Harry Styles releases new beauty brand: Pleasing


Many celebrities, such as Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez, have recently started releasing their own beauty brands. The most recent celebrity to release a beauty brand is singer and actor Harry Styles. Styles is currently on his second tour, “Love On Tour,” since becoming a solo artist. On Oct. 6, Styles was spotted wearing attire sporting the name ‘Pleasing’. This led many fans to believe something was in the works. It has been almost two years since Styles’ sophomore album ‘Fine Line’ was released, speculation of a new album was very prominent. Before the show on Nov. 13, signs with the name ‘Pleasing’ were on display at Gila River Arena. 

On the same night, two social media accounts were created for the brand. Fans noticed a website called pleasing.com was up and running. However, the website was not fully released, displaying an email or phone number sign-up. On Nov. 14, the website fully released and displayed all of the products being sold. 

The website offered four nail polishes, a skin and lip treatment and a skin serum. All items went on presale. On the morning of Nov. 29, they were available for regular sale. 

Two styles of crewnecks as apparel for the brand were released for sale on Dec. 2. The crewnecks retail for $95.  The nail polish is sold alone for $20, the nail polish sold as a set retails at $65. 

Perfect Pearl is a pearly white polish, Pearly Tops is an iridescent clear and matte polish, Inky Pearl is a black iridescent polish with a deep blue undertone and Granny’s Pink Pearls is a pearlized pink polish. The Pleasing Pen has a lip treatment on one side and an under-eye serum on the other side of the pen. The Pearlescent Illuminating Serum is a serum with small lab-safe mica pearls for an illuminated tint on the skin. 

The Perfect Polish set retails for $65 and includes all four nail polishes from the collection. (ELIZABETH MOLLOY/Ethic News Photo)

Styles modeled for Dazed Magazine as a promotion for the brand. In the Winter 2021 issue for the magazine, Styles talks about the brand and what he wished it would reflect. The slogan of the brand is “We’re pleasing, never perfect.” Styles says the brand is for his fans and for them to enjoy. Styles is known for his androgynous style and finding inspiration from David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and more icons. He wants his brand to reflect the same thing, no boundaries to what you can and can’t do.

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