Spotify Weekly Playlist: Tiktok trend tunes

By Emerson Sutow and Destiny Ramos

With TikTok having some of the most popular songs in the world right now, here are some of the favorites that have been most played on watcher’s For You pages.

Treehouse (slow and reverb) by toadstool

Haunted by Laura Les

Blame It On Us by James Barre

Boyfriend by Dove Cameron

Fireflies by Owl City

All for Us by Labrinth and Zendaya

Mujeriego by Ryan Castro

Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani

Nothing Breaks Like a Heart by Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus

Meant to be Yours by Jamie Muscato

It’s all coming back to me now by Celine Dion

Only Love Can Hurt Like This (Slowed) by Paloma Faith 

It’s all coming back to me now by Celine Dion

Heart like yours by Willamette Stone

Citrus Valley spirit week leads up to Winter Rally


Citrus Valley High School had a ‘CV Gets Trendy’ Spirit Week leading up to the winter rally. Citrus Valley students were encouraged to participate in this Spirit Week as a way to get excited for the upcoming Winter Rally.

Monday Jan. 24: Material Girl Monday (Dress in your best attire)

Jasmine Gurrola, Amaya Pantaleon, Lailyenna Ngo, Soriah Brunson, Natlie Velasquez, Emma Irene, Annabell Crummey and Nickolas Ramirez showed off their best attire. (ELIZABETH MOLLOY/Ethic News photo)

Tuesday Jan. 25: I Wanna be a Cowboy Baby

Michael Okere and Amber Sibbett give a thumbs up for Cowboy Day. (ELIZABETH MOLLOY/Ethic News photo)

Edith Gomez, Alexa Cano and Brooke Mendez smile for a picture dressed as cowgirls. (ELIZABETH MOLLOY/Ethic News photo)

Angela Dov and Alexa Gonzales pose as cowgirls. (ELIZABETH MOLLOY/Ethic News photo)

Wednesday Jan. 26: Anything but a backpack day

Alexa Gonzales poses with her toy shopping cart. (ELIZABETH MOLLOY/Ethic News photo)

Erik Serenson holds a canvas bag for Anything But A Backpack Day. (ELIZABETH MOLLOY/Ethic News photo)

Bailey Sacco decided to utilize a Home Depot bucket while Brooke Mendez used a PlayMate cooler instead of their backpack. (ELIZABETH MOLLOY/Ethic News photo)

Angel Leon uses a cardboard box for her take on Anything But A Backpack Day. (ELIZABETH MOLLOY/Ethic News photo)

Natalia Contreras shows off with a Lightning McQueen buggy on Jan. 26. (ELIZABETH MOLLOY/Ethic News photo)

Thursday, Jan. 27: The Man, The Myth, The Legend (Dress like Adam Sandlar)

Natalia Contreras and Emma Vara showing off their best ‘Adam Sandler’ attire on Jan. 27. (ELIZABETH MOLLOY/Ethic News photo)

Arianna Rodriguez poses for Adam Sandler Day on Jan. 27. (ELIZABETH MOLLOY/Ethic News photo)

A two-day timeline: Coronavirus-related announcements increase locally and globally in the last 48 hours


The following timeline includes many, but not all, of the coronavirus-related announcements that took place between the evening of March 11 and March 13, 2020. Links may be included to provide additional details.

  • Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson test positive for Coronavirus in Australia

    March 11

  • Retirement homes in Redlands close

    March 12

  • World Ice Skating Championship cancelled

    March 12

  • March 12

    Washington state reports 500 cases

  • NBA Utah Jazz player, Rudy Gobert, tests positive for the novel coronavirus

    March 12

  • NBA season suspended

    March 12

  • March 12

    California Governor Newsom and the California Department of Public Health issue protocols and recommendations for the cancellation of non-essential large gatherings

    March 12 View full press release here

  • Redlands Unified Superintendent Mauricio Arellano announces cancelling of large group activities in the district

    March 12

  • Hamilton at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre cancels March shows

