D.I.Y Halloween costumes that are a creative alternative to store-bought costumes


Halloween is the time of the year to express yourself and dress up as anyone or anything you have ever wanted to be. These are just a few ideas for Halloween costumes that are fun and easy to create with your friends.

Salt and Pepper Materials needed to complete your DIY costume
These materials can be found at Walmart, or mostly any craft store        

  • A plain white shirt: $5.88-Womens
  • A plain black shirt: $6.45-Mens
  • All white plain jeans: $9.50-Womens
  • All black plain jeans: $9.96-Mens
  • A gray beanie or top each: $5.20
  • A roll of black duct tape: $4.97
  • A roll of white duct tape: $4.26

To create this costume, the only thing you have to do is create a black S on the white shirt and a white P on the black shirt. Then match the white jeans with a white shirt and a black shirt with black jeans.

( A couple dressed up as Salt and Pepper for Halloween from myburningkitchen.com)


M & M’s For You and Your squad
You will need a blue, orange, yellow, green or red shirt as well as white pants.

White construction paper is also required for the letter M cut out.

  • Men’s colored t-shirt: $6-$10
  • Non-ripped white jeans: $9-$15
  • White construction paper: $12

You have the option to make a tutu out of the color that matches your M & M color.  If you decide to make a tutu you will need an elastic band, a roll of tulle, and scissors. When you make the tutu, you can tie the tulle to the elastic band instead of sewing it on.

(A group of friends dressed as the M&M’s from pinterest.com)



This outfit has very little work involved in the look, so it is easy to recreate.

All these items can also be found at Walmart. You will need:

  • A superman shirt: $9.97
  • A white button-up shirt, short sleeve: $21.99       
  • Any type of tie: $3.79
  • Optional black glasses: $5.00

First, put on the superman shirt.  Then, put on the white button-up shirt on top of it only halfway buttoned up. Afterward, put the tie over the shoulder and the black glasses on.

( A man portraying Superman for Halloween from partycity.com)

For this costume, you will need a green shirt, black pants, and green and brown construction paper.

  • Men’s t-shirt: $4-$7
  • Women’s shirt: $7
  • Men’s jeans: $18
  • Women’s jeans: $20
  • Construction paper: $2-$4

This costume is very simple. Just cut out your avocado, throw on your green shirt and start trick or treating!

(posing as an avocado from pinterest.com)


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