

Redlands East Valley junior Ella Fletcher said, “It’s very similar to the games Mafia and Ultimate Werewolf that I was already playing in person, so now with Covid you can still play a similar game and stay safe while doing it.” 

“I enjoy playing Among Us, because we can play it with friends and family, and if we want, we could play with random people,” said REV freshman Sarah Reynolds. 

“It’s a fun, interactive game and it brings friends together during quarantine,” said CV junior Emily Reyes. 

Jenna Adair, a Citrus Valley freshman, said that “It also is a great game to play with family or friends, because you all get to laugh together and work together to figure out who the imposter is.” 

Among Us welcomes all people to its servers. For students, the game provides an amalgam of heartfelt laughs, joyous experiences, fun challenges and a distraction from everyday life. It brings people together during these unprecedented times and bridges the gap between isolation and distance. The game creates a virtual community where all students can gather together despite their circumstances. In the words of Lizzy Northcott, a CV freshman, Among Us is the perfect game “to pass time, to meet others and to bond with those you know.” 

Featured Art: Drawing of one of the crewmates, or imposters, in Among Us. Red is just one of the 12 colors that are currently in the game. (MIA ARANDA/ Ethic News art)

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Friday Fight Night: Broly vs Superman


Photo made using FlamingText, a logo design and name generator (Azriel Olmedo / Ethic News).

Note: DC Comics including Superman’s greatest feats and strengths will be used as source. All Dragon Ball material including/mentioning Broly will also be used as source.

The fictional world is an endless one, filled with a seemingly infinite amount of characters to pull from. Many are depicted as godlike beings with abilities allowing them to crumble mountains with ease or destroy planets at will. Characters that most notably fall under this power-spectrum are none other than Superman and Broly.

Superman is an all-time favorite of DC’s superhero universe. The Man of Steel is easily one of the strongest fictional characters out there. He is an insanely powerful force to be reckoned with, nearly deemed indestructible if not for the effects of Kryptonite.

In the world of Dragon Ball, Broly was first introduced as the Legendary Super Saiyan: a being that only appears every 1,000 years. Born with limitless power, Broly was exiled from Planet Vegeta, home of the Saiyans, and forced to live a life of solitude with his father, Paragus, on the desolate planet Vampa. 

First look at Broly in his Full-Power form. Broly was reintroduced into Dragon Ball canon in 2018 in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Broly (Image by Dragon Ball Super: Broly).

It would be years before he would truly realize his true potential, but Broly very quickly evolved into a powerhouse, striking fear and worry in Goku and Vegeta, the two main characters of Dragon Ball, alike. Would Superman experience this same fear as they did, or will Clark Kent have the strength to stop Broly’s uncontrollable rampage?

Round 1: Power

The Legendary Super Saiyan is the embodiment of limitless Saiyan power. The vessel itself becomes unstable and is constantly at risk of self-destruction. Broly’s power had frightened Goku and Vegeta alike, causing them to transform into Super Saiyan Gods to hopefully overpower him. Alas, Broly’s ever-growing power proved too much for them both.

Broly faces off against Vegeta first in the film. Vegeta (in his Super Saiyan form) is surprised that Broly can keep up with his speed (Image by Comic Book Resources).

Broly’s power allowed him to climb the ranks of Saiyan potential. In a matter of minutes, Broly had reached God-level while fighting against Goku and Vegeta in their god states. Reaching God-level had taken the two Saiyans years to master, and Broly began to adapt and overcome their strength, overwhelming them with his own.

On the other hand, Superman had always stayed at the same level of power for years. He had been deemed faster than the Flash, able to knock him off his feet while the Flash claimed “[he’d] never been touched.”

On the other hand, Superman had always stayed at the same level of power for years. He had been deemed faster than the Flash, able to knock him off his feet while the Flash claimed “[he’d] never been touched.”