    March 12

  • USA Gymnastics competitions cancelled

    March 12

  • Redlands Market Night cancelled for remainder of March

    March 12

  • President Donald Trump declares Coronavirus as a national emergency

    Redlands East Valley High School Advanced Placement Government and Microeconomics students watch President Donald Trump’s announcement during 5th period declaring the coronovirus a national emergency on March 13, 2020. (Ethic Photo)

    March 13

  • New York is in a statewide emergency

    March 13

  • California History Day competition switches to virtual competition in place of on-site competition

    Pictured above: The March 7 History Day awards ceremony program for San Bernardino County. This is the first year all three comprehensive high schools from the Redlands Unified School District will be advancing teams to the state competition near Sacramento, California. It was announced on March 13, 2020 that the competition will shift to a virtual format. (Ethic Photo)

    March 13

  • Concerts and artist tours cancelled

    March 13 View a list of recently cancelled concerts and musical events here:

  • Citrus Belt League announces that high school athletic sporting events will take place with no spectators

    March 13

  • Corona-Norco School District announces school closure effective March 16

    March 13

  • Murrieta Valley Unified School District announces school closure until at least April 6, 2020

    March 13

  • Los Angeles Unified School District announces school closure

    View LAUSD video announcement here:

    March 13

  • Long Beach Unified School District announces school closures that will begin Monday and stay in effect for at least five weeks

    March 13

  • San Diego Unified School District announces school closures

    March 13

  • San Bernardino City Unified to close all schools effective March 16

    March 13

Jersey Girl does SoCal: This time in Joshua Tree


Once again, I am not a fan of hiking in any way, shape or form, and yet I seem to keep finding myself halfway into a five-mile “walk” with the rest of my family in a national park in the middle of what appears to be nowhere. This time I happened to have ended up in Joshua Tree National Park.

With amazing national parks surrounding Redlands in every direction, Joshua Tree has certainly always been on my bucket list since I made the move to the West coast.

So we headed South to get to experience another famous California national park.

About an hour into the drive, we were in the town of Joshua Tree, window shopping and making our way to a farmers market that had tons of food, vendors and a variety of other unique items, like homemade candles and jewelry.

Everything about this town was relaxed, unique, rustic and some may even say a bit hippie, but it had a lot of amazing features that made it worth the trip.

There were several great cafes and restaurants to choose from, with a lot of options for almost every dietary restriction I can think of.

Along the main street, there were a lot of unique vintage stores, thrift shops, and several unique home furnishing stores. There were the normal tourist’s shops that had souvenirs and maps, but the true gems of this quaint town came from the quirky shops that line the streets with truly one-of-a-kind items.

After visiting a few stores we decided it was time to venture into the park.

After about a five mile drive into the park, we arrived at the hiking site. We had looked up some more relaxed hikes to do that allowed for a great experience of the amazing scenery but did not require rock scaling or cliff jumping. We found one that was only about a 1.3-mile loop, parked and started walking.

Above is the infamous Joshua Tree in the middle of the Joshua Tree Park in California on January 26, 2019. It is surrounded by other plants and scrubs and a large rock formation is featured in the background of the picture. (LILIAN MOHR / Ethic Photo)

The hike was really beautiful and definitely lived up to the hype that Joshua Tree gets for its views. Although it was short, we were able to see the rock formations, cool desert wildlife and even a pond in between large cliffs that were a beautiful stopping place. We could sit and just take in the true beauty of the space around us.

Featured above is the pond at the end of the hike in Joshua Tree National Park, California on January 26, 2019.
(LILIAN MOHR / Ethic Photo)

This trip was a great way to visit Joshua Tree without having to do any crazy hiking. We got to experience the desert, which isn’t something we came across too frequently on the East coast and also got to know an interesting small town and all the amazing people that makeup Joshua Tree.

The picture above is Marin Mohr, eighth-grader at Moore Middle school, walking along the trail in Joshua tree National Park in California on January 26, 2019. (LILIAN MOHR / Ethic Photo)

Opinion: Rising use of profanity lessens shock value


It only takes one stroll down a high school hallway to see—or, more accurately, hear—that swear words have become a large part of many teenagers’ lexicons.

