Wildcat Beatriz Braga reflects on move from Brazil to California

By MIA ARANDA While many students spend the summer heading into their sophomore year completing homework for their first Advanced Placement class or simply relaxing after surviving their freshman year, Redlands East Valley High School junior Beatriz Braga was adjusting to California after moving from Campinas, Brazil in 2019. Beatriz Braga and her dog Alvin… More

Winter holidays celebrated around the world

Originally published in La Plaza Press By JASMINE ROSALES, HANNAH PATRICK and ARIANA GHALAMBOR It’s not common for the average American to celebrate Christmas and New Years but it is important that our society educates themselves and learns about the diverse winter holidays and traditions that people celebrate all around the world. America is a… More

Video: What does it mean to be American?

Created by EMILY WALOS Edited by BELLA ESPINOZA With the 2020 United States election coming to a close, it is important to remember that in the end we are all Americans, no matter the personal definition. It is the people of the United States’ responsibly to unite and exercise their right to have a say… More

Day of the Dead poems and photos from Redlands High School students, part 2

Originally published in La Plaza Press By AVA AVILA, MEILANI BAUTISTA, CHARLIZE HALIM, SAANYA SHRIVASTAV, LAURA MASSIE, CHRISTINA ORTEGA, JACOB BENNETT, and LUCY VALENCIA La Catrina was feeling some pressure,  Worry lines criss crossed her bones,  An email that came down from corporate,  Was laden with menacing tones, “Your numbers were down in September,  October’s… More

Redlands students share their favorite traditions in their cultures

Originally published in La Plaza Press By MIA ARANDA Every culture has a unique set of values, beliefs and traditions that define themselves from others. From religion to cuisine to language, culture is generally established at a young age leading to customs being passed down from generation to generation. Each culture’s stories deserved to be… More

Student Voices video: Do you think it’s important to be bilingual and why?

Originally published in La Plaza Press By MIA ARANDA Victor Basurto “It’s important to know Spanish because you can use it at work and they can pay you more.” Joseph Pernett “It’s important to be bilingual because when you go to the university they give us extra points.” Rober Ebrahim “It is important to be… More

Redlands East Valley French teacher explores French culture with students

By ELLA FITZPATRICK As a young adult, it is always difficult to decide what career to pursue. Choosing to be a teacher might not always be a young adult’s first choice; it wasn’t Madame Baldwin’s first choice, but her love of French culture and language inspired her to explore and teach high school students this… More

Redlands East Valley teacher Celano promotes cultural exchange

By LILIAN MOHR Throughout the world’s history, people have been getting their education in other towns, other cities, or even other countries. Famous intellectuals, including the likes of Aristotle, even had to travel to receive their education. The idea of not waiting for the chance at the best possible education to just fall in your… More

Redlands East Valley’s Christine Naser reflects on her emigration from Syria

By TATUM MAPES The United States of America has been a hotspot for immigration ever since the English Puritans sailed on the Mayflower to Plymouth, Massachusetts. Often, one hears stories of Europeans making the voyage to Ellis Island, or families south of the border looking for a fresh start. All of these immigrant stories feel… More


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