The Flash tests his speed against the Man of Steel, only to be effortlessly thrown off his feet. This image is found in DC’s New 52, Issue #2 (Image by DC Database).

Superman’s powers range far and wide, including, “incredible super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability, freezing-breath, flight and heat-vision,” according to the DC Database.

Round 2: Abilities

Apart from being faster-than-a-speeding-bullet and able to leap tall bounds, Superman had grown to adopt incredible power over the course of centuries. 

Superman once laid dormant in the center of Earth’s Sun for 15,000 years. This prompted the spawn of unknown, yet limitless abilities. This version of Superman, known famously as Superman Prime One Million, had the ability to alter reality, seeing as he, “brought Lois Lane back to life from a fragment of her DNA,” according to Variant Comics. This not only reunited them, but also granted Lois immortality and a number of similar abilities.

First ever look at Superman Prime One Million. This image could be found in DC’s One Million issue #4, published in 1998 (Image by DC Database).

Broly, being a true Saiyan, has enhanced speed and durability, as well as untold strength and power. His ability to undergo transformations makes him a powerful force, especially being the Legendary Super Saiyan. Broly undergoes a different kind of transformation, one that turns his hair green and allows his body to constantly emit energy and unleash power. In the world of Dragon Ball, his power level is said to be incalculable even before he had realized his true potential.

Broly (source of the energy blasts diverging from the top middle) creates a meteor shower of energy that spreads miles across the battlefield. In this scene, Broly’s father, Paragus was killed, driving him into insanity and uncontrollable anger, causing him to go Super Saiyan (Image by Dragon Ball Super: Broly).

Like all Saiyans, Broly can generate energy blasts (called ki blasts) towards his foes and is seen throughout the movie spewing massive amounts of energy in all directions as a result of his uncontrollable rage. His ki blasts have the potential to completely decimate mountains and turn arctic wastelands into fiery planes of magma.

Round 3: Accomplishments

Additionally, Superman was able to effortlessly restore his home planet Krypton, utilizing the power of the sun he laid dormant in for so long. He later discovered that he could share his power with his descendants and anyone that “continued to fight for truth and justice,” according to Screen Rant.

In the Silver Age of comics, Superman once towed a line of planets across the galaxy with a chain connecting them all. This was done for their sake, as they were prone to destruction.

Superman pulls a line of planets away from destruction. This image can be found in DC’s Superboy issue #140, published in 1967 (Image by DC Database).

On top of his impressive feat of becoming God-level in a matter of minutes, Broly managed to break the boundaries of time and space, transporting him to another dimension during his clash with Gogeta, the fusion result and the final bout of Goku and Vegeta. The power of both fighters was too grand for the universe to handle, shattering reality for a short while until they were ultimately brought back.

This is the moment that Broly and Gogeta shattered reality during their fight. Their power was enough to overwhelm space and time, creating a separate dimension for them to continue their clash (Image by Dragon Ball Super: Broly).

Now that some statistics have been given, the question can now be asked: who would win in a fight between the Legendary Super Saiyan and the Man of Steel? Will Broly once again break his limits and surpass the DC’s caped-wonder? Will Superman prove too much for the Saiyan? Leave your comments down below saying who you think would win!

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Families relax to these seven binge worthy TV shows and movies


Due to these troubling times, families have been forced to stay inside throughout all hours of the day, contemplating on a movie or show to binge and make up for lost time. Here are a few gathered shows and movies from everyone’s favorite streaming apps. 

“Ratched” is about a woman named Mildred Ratched, a character from the book “The One that Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” The show tells the story of how she began to work as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital in order to become close to her brother, Edmund Tolleson, a mass murder that killed four preists. This show follows her journey through the hospital and her schemes to find a way for Tolleson and her to escape. It gives the audience suspense and brings you to the edge of your seat. Internet Movie Database said “the show Ratched has so many twists and turns and [the audience is] not sure what to expect next.” The show only gets more and more addicting to its audience as it progresses.

