High school student gives tips on success through organization


Being organized is something that many people believe to be essential to our day to day lives. People have their personal views on how organization is achieved as it may come easier in small or large steps. In a system of organization it is important to develop these skills because not only will they be helpful to your personal life, but it is also seen as an important trait and skill to have when finding a job or even your future dream school. Here are five tips for becoming organized:

Make time

To be able to succeed in becoming organized, you must be able to make plenty of time for the area that may need your attention. This must become a habit or a part of your daily schedule for any form of order to occur.

Keep what you can handle

In any job, school, or task needed to be completed, always do what you know you can handle. It is great to push your limits but not to an extent where you can not handle the situation. It is best to learn to grow with the circumstances given to you.


For any possibility of anything happening, you must be motivated until the very end. A good thought would be to think about what could have been gained by organization or what time and money could have been saved. You must maintain motivation if you are to complete the skill of organization. 

Create a routine

Creating a routine allows any attempt at becoming organized to become permanent and it creates a much easier environment around you to become more coordinated. Each time this routine is repeated, the easier it will become and the less time this task may require. It is reported by Blurtitout that “reducing our stress levels can easily be done through creating a daily routine” as it makes each passing day much easier without having to stress 

Be patient

Sadly, like most things becoming organized takes time. If you are to ever be able to gain this skill and maybe even master it, you must learn to be patient and learn to build up from the bottom to create a “better you” and environment for you.

These five tips were taken into account for students and adults with school while juggling a job or another task along with their lives. Becoming organized is an essential part of anyone’s lives as it enhances them to be able to complete more parts of their lives and move forward. Organization is an important and difficult skill to maintain over long periods of time. So next time you find yourself stressing because you can’t find that essay you wrote for english, maybe try some of these tips to bring yourself closer to an easier and more organized life.

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