Is Glossier overhyped?


When it comes to makeup, everyone has their one preferences. Glossier has several skincare products for “glowing, dewy skin” and makeup products that are meant to be simple and lightweight. Like every other makeup brand, some products are worth the price whereas others are questionable.

Launched back in 2014, Glossier is a minimalist makeup brand that stresses the “no-makeup makeup look.” It focuses on enhancing the individual rather than full coverage.

Emily Weiss, the current CEO and founder of Glossier, first started with a blog called “Into the Gloss,” where she and other beauty bloggers wrote product reviews, tips and more. The brand has pop-up shops worldwide, but the majority of customers purchase their products through the website. Glossier is known for its trendy, millennial pink theme and relatively affordable products, though the products do lean towards the pricier side of makeup. Bestsellers include the Boy Brow (a brow shaper), Cloud Paint (a cream blush with six buildable shades), Generation G (sheer matte lipsticks that were recently reformulated), Milky Jelly Cleanser (a gentle daily face cleanser) and Solution (a daily face exfoliator known for clearing acne).

ÑSome believe that Glossier’s products are more about aesthetics instead of effectiveness. For example, the Soothing Face Mist, a rosewater and aloe mist meant to hydrate your skin, looks aesthetic, but reviewers rate it a 3 out of 5, making it one of the lowest rated products on the official Glossier website. Reviewers say the mist has terrible packaging, irritates their skin and isn’t effective.

The Stretch Concealer is one of the site’s bestsellers; however, according to reviews, it has minimal coverage, so people looking for full coverage may want to avoid it. The concealer also only comes in five shades: light, medium, dark, deep and rich, so it’s not universal.

On the contrary, the famous Cloud Paints are rated 4.5 out of 5, and people compliment how vibrant and universal the shades are. Another famous product, the Priming Moisturizer, is a buildable moisturizer that creates a dewy, fresh look. Reviewers say the moisturizer smoothes out their complexion and makes their skin look plumper.

Glossier’s Soothing Face Mist (picture via Glossier Website)

In terms of price, products range from $9 (the travel size Milky Jelly Cleanser) to $60 (Glossier You, a perfume). Fan favorites, like the Cloud Paints, may be worth the $18, but items like the Balm Dot Com ($12) may not be. The Balm Dot Com is a multipurpose lip balm described as a daily skin essential, but many reviewers dislike the product due to the need of constant re-application. In addition, it’s expensive compared to similar products so it may not be worth the $12.

Most items on Glossier have cheaper dupes, such as The Ordinary’s Niacinamide Serum for Glossier’s Super Pure Serum. Glossier’s packaging is cute, trendy and follows their millennial pink theme. Items come in an aesthetic pink bubble wrap bag, and the box they’re shipped in is pink on the inside and has a quote.

One of Glossier’s bestsellers, the Balm Dot Com, comes in six flavors.
(picture via Glossier Website)

Overall, Glossier items generally depend on the customer’s preferences. If they’re looking for simple products, this brand may be heaven to them. However, if they’re looking for something with more full coverage and heavy duty, Glossier may not be the one. Make sure to read reviews before spending hard earned money on a product.

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