The spine chilling thriller, “Ratched,” released on September 18, 2020. The main character, Nurse Ratched, is played by Sarah Paulson (Netflix). 

Next up is “The Vampire Diaries,” a continuation of “The Legacies.” It is about a girl who lives in Mystic Falls and meets a vampire, later turning into one. Along the way, she faces many problems with love, death, change and life as she tries to get through her everyday supernatural life. “The Vampire Diaries” is an addicting show for many people who are into romance and the supernatural genre that ties into a perfect plot and story to go along with it .

The supernatural teen-drama, “The Vampire Diaries,” was released back in 2009. The show had ended with its eighth season and 171 episodes (IMDb).

“The Walking Dead” is quite an interesting show if the audience is addicted to zombies and jumpscares. It takes place after a zombie apocalypse happens. There are few survivors trying to get through this disaster by trying to avoid being killed by the zombies. Unexpected changes in the plot will leave anxiety levels high and make audiences dying to see more.

The horror television series, “The Walking Dead,” was released in 2010. Since then, the show has planned to end with its eleventh season early 2021 (The Verge).

Next, is a have a heartwarming story from the classic “Beauty and the Beast.” It is a Disney live action that will simply have viewers addicted. It’s plot and gorgeous costumes will have hearts melting. Emma Watson as Belle expresses her in the most beautiful way possible. This movie will definitely make up for all the lost time during the troubles going on right now and make its way to a watch it again and again movie due to its captivating storyline. 

A classic family and fantasy musical, “Beauty and the Beast” released on November 22, 1991. Recently, the live-action film starring Emma Watson released in 2017 (What’s on Disney Plus).

A common favorite, “Lilo and Stitch,” is definitely on this list because of its heart warming story. Lilo and her sister Nani live in a house on their own due to their parents passing away. It is up to Nani to take care of Lilo but soon faces the challenge of keeping custody of Lilo. While fighting this challenge, she works as a waitress and takes care of Lilo. She soon takes Lilo to a pet shop where she finds Stitch, an alien experiment, and takes him in as her pet. The story then follows Lilo and Nani through their troubles and ends in the cutest way possible. Nell Minow, from Common Sense Media, described it as a “cute story, great characters [and a] fabulous soundtrack.”

The family friendly classic, “Lilo and Stitch, was released in 2002 (Disney Plus) This timeless film was directed by Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois (Disney Movies).

“Sam and Cat” is a show with two teenage girls that soon turn into roommates, where they start their own babysitting service. The storyline follows all their babysitting experiences and adventures with their friends in one comedy spiralling loop. These two will have audiences laughing and wanting to see more because of its hilarious characters and plots that just make the show more and more exciting and binge-worthy. Generally, this show will probably reach a young teen audience, but adults can enjoy this series as well.

An American teen sitcom, “Sam and Cat” was released back in 2013. The show stars Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande (IMDb).

“Supernatural” is a show that follows a story between two brothers who hunt supernatural species, all while trying to survive their own past that comes back to haunt them. Recurring past trauma makes it hard for them to take on their job that they took on from their father. They soon rescue an angel and take him along with them to help their adventures. The angel turns out to be a big help, with one helping them find their dad’s diary about supernatural creatures and how to kill them. This show tends to appeal to audiences who enjoy thrillers. 

The American thriller television series, “Supernatural” was first released in 2005. The show since then has had over 300 episodes (IGN).

The “Aristocats” have been in everyone’s hearts for years. The storyline follows a family of cats that are lost. They run into a male cat that helps them find their way back home safely. The movie is a wonderful and musical adventure and will definitely get viewers on their feet, adoring these kittens as their journey is presented in the form of fictional animation. For cat lovers, this movie is definitely a top choice.

The classic family animation, “The Aristocats,” released in 1970. The movie was directed by Wolfgang Reitherman (Disney Movies).