Although this vulgarity is not totally pervasive, it is widespread enough to indicate that profanity is not as taboo as it once was, especially with the younger generations. This situation begs the question: have swear words lost their shock value?

The simple answer is yes. The more complicated answer is that swearing has become so commonplace that it has become normalized for most people. The linguistic phenomena can be attributed to rising individualism among America’s population and widespread online profanity.

But before one can understand why swearing is losing its shock value, one must understand why people swear in the first place. For many, swearing serves as a form of catharsis. When feeling anger, sadness or anxiety, cursing can help alleviate these emotions. According to psychologist Timothy Jay of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, swearing “allows us to vent or express” this negativity, much like the horn of a car. Furthermore, profanity can spark confidence or rebelliousness, which, according to psychologist Neel Burton, can lower anxiety and make one feel more in control.

This last benefit can begin to explain the normalization of profanity. The aforementioned rebellious spirit is a key part of the rise in American individualism. This phenomenon was studied by San Diego State University psychologist, Jean Twenge, and she concluded that “Millennials have a ‘come as you are’ philosophy.” This mentality breeds a disregard for social taboos, thus they often do not mind swearing as much as previous generations.

However, not only do people care increasingly less about swearing, but they also have become desensitized to it through frequent exposure. People primarily encounter obscenities on social media and the internet. For instance, Twitter’s guidelines allow for swearing under most circumstances. The exposure to profanity from regularly reading these tweets has made people more comfortable with swearing over time. A similar pattern occurs on YouTube, where many content creators either swear openly in their videos or censor their language by merely bleeping it. Thus, since the inception of these various social media platforms, users have had to develop a thicker skin when it comes to profanity simply due to how often they stumble across it online.

Similarly, books have experienced a rise in the prevalence of uncensored curses. A study by respected psychologists Jean Twenge, Hannah Van Landingham and W. Keith Campbell demonstrated, through examining the trends in the use of seven different swears, that books published in 2005-2008 are 28 times more likely to include swear words than books published in the early 1950s.

Television, on the other hand, has been one of the last bastions of censored profanity. The Federal Communications Commission imposes restrictions on obscene, indecent and profane language, and fines broadcasters if their regulations are not followed. However, this is an outlier in media, as the FCC cannot regulate other platforms as much as television.

Overall, the decline in the shock value of swear words does not necessarily have devastating implications. In reality, all words and phrases are merely just the combined movements of the vocal cords and mouth; any meaning they may carry has been given to them by people. Therefore, if the majority of the population adapts an interpretation of a certain swear word with a less harsh connotation, the word will lose what it once meant and will be accepted with the new meaning. Put simply, the issue with cursing is largely just all in our heads, and consequently—much to the dismay of the older demographic—the English language will only continue to adapt to match our more colorful vocabularies.

Readers Choice Awards – ETHIC wants YOUR opinion!

Dear ETHIC Readers,
We invite you to help judge and vote for your favorite ETHIC content of the 2017-18 school year.
Our goal in ETHIC is to create high quality news content that is accuraterelevant, and of value and interest to our readers. Please help us identify the articles that you feel best met these standards from September 2017 – May 2018. Winners in each category will be recognized.
Articles, videos, and photos have been grouped in different categories and for each list, we are asking that you just click on your favorites (no more than 3 per category please).  The google form voting link is below. You can view articles just by going to and clicking on the related category, or by using the links provided in the google form.
There are several categories and you certainly do not have to vote in all categories.
Voting will close on Thursday, May 31.
Thank you for your participation!
Voting Categories:
NEWS (high school/campus focus)
NEWS (Redlands Unified School District focus) 
NEWS (local, state, national, international focus)
ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT (school focus) 
ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT (community focus) 
ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT (movie, book, video game reviews) 
FEATURES (individual focus) 
FEATURES (school small group/organization focus)
SPORTS (school focus)
SPORTS (national focus) 
OPINION (social/cultural focus) 
OPINION (national and international politics) 
SELF & STYLE (style focus)
SELF & STYLE (self focus)
STEM Science Technology Engineering Math 



Sign up to be apart of the CVHS Blackhawk singers for the 2017-2018 school year. Put your name on the sign up sheet is on the choir room door, or speak to Mrs. Anaya for more information in G-125.

