How to express creativity virtually


(Bongkarn Thanyakij / Pexels)

School isn’t just a place for learning and academics. For some students, it is where they are allowed to express themselves, to laugh with friends or show off creative style. Even if we are unable to do it anywhere else, we know that we can express ourselves at school. 

However in quarantine, it seems almost impossible for us to express ourselves or communicate with friends like we did previously. The time is now to use all the technology that’s available to us. With all our options, we forget how useful technology can be when trying to keep in touch or express oneself.

It starts to become tiresome when the only one you can show your outfit to is your dog. When you can’t show your friends your first successful batch of cookies, you need a solution. Social media platforms are quite handy when it comes to interacting with friends or modeling your favorite outfit. 

Whether it is just messaging directly or posting a picture of your new favorite painting, social media lets us share parts of our lives with the people we cannot physically see right now. Most importantly, it’s a great way to remind ourselves that, although it’s tough right now, it is going to be okay. Social media can be used to spread supportive messages as well as keep students up to date with each other and feel involved even though everyone is isolated.

Social media, however, is not the only way to stay connected or express oneself. On March 20 of this year, “Animal Crossing New Horizons” was released. This video game seems to allow people to relax during these stressful times. Soon after it released, players discovered that the wholesome game easily put a smile on their face. 

“Animal Crossing New Horizons” lets you use your creativity to turn a deserted island into your personally designed town by styling your own character, clothes and house. Along with these features, the game allows you to keep in touch with friends and family who also have the game by exploring each other’s island or just going fishing together. “Animal Crossing New Horizons” is a simple, relaxing way to keep in touch with loved ones while having some wholesome fun.

Although it sometimes feels like the opposite, we have so many options when it comes to social technology. Use social media to show off your new talents or how good you’ve gotten at dancing. Meet with friends in a virtual town you created yourself. It may not be the same as meeting in real life, but it’s all we have right now and it is better than nothing at all. It is the perfect time to use technology to spread the joy or simple silliness that many of us need right now, so why not take advantage of it?

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