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In|Dignity exhibit invites East Valley students to learn about Inland Empire community members through their stories

By LILIAN MOHR, MIA DELMONICO and AALEYAH WINSLOW Duan Kellum, Redlands East Valley High School Ethnic Studies and English Language Development teacher, speaks about the InDignity Exhibit that was available for viewing in the school’s theatre building from Dec. 2 through Dec. 6, 2019. (Brooke Mgafilike/ Ethic video) […]

Whiteboard question: How do you feel about homecoming being at REV?

By ALYSSA ORNELAS Brooklyn Rios, freshman cheerleader. (Alyssa Ornelas/ Ethic Photo) Eric Jones, freshman. (Alyssa Ornelas/ Ethic Photo) Marin Mohr, freshman. (Alyssa Ornelas/ Ethic Photo) Bryan Prietofigueroa, junior. (Alyssa Ornelas/ Ethic Photo) Josh Vernecke, freshman. (Alyssa Ornelas/ Ethic Photo) Security Officer Dave McDermott (left) and freshman Mauricio Pliego […]