Any 12th graders interested in performing the national anthem for the 2017 graduating class’ ceremony sign up at G-125.

Any students planning on attending Crafton Hills College can sign up for the Crafton Hills College High School Priority Enrollment Program taking place April 18th-May 2nd. Students can fill out their application and meet admissions counselors among other things. Sign up starting April 3rd in the counseling center.

Any student pursuing a trade school certificate or Associateś Degree can be considered for a $1000 scholarship from The American Legion Post 421. Grab an application from the counseling center.

AAA Academy
Interested in getting ahead for next school year? Sign up for summer courses at

Rally Try Outs
Any students with a talent that they would like to share can sign up for the spring rally. There will be a meeting in the ASB room at lunch on April 4th for more information.


At REV, there will be an all-school anti-bullying assembly on Friday, April 4th. It will be hosted by ASA Entertainment and Anti-Defamation League, as well as being sponsored by the United States Marines. As well as talking about the anti-bullying message, there will be several BMX X-Game stars that will perform aerial/ramp stunts. All students and faculty on campus will come to one of the shows. The show will be held on the basketball courts near the track.


Prom fashion show
Citrus valley high school held a fashion show for students to get ideas on what to wear to prom. Prom will be help at the LA Majestic starting at 7 pm in downtown LA on May 6th . Starting April 10th tickets will be on sale starting at $90 with ASB and $95 without ASB

Column: Learning to Grow Up 



Love has always been something amazing. Something that is easy to see between two people 
who are deep into it, something that can be seen with the bond a family shares, something that everyone at one point needs in their life. People search for true love throughout their whole lives. 
It’s a natural desire for human beings; we want to feel wanted, we want to feel like enough.

So, who’s to say you have to love a certain someone?

“Gays, lesbians, bisexuals” have for the longest time been around…they have just never been so open and so supported as they are now. However, there are many who still haven’t had the chance to open up about it because of their own families or because of their own friends. How could someone want to keep another person from experiencing love like others? Although one may not agree with it or find it “disturbing”, they have no right to take that away from someone. There are many high school students, college students, and even adults, who are facing strong barriers and walls between them and someone they want, someone they love; and it just isn’t right. Love is something so strong, something so amazing. Shouldn’t everyone have a chance to experience that? No matter who it is with?

​America has always been about living your dream and striving to be better; to be someone you want, anyone you want. What if that dream includes someone you love? Should they really not be allowed to have them in their life because they are the same sex? Discrimination towards “gays, lesbians and bisexuals” is the same thing as racism towards African Americans or Latinos; because they are simply different and raised in a culture that is separate from the “norm”. And I believe there should be a stand against it, just as many others in history fought for justice and equality. Learn to grow up and accept people for who they are. Learn to be a loving person. They are people too; people just like you and me…they deserve a chance to have love.

Citrus Valley High School’s Youth of the Year recipient 


Every year, the Boys and Girls Club of America picks an exceptional citizen to be represented as their National Youth of the Year. To be picked as the representative, candidates must go through events and are analysed on their personal achievements in their own community. The candidates for the honor are all hand chosen and are sent to Washington D.C. for a gala and dinner. At this celebration, the Youth of the Year is announced. This honor is given to the person that has inspired communities and children nationally and show the true spirit of the Boys and Girls Club. 2017’s National Youth of the Year award was to presented to Citrus Valley High School’s Isabelle Cruz.

Q: How were you feeling when you found out you were being presented with the award?
Cruz: “I was just feeling so happy and honored”

Q: How are you now feeling now that there has been a little bit of time for it to set in?
“I’m still just as excited about it as I was that day”

Q: I understand candidates had to go through events to get the award, what are some of your favorite events?
“My favorite is definitely when we were all able to have our friends and families together and make speeches on our values. It also wasn’t just me, it was lots of other people, too.”