These movies and shows are some of the best to watch when the need for something to occupy the mind, yet still staying at home social distancing is needed. Many people will find these movies and shows to be quite the entertainment and make them laugh or smile or possibly be shaking in fear.

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Everything you need to know about Netflix’s ‘Selena the Series’ dropping in December

Originally published in La Plaza Press


Fans will be receiving an exciting early Christmas gift in the form of a Netflix series set to hit screens on Dec. 4, 2020.

Twenty-five years have passed since the tragic death of Tejano star Selena Quintanilla, yet her family has only offered the world surprise after surprise. Although the Selena XXV concert (a special version of the annual Fiesta de la Flor festival) was forced to be canceled due to COVID-19 concerns, a renewal of the first MAC Selena collection still became available on Apr. 21 and “Selena: The Series” serves as the grand finale. 

The official trailer was released on Oct. 26 showcasing every factor to expect. The small snippet exhibits how much of a broader take the series will have as it includes not just a very young Selena and an older Selena like was seen in the 1997 film, but it will also include everything in-between like Selena’s adolescent life and early performances. 

Adorned in classic red lips and sporting infamous teased bangs is Christian Serratos playing the role of Quintanilla. She is best known for her roles in “The Walking Dead”“Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide”, and The Twilight Saga. Madison Taylor Baez will step into the shoes of the beloved little Selena fans have all seen before.

Marcella Quintanilla will be played by Mexican legend Seidy Lopez who is known for roles in iconic films such as “Mi Vida Loca”, as well as for her appearance in the original “Selena” film.

Ricardo Chavira from “Desperate Housewives” will play the protective and loving father, Abraham Quintanilla 

Quintanilla’s big sister and drummer of Selena y Los Dinos, Suzette Quintanilla, will be played by Noemi Gonzalez who is known for appearing in teen drama “East Los High”. A younger Suzette will be played by newcomer Daniela Estrada. 

The older brother with a knack for crafting hits, A.B. Quintanilla III, will be played by Gabriel Chavira who is also known for starring in “East Los High”, and the younger version of him will be played by Juan Martinez.

The role of the much-adored “Amor Prohibido”, Chris Perez, has gone to Jesse Posey who is new to the screens.

Julio Macias, whom fans joke has gone from Spooky of “On My Block” to “El Buki” with his new role, will play Pete Astudillo

Band member Joe Ojeda will be played by Carlos Alfredo Jr.

Another dino, Ricky Vela, will be seen on the screen through actor Hunter Reese Pena.

As expected, the announcement of the upcoming series is already beginning to have an impact here in the Redlands community. Lizbeth Betancourt of Redlands High School says, “Honestly, I’m really excited about it, I hope it’s as I expected it to be, but either way, I’m sure it’ll turn out great. I’m really glad they’re making a series for her, she was a real inspiration to many, especially in the music community.”

Photo made with ibizPaintX, a drawing app. (MIA ARANDA/ La Plaza art)

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A&E Hangouts: Cookie Corner bakes its way into the heart of Redlands


It seems as though Southern California has had a massive growth in terms of the dessert industry, specifically the baking industry. This has intrigued many people, including folks who you would not typically see as business owners. Some have been incredibly successful; others not so much. One could understand how risky dropping everything to become a full time baker would be. Additionally, add three children, with one more on the way, and you would get Elise and Matt Thomas.

Elise Thomas shares her inspiration for their bakery, stating “I’ve always wanted to open a bakery because I love to bake, and I think that with this busy world that we live in not everyone is able to bake. There are a lot of moms at work that aren’t able to bake, so my dream was to bring the fresh baked cookies to all the homes that don’t have the time to do that.’’

Now, their bakery has become a welcomed addition to the community.

 A common question one asks when deciding to go to a bakery is how good the cookies taste. The fact of the matter is, they are the best, biggest and most bang for your buck cookies in Redlands, and arguably Southern California as a whole. The thing that many will appreciate about Cookie Corner is how sleek it is. When compared to some other bakeries in SoCal, the aesthetic of friendliness and mellowness is a welcome change to the often unnecessarily brash and brazen look of many other establishments.

