Top 5 Instagram worthy picture locations in downtown Redlands


From Orange Street alley to all of the other murals in Downtown Redlands, there certainly are plenty of aesthetically pleasing locations perfect for your Instagram feed.

The mural of the lion is the perfect mix of graffiti and art. Someone wrote their name on it, starting a trend that many have followed. This mural is located in Orange Street alley across from Cheesewalla.

These angel wings can be found in the Orange Street alley closer to Fifth Street. According to the Redlands Daily Facts, Hannah’s wings was painted in memory of Hannah Ahlers, a Redlands East Valley High School graduate and mother of three, who died at The Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas on Oct. 2, 2017. Ahlers’s family owns Redland’s Jewelers on North 5th Street in Redlands and had wanted to have a painting dedicated to Hannah, so they hired the mural artist, Christine Coates, to do the job. The combination of the painted rustic red brick wall, human-sized white wings and the sentiment behind it makes it a special spot for a photo.

The umbrellas in the Orange Street alley are one of the most popular picture locations in Downtown Redlands. The array of vivid bright umbrellas spans across Orange Street to Fifth Street through the alley. With approximately 420 pink, blue, yellow and green umbrellas in the alley, one will become obsessed with the Instagram photos to come.

A Shop Called Quest is located on East Citrus Avenue. This shop is a notable picture location because of its collage of various stickers on the door and its compilation of comic book character posters, such as Batman and Adventure Time.

The “Good Is The New Gangster” sign is located in the clothing shop For Good on East State Street. The blue neon sign is surrounded by dozens of potted plants beneath it. Having the sign there right as someone walks in makes it a nice picture spot.  

Honorable Mentions:

Located next to Furry Face on East State Street.

(MIA ARANDA/ Ethic Photo)

Located at Ed Hales Park.

Located in Orange Street alley.

(MIA ARANDA/ Ethic Photo)

Located on Sixth Street.

(MIA ARANDA/ Ethic Photo)

Located in Backstreet Alley with the cross streets of 5th Street and East State Street.

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