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Elementary school principal relates inspiration for becoming educator on Redlands Career Spotlight: “I wanted to be a light like my grandma was to me”

By MATTHEW KRISTOFFERSEN Redlands Career Spotlight is a weekly series in which ETHIC interviews a Redlands professional about his or her daily life, career, education and more in order to give readers a more nuanced view into life after high school. This week, elementary school principal Jennifer Hosch […]

Dress code? More like mess code

By AUSTIN GAW There is a quite large, unnecessary, and frankly illogical elephant in the room that, for some reason, still needs to be addressed in 2017. The dress code in the Redlands Unified School District is overprotective, misogynistic, and redundant. According to the RUSD website, “many articles […]

AAA Summer School

By RYAN ARANDA AAA (Academics, Athletics, Arts) Academy offers select high school summer school classes to all students, who have completed the eighth grade, that are looking to get ahead in their required schedule. By doing so, this can allow one to take an extracurricular class such as […]