Photos: Alternative style compliments Citrus Valley fashion


Alternative style and its many varients of expression make up a considerable fashion subculture at Citrus Valley High School. David Monterroso, a sophmore, often wears a very dark and edgy style that complements the fashion of others within his friend group, Jan. 22, 2020 at Citrus Valley High School, Redlands, CA. “It’s reassuring to see someone dressed similar so I know I’m not alone,” says Monterroso. (Kat Sutow / Ethic Photo)

Alternative is often used to describe lifestyles or aesthetics that do not fit in with the expected or “normal” appearance of everyday life, and it’s one of many channels of personal expression. The staples of this style includes accessories like chains, chokers or platform shoes, all of which may look cool or edgy but can prove to be bothersome or in violation of some school dress codes. This may cause issues in trying to keep your preferred aesthetic while working or attending school. 

In a way, the style brings people together as many alternative styles include band or show based accessories, thus showing what a person enjoys. Outward expression of alternative style encourages people to converse with others who have the same interests. This can be very helpful for people looking for new friends or even just finding someone to talk to.

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