Opinion: Spending less time on devices can make you happier



In a world that is so full of new and constantly changing technology, we sometimes forget that maybe every once in a while the phone needs a break.

It’s easy to see why you would choose to do everything on your phone or computer; you can do almost anything on a screen. You can talk to your friends, watch TV and maybe scroll through your social media.

Every once in a while it’s a good idea to come up with new ways to enjoy yourself without the electronics. Here are some ways to feel good and have a good time without staring at the screen.  

Start by making a schedule of times that tell you when your on-screen and off-screen times are. Try to start by keeping yourself off electronics for a short amount of time, then increase the time after a while.

If you enjoy the outdoors, think of something you can do outside. Maybe even get some exercise in and go for a walk while you are out there. If you have any pets, you can go outside and spend time with them; they would certainly enjoy it. There are plenty of hobbies you can do in your backyard or a park of some kind. You never know, you could even secretly have a green thumb.

Having friends to talk to is also a great way to get off your electronics, especially when they could use a break too. Make time for your friends to hold a get together that does not involve technology. Try board games, puzzles, drawing or any other activities. There are plenty of ways to keep entertained without using technology.

Restricting technology use can also leave you in a happier mood as doing so reduces the amount of stress you have. “Life Advancer” tells how “studies by the happiness research institute found that people who avoided social media for just a week were in a much better mood than before because they were present and alive.”

Research done by the Pew Research Center showed that most people that use social media depend on it to provide their news. Depending on these social media platforms so much makes it hard to stray far from social media. Soon, you may find yourself in something close to addiction.

So maybe take a break from all the news, and just think about the present and what’s going on in your world. By not worrying about the rest of the world around you, you will avoid giving yourself more unnecessary stress.

When we take time off of technology, it can really help us see all the issues it was created while we were on it. While some technology can’t hurt, it’s also very important to remember to take breaks.

As research shows, keeping off can improve your health both mentally and physically. So when you’ve spent all day scrolling through your phone, think up another way to spend the rest of your time. Maybe you’ll find a new favorite hobby while you are at it.

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