Oftentimes when you eat cookies, you will become thirsty. Do not worry though, as Cookie Corner has you covered in that aspect as well. They offer their take on a “Twisted Soda,” a soda mixed with certain syrups, creams and fruit. They are all named after famous streets in the SoCal area, but Redlands has the vast majority of the namesakes. This is a nice reminder of how down-to-earth and inviting this bakery is.

 Now, as amazing and inspirational their story is, there is but one downside. Unfortunately. it’s frankly unfixable for now. There is a lack of seating, both outdoor and indoor. However, this is fairly understandable regarding the lengths they go to in making their store Covid compliant, and they will most likely add seating areas later down the line, making this a prime hangout spot for students.

 One final thing about Cookie Corner is their location on Stuart Ave., and how it will impact their business down the line. The bakery is located near the Studio Movie Grill, a popular theater that will certainly boost Cookie Corner’s business in later hours of the day, almost surely spawning a memorable phrase such as “dinner, movie, and a cookie.”

With Cookie Corner’s friendly atmosphere, ideal location, inspiring story, and absolutely delicious cookies and drinks, it is almost impossible to not fall in love with this homegrown bakery. So next time you drive down Stuart Ave. do yourself a favor and pick up a cookie.

Featured photos of s’mores, red velvet, and salted caramel cookies from the Cookie Corner. Cookie Corner offers many other unique flavors such as snickerdoodle and orange blossom. (Courtesy of Vanessa Aranda)

Classic literature helps spread important messages to high school students


Cover photo of both Classical Literature Books discussed in the article (Isaac Mejia/ Ethic News)

Books have stood the test of time and shaped generational values for centuries. Although they may not be the first choice for teenage entertainment in the 21st century–competing with social media platforms–they still remain prominent in the lives of many high school students. Students that learn from their powerful messages experience a different perspective of life through depicted characters. A good book has the power to impact the lives of readers by taking them on unseen adventures, creating suspense that hangs them on the edge of every page and providing a means of escape from the difficult realities of life. Many books that students read in high school fall into the genre of classical literature. These acclaimed books are notable for their longevity, insightfulness and recurring sympathetic reactions from readers. Authors of these books are recognized for their ability to connect to readers on an emotional level. Many classical literary works are deemed pivotal to students’ education so much that they are instilled into the curriculum of high schools across America. “The Grapes of Wrath and “To Kill a Mockingbird are both classical literature novels that entertain and educate students.

“The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

“The Grapes of Wrath” describes the journey of the Joad Family. This family, deprived of subsistence, embarks on a difficult journey to California in search of work. Readers are able to experience first hand how it feels to lose everything and struggle to survive through the leading protagonists: Tom, Ma, Pa, Rose of Sharon and Jim Casey, each character battling their own internal wars. This allows readers to witness the development and transformation of each character. As the Joad family travels from Oklahoma to California, readers are taken along, enduring the families feelings of discomfort, discontent and frustration as they repeatedly fail to escape their desperate circumstances and face the corrupt economic system. Throughout the novel, readers are rooting for the Joad family to succeed and are committed to seeing them escape poverty, which provokes feelings of anticipation throughout the novel. Steinbeck demonstrates that people are united by their shared experiences of hardship and teaches that the love of family can fortify your resolve.

“The Grapes of Wrath”, a Pulitzer Prize winning novel, was turned into an American film in 1940. The film had been directed by John Ford (Image by the American Film Institute).