Q: What got you involved in The Boys and Girls Club in the first place?
“Well, first my cousin told me and my family about it and said I should go join, and we all thought it was a good idea. When I got there, I realized how friendly of a place it was.”

Q: Finally, what message do you hope to put out as this year’s spokesperson?
“No matter what you go through or what challenges you meet, you just have to make sure you keep your self-confidence and self-esteem up.”

Congratulations, Isabelle! Everyone is so proud of you for this fantastic accomplishment.

High School News Staff Presents to Local 8th Graders


On March 1, 2017 members of the Ethic staff visited Moore Middle School and Beattie Middle School. The purpose of this trip was to share the goals of Ethic and encourage incoming high schoolers to consider joining the program in the future. With an inviting presentation, young recruits were informed about the main principles of Ethic and about some of the responsibilities they would have if they were to join Ethic.

    As the day drew closer, the staff prepared and transformed their ideas into a simplistic presentation to help the middle schoolers understand the true meaning of Ethic. When the time came to present the information to the students, they made sure to clarify that Ethic is a symbol of Redlands unity among most high schools in the Redlands Unified School District. The staff showed the recruits that this newspaper is about more than just writing or taking photos, it is about expressing yourself through your work.
    Included in the presentation were specifics about the different areas of the Ethic newspaper including News, Features, Arts and Entertainment, Multimedia, and Sports. They were sure to tell the students that no matter what their interests, there is always a place for them in the program. They shared that it is a way to come out of their comfort zone and open up in a way of free speech, art, and photography.
    Overall, the Ethic staff journeyed to the middle schools in hope of furthering certain students’ interests of informing the public and speaking their minds. Their goal was to encourage the middle schoolers to embrace their true selves and show them what Ethic is really about. Ethic hopes to have positively influenced the students’ decisions as they make the choice to join Ethic when they enter High School.

The Reason Honor Court is Honorable


The end of the year is approaching and one of the rewards for working hard and maintaining good grades is being invited to be in Honor Court. At Redlands East Valley, the Honor Court is made up of the top ten percent of the junior class and this year it is more competitive than ever.

Aside from having a ceremony to acknowledge the hard work and dedication the students have done, the Honor Court is also invited to Graduation where they will be paired with a Senior Honor Court member and be passed the red cord which signifies academic excellence. This tradition, which takes place at the start of Graduation, can be memorable for some as the person that is passing down the cord is often a close friend or a family member.

As well as being in Graduation, Honor Court also helps out with Senior Awards Night. Recently, the new Honor Court was commemorated  by getting a small pizza lunch with the Senior Honor Court.

But a small treat is not enough to summarize what Honor Court means. Honor Court is made from perseverance and intelligence and all the students who have made are the most academically honorable.

These Two Weeks in History


Feb. 11, 1768:
Samuel Adams letter, circulates around American colonies, opposing Townshend Act taxes

Feb. 12, 1915: Adolf Hitler receives the relatively common Iron Cross second class for bravery in World War I
Feb. 13, 1861: Abraham Lincoln declared US president in Washington, D.C.
Feb. 14, 1803: Chief Justice John Marshall declares that any act of U.S. Congress that conflicts with the Constitution is void.
Feb. 15, 1869: Charges of Treason against Jefferson Davis are dropped
Feb.  16, 1741: Benjamin Franklin’s General Magazine begins publishing
Feb.  17, 1972: US President Richard Nixon leaves Washington, D.C. for China
Feb. 18, 1879: Sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi is awarded a patent for his design of  the Statue of Liberty
Feb. 19, 1878: Thomas Edison patents the gramophone (phonograph)
Feb. 20, 1962: John Glenn became the 1st American to orbit the Earth aboard Friendship 7
Feb. 21, 1431: Joan of Arc’s first day of interrogation during her trial for heresy
Feb. 22, 1942: World War II: President Franklin Roosevelt orders General Douglas MacArthur out of the Philippines as American defenses collapse
Feb. 23, 1847: Battle of Buena Vista Mexico; Zachary Taylor defeats Mexicans
Feb. 24, 1868: US House of Representatives vote 126 to 47 to impeach President Andrew Johnson

