Old objects prove to be helpful momentos


About 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety disorders and studies show comfort objects and breathing techniques can help reduce anxiousness. (Angelita Hutabarat / Ethic Photo)

There are always places wherein we feel uncomfortable, like a party we wish we weren’t invited to, the entire time just longing to be home laying in a cozy bed. Everyone has certain places where they just feel more at ease in. Sometimes even just having something from those places helps us feel more comfortable in normally awkward situations. By wearing the same sweater that we always nap in to a party we don’t want to be at, the party experience wouldn’t be so bad.

Freelance writer for SheKnows, Brianne Hogan, writes how some objects resonate so positively with us because of the personal attachments they represent. Objects are strong channel to lpast memories, especially if they produce a familiar sound or smell. Hogan reports that the portion of our brain that processes smell is “very closely connected” to the part that processes emotion. When you find a beloved stuffed animal from your childhood, you can’t help but reflect on it and smile, reminiscing about all the tea parties and playdates. The movie ticket that you used last week during an outing with friends reminds you of all the fun of that day. Now it may seem pointless to save that ticket, but when you’re going through a tough time and you decide to pull out your box of mementos and find the ticket with all its happy associated memories, it won’t seem so pointless anymore. 

Many of us try to heal our wounds or boost our mood by going on a shopping binge, but this behavior tends to result in regret for all the money that was spent on an impulse. Most of the time, the shiny new products we end up with don’t make us happier in the long run. They rarely remind you of a happier time or smell like a familiar place it’s just an empty object. They may seem cool at first but after a while you may seem to realize that new anything doesn’t have memories. If you’re shopping for an object maybe it’s because you’re searching for something more meaningful. Before you buy it perhaps you already own an object that can make you happy. So next time you feel like you absolutely must have that new item at the store, clean out your closet, look under your bed to find all those objects that bring back many dear memories; and you might decide that your just fine without it.

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