How did HudaBeauty become a famous brand?


The brand includes different foundations, highlighters, eyelines, lipsticks and more. (Nadia Ceniceros/ Ethic News Photo)

HudaBeauty is a cosmetics brand created by Huda Kattan. Kattan is a 39-year-old makeup artist, beauty influencer, and entrepreneur. The brand was created in 2013 by Kattan and her two sisters Mona and Alya Kattan when she simply could not find false eyelashes to purchase. Now, HudaBeauty is a favorite and popular brand that many people love.

Before she was an influencer, Kattan had worked at a finance office but quit to pursue her dream job. In April 2010, she started a blog called “Huda Beauty” with her videos about makeup tips and tutorials. However, after three years, Kattan’s sister, Alya, gave her 6,000 dollars to start the company after considering it for some time. She also used her 10,000 dollars of savings to start her now well-known brand.

The first product to launch was false eyelashes. Her false eyelashes became very popular after the Kardashian sisters had talked publicly on social media about how great the lashes were. When she later released eyeshadow pallets, the colors were bright to embrace her heritage and have makeup with a Middle Eastern impact. As Kattan’s products got more attention, her followers on social media became larger as she would constantly post about new or feature releases.

HudaBeauty’s “Glowish” highlighter. It retails for $38 at any Sephora store. (Nadia Ceniceros/ Ethic News Photo)

In 2022, HudaBeauty sold more than 140 beauty products that range from lipsticks, eyeshadow pallets, compact powder, highlighters, false lashes, and more. HudaBeauty is mostly popular for its eyeshadow palettes for varieties of colors in pigmentation and matte lipsticks. Kattan also sells 39 different shades of foundation, after releasing nine more shades in 2020. HudaBeauty is only exclusively sold at Sephora stores.

HudaBeauty is connected to a skincare line called “Wishful” which was also made by Kattan. The line is also sold only at Sephora stores. The line was released on Feb. 16, 2020, with its first product being an exfoliating scrub. There are so far 34 products available in different sizes. HudaBeauty sells a fragrance brand called “Kayali” founded by Huda’s sister, Mona Kattan. There are 11 different types of perfumes, the first edition was released in 2018 and is now sold on the HudaBeauty website.  

HudaBeauty makes over two hundred million in annual sales today. Kattan’s net worth is about five hundred and sixty million, while the brand is four hundred million. HudaBeauty is manufactured in Dubai, where her parents were from. Kattan is the second richest beauty influencer, right behind Sofiya Nygaard. HudaBeauty is declared one of the fastest growing beauty brands.

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