REV Score Updates


Boy’s Varsity Basketball
Feb. 9th Win vs. Citrus Valley (68-42)
Feb. 15th Win vs. Jordan (80-73)
Feb. 18th Loss vs. Mayfair (63-86)

Girl’s Varsity Basketball
Feb. 7th Loss vs. Cajon (52-57)
Feb. 9th Win vs. Citrus Valley (46-26)
Feb. 16th Loss vs. La Canada (33-60)

Boy’s Varsity Soccer
Feb. 9th Win vs. Citrus Valley (2-1)
Feb. 16th Win vs. Centennial (3-0)
Feb. 22nd Win vs. Redondo Union (1-0)

Girl’s Varsity Soccer
Feb. 9th Win vs. Citrus Valley (1-0)
Feb. 16th Win vs. Mira Costa (2-1)
Feb. 21st Loss vs. Sunny Hills (0-1)

Girl’s Varsity Water Polo
Feb. 9th Win vs. Citrus Valley (12-8)
Feb. 16th Win vs. Kennedy (9-8)
Feb. 18th Win vs. Costa Mesa (6-3)
Feb. 22nd Win vs. Paso Robles (8-7)

CVHS Score Updates


Boy’s Varsity Basketball
Feb.6 Win vs. Miller (75-40)
Feb.7 Loss vs. Redlands High (45-38)
Feb. 9 Loss vs. Redlands East Valley (68-42)

Girl’s Varsity Basketball
Feb. 7 Win vs. Redlands High (53-45)
Feb. 9 Win vs. Redlands East Valley (48-26)

Boy’s Varsity Soccer
Feb.7 Loss vs. Redlands High (2-1)
Feb.9 Loss vs. Redlands East Valley (2-1)
Feb.17 Win vs. Summit (2-0)

Girl’s Varsity Soccer
Feb.7 Loss vs. Redlands High (2-0)
Feb.9 Loss vs. Redlands East Valley (1-0)
Feb. 16 Loss vs. Quartz Hill (3-0)  

Girl’s Varsity Water Polo
Feb.7 Loss vs. Redlands High (11-8)
Feb.8 Loss vs. Redlands East Valley (12-8)

REV Thespians Put On Wizard of Oz Production


Redlands East Valley students – the upcoming school musical, The Wizard of Oz, is playing from March 2, 3 and 4 at 7:00 P.M. and March 5 at 1:30 P.M. The production uses the original MGM score and features a full student orchestra. It will cost $15 to watch the musical for students without an ASB sticker, those with a sticker can buy tickets for $10 ahead of time. At the door tickets will be $15 for everybody.

News Brief: FAFSA Deadline Approaching


Attention all Graduating Seniors! FASFA deadline is coming closer. The last day to apply for federal student aid is March 2nd. Remember this year you also have to apply for you CalGrant on the WebGrants 4 Students site so that you can claim your awards earned through this program. This site also provides a resource for other helpful advice and sources dealing with financial aid for college. In order to create an account the following steps should be followed: 1) Go to the WebGrants home page. 2) Select the create an account link. 3) From there personal information will need to be added. 4) Lastly you will be informed if your information was found in the system of assisting financial aid.

Ethic Sports: CV Rugby

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News Briefs: Rev


An students who are interested in being a cheerleader at Redlands East Valley next year are welcome to come to the pre-parent/student meeting to get information for next school years’ cheer and find out what will be expected of the student and parent. This informational meeting will be held on Wednesday, Marsh 1st in the REVHS administration office upstairs from 6:00-6:30pm. Any students from 8th grade to 11th grade are welcomed, as long as their parents also attend.

