Understanding the complexities of Neurodiversity

By KENDRA BURDICK Neurodiversity refers to an alteration in the human brain regarding amiability, education, attention, mood and other mental functions. It presents a perspective that brain dissimilarity is special and shows downfalls and salvations. The term “neurodiverse” originated as a more compendious way to describe autism. Presently, […]

Friday Fight Night: Broly vs Superman

By AZRIEL OLMEDO Photo made using FlamingText, a logo design and name generator (Azriel Olmedo / Ethic News). Note: DC Comics including Superman’s greatest feats and strengths will be used as source. All Dragon Ball material including/mentioning Broly will also be used as source. The fictional world is […]

After School Podcast Official: season 1, episode 2 – Identify the problem, solve the problem and break the labels

Hosted by AILEEN JANEE CORPUS, DANIELA MORA and CYRUS ENGELSMAN DISCLAIMER: This episode was recorded on Feb. 10., so the news announced on the Positive News section occurred the week prior. Another disclaimer is that AJ keeps saying “gender inclusiveness” when she actually means “gender exclusiveness.” For the […]