“To Kill a Mockingbird”by Harper Lee

“To Kill a Mockingbird” takes place in the small town of Maycomb, Alabama during the mid 1930s. The book is narrated through the eyes of a young girl named Scout Finch. As Scout matures, readers watch her recognize the unjust racial prejudice affecting the social climate of her town. Throughout the novel, she comes to terms with her own fears, and readers become aware of her developing perception of the world. When her father volunteers to represent a black man wrongly accused of rape in court, readers are able to experience how it feels to live as a victim of racial discrimination. As the trial unfolds, readers wait eagerly for many of their questions to be answered and yearn for justice to be served. Scout, grounded by her innocence, realizes the harsh and beautiful aspects of humanity and readers begins to reference their own morals as they encounter grave issues such as murder and sexual violence. Lee teaches that it is important to judge people solely by their character.

A 1962 American Drama Film was created based on the novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird.” The film was directed by Robert Mulligan (Image by the Courtesy Everett Collection)

“To Kill a Mockingbird” and the “Grapes of Wrath”  were both taught to students at Redlands East Valley High School. These Classical Literature books along with many others are analyzed and evaluated to strengthen students’ critical thinking. 

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Baking pumpkin bars!


As the holidays are just around the corner, the time for freshly-baked sweets and many left over meals are ahead. As this time of year is a favorite to many, everyone looks forward to filling their stomachs with their favorite meals and desserts whilst with their loved ones.

To add another treat to the dessert table, try these pumpkin bars topped with cream cheese frosting to make it feel like autumn in your mouth. These pumpkin bars will make anyone’s day or night. Just follow this recipe to make this delicious treat!

This recipe makes a total of 24 servings and calls for:

4 Eggs

1 + 2/3 Cups Sugar

1 cup Vegetable Oil

1 15 oz. Can Pumpkin

2 cups Flour

2 teaspoon Baking Powder

2 teaspoon Cinnamon

1 teaspoon Salt

1 teaspoon Baking Soda

For the cream cheese frosting you need:

12 oz (1 ½ cup) Cream cheese softened

1/4 cup Butter softened

1 – 32 oz (4 cups)  Bag Powdered Sugar

A visual of all the ingredients needed for baking the pumpkin bars. (Jasmine Rosales/Ethic News)


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees

2. Mix the eggs, oil, pumpkin and sugar together with an electric mixer.

3. In the same bowl add the flour, baking powder, cinnamon, salt, baking soda and mix until blended.

Any mixer is acceptable, with the photo depicting a hand held electric mixer. (Jasmine Rosales/Ethic News)

4. Pour into a greased, 9×13 pan.

Tip! Try to evenly pour the batter into the pan, because if it is too unevenly poured, it will not cook even. (Jasmine Rosales/Ethic News)

5. Bake for 30 minutes, depending on your wattage, bake until set in the middle (Use a toothpick to pick at the center. If gooey, set back in for another minute or so until set.)

These treats are perfect to bake in large batches for the holidays or in small portions for everyday snacks. (Jasmine Rosales/Ethic News)

6. For the icing, beat the cream cheese and butter with a whisk or electric mixer until fluffy.

7. Add the powdered sugar and mix on low speed.

Tip! Make sure not to mix too little or too much, a smooth fluffy consistency is key. (Jasmine Rosales/Ethic News)

8. Once bars are cooled, top it off with your frosting!

The very last step in every recipe is to enjoy your creation! (Jasmine Rosales/Ethic News)

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Video: Redlands East Valley artists encourage voter participation

Originally published in La Plaza Press


In order to encourage others to vote, the art teacher at Redlands East Valley High School, Tracy Massimiano, made a video titled, “Vote 2020” featuring her students’ artwork.

Students from Advanced Studio Art, Drawing CP, and Art CP drew symbols of the United States and political parties. The bald eagle drawings were made by students from Drawing CP, and the elephant and donkey pictures were created by Art CP and Advanced Studio Art. Illustrations of Captain America are also displayed as part of a daily draw assignment Massimiano assigned. 

The video art show includes appearances from Redlands East Valley staff along with the artwork. Photos of teachers with their “I Voted” stickers and mail-in ballots show they have already casted their votes. 

Voting is encouraged for all registered and eligible U.S. citizens 18 years or older.