California Representative Pete Aguilar will be holding a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and college affordability workshop on Sat., Feb. 18 from 9:00-11:00am at San Bernardino Valley College in room B100 to help families before the application deadline on March 2nd. Patricia Aguilera from California State University, San Bernardino will be on site to help with answering questions about the FAFSA application process and other concerns with student loans.

REV Sports Update


Boys Varsity Basketball:
Jan. 26 Loss vs. Redlands High School (49-53)
Jan. 28 Win vs. Yucaipa High School (66-45)
Jan. 31 Win vs. A.B. Miller (57-32)
Feb. 2 Win vs Eisenhower (75-51)
Feb. 7 Win vs Cajon (74-63)

Girls Varsity Basketball:
Jan. 26 Win vs. Redlands High School (71-30)
Jan. 28 Win vs. Yucaipa High School (47-38)
Jan. 31 Win vs. A.B. Miller (62-29)
Feb. 2 Win vs. Eisenhower (72-44)

Boys Varsity Wrestling:
Upcoming CBL Finals Conference Saturday Feb. 11 at 9:00 AM

Boys Varsity Soccer:
Feb. 2 Win vs. Eisenhower (3-0)
Feb. 7 Win vs. Cajon (3-2)
Feb. 9 Win vs. Citrus Valley (2-1)

Girls Varsity Soccer:
Feb. 2 Win vs. Eisenhower (10-0)
Feb. 7 Win vs. Cajon (2-1)
Feb. 9 Win vs. Citrus Valley (1-0)

Girls Varsity Water Polo:
Jan. 30 Loss vs. Palm Desert (6-15)
Feb. 2 Win vs. Eisenhower (7-3)
Feb. 7 Loss vs. Cajon (5-8)

News Briefs: CV


Club Shirts

Purchase a $10  Black Student Union t-shirt just in time for Black History Month. Students must go to the finance office and tell them their shirt size in order to purchase one.
Blackhawk Spirit Crew shirts are selling at $9.

Valentine’s Day Grams
CV will be offering students a chance to purchase stuffed bears and performances by the school choir for $5 for Valentine’s day. Feb. 13 is the deadline for all purchases.

All Redlands Schools are invited to Lux, the new winter semi-formal. Located at Game Works in Ontario, students have access to: games, food,  a soft bar, and dancing. Tickets go on sale Feb.6 for $40, and will go up to $45 Feb. 21. RHS students need a guest pass.

Lux Geotag Contest
Want to go to Lux? Can’t buy a ticket? Create a geotag for the event by Feb.7 and submit it to the CVHS twitter or Instagram accounts for consideration. The winner will be announced at the rally, and receive a free ticket to Lux.

CVHS Sports Updates


Boys Varsity Basketball:
Jan.26 Loss Vs Cajon (75-64)
Jan.31 Win Vs Carter (73-45)
Feb.2 Win Vs Yucaipa (50-43)

Girls Varsity Basketball:
Jan.26 Loss Vs Cajon (59-31)
Jan.31 Loss Vs Carter (61-31)
Feb.2 Loss Vs Yucaipa (65-33)

Boys Varsity Wrestling:
Jan.4 Loss Vs Carter (62-14)

Boys Varsity Soccer:
Jan.26 Win Vs Cajon (2-1)
Jan.31 Tie Vs Carter (1-1)
Feb.2 Win Vs Yucaipa (4-1)

Girls Varsity Soccer:
Jan.26 Loss Vs Cajon (2-0)
Jan.28  Tie Vs Redlands (0-0)
Jan.31 Win Vs Carter (3-1)
Feb.2 Loss Vs Yucaipa (1-0)

Girls Varsity Water Polo:
Jan.26 Loss Vs Cajon (12-3)
Feb.2 Loss Vs Yucaipa (19-5)
Feb.6 Win Vs Carter (24-4)

Column: Learning to Grow Up



​What is love? Love is something undefinable. For centuries, people have tried to put love into words and it has never been efficient enough to cover all aspects love provides. In search of what others might think are ways to define love, quotes were collected from REV’s faculty and staff. Along with my own ideas, here are a few of theirs, quoted anonymously upon request.

Family: Love is when a mother looks at her child and smiles because she is the most beautiful thing ever.Love is forgiving someone for something unforgettable. Love is forgetting someone’s mistakes and looking forward to the bright future they might share.

A story that shows how love is shown without the actual word being said is a story of brotherhood between one of Rev’s staff members, as follows:

“I have a brother. He’s a year older than I am and a couple years ago he wrote a text/letter to my sisters and I, saying that he had contracted cancer and that he was going to die. Because it After a couple of days I got a hold of him but, I didn’t want to call him on the phone because obviously he didn’t want to talk. I didn’t think I could talk either, without crying and stuff and so, I wrote him and I said:, ‘you know, I just feel like I’ve been such a bad brother. I don’t call you, I don’t talk to you all the time, I don’t do all these things, and I’m just a bad brother. He said to me: ‘you know, the best thing in the world is that we have each other, I’m still here,and we’re brothers. We’re never going to be perfect for each other; we’re never going to do everything the right way, but we have an opportunity in time to sit there and forgive each other. So, I forgive you for being a bad brother.’ Then he said, ‘I hope you’ll forgive me for being a bad brother’… we never said ‘I love you’, but he said ‘I forgive you’ and to me it was like the best outpouring of love anybody could give- is to just sit there and say, ‘I forgive you. Things that we did wrong, they don’t matter anymore because we’re better than that. We’re stronger than that; we’re different people than that now and I truly forgive you’. When I told him I forgave him, I felt like I was giving him a gift, but I felt like I was giving myself a gift then too. It was like, it took all that burden off of me and we didn’t have to go through all that drama of what we had done wrong…and then, we just moved on and we were friends until he passed away… That’s what we did.”

“I think a family that sits down to eat together for dinner at night is a sovereign kind of love.”

Friendship:Love is when your best friend brings you soup because you’re sick and need food. Love is when your friend opens their home to you in a time of need. Love is when you stay in contact with your best friend who lives miles and miles away.

Love is sacrifice.

And, I think instead of looking for the stereotypical signs of love and the usual ways to see if someone loves someone else, we should all try to look for the little signals, the little gestures and the small things people show us that sometimes are overlooked and unappreciated. Love is not only saying ‘I love you’ but also, showing it with actions.

Women Speak Through Their Footprints


As stated by the official Women’s March website, “the Women’s March on Washington is a grassroots effort comprised of dozens of independent coordinators at the state level” and according to crowd scientists at the New York Times, the march in D.C. had over three times the amount of people that attended Trump’s Inauguration.

Granted, the inauguration numbers hover over 1.5 million, which is below the 1.8 million estimated for Obama’s 2009 inauguration. However, these numbers can only be estimates but between the metro riders and Nielsan Ratings, Trump is estimated to not have brought in as many views as he claimed to have done.

The march was a global event, taking place across all seven continents. The scientists at Antarctica were lead by Linda Zunas who, according to the Independent, was motivated by President Trump’s wishes to take away the environmental policies established in the last eight years. President Trump has consistently questioned the existence of climate change and has even gone as far as claim climate change to be a hoax. At the time of this publication, the new White House website does not have a section relating to climate change, instead having a page titled “America First Energy Plan”.

The change in topics on the White House website is a cause of concern for many and these issues can contribute to the Women’s March on Washington and its widescale sister-marches. The main focus on the Women’s March is to show the new administration that “women’s rights are human rights.

Redlands East Valley senior Morgan Glaub calls the event “thrilling [and] exhilarating. Inspirational [to see] so many men and women working toward a common goal & taking a stance for a better future.” Junior Ellen Dendinger shares the same sentiments and calls the experience “very eye opening. It was amazing to see so many diverse women, children, and men all come together to voice their concerns for our human rights and progress.”

The Women’s March has been called a huge success as over one million people in America marched from Los Angeles to New York City to Macomb County, Michigan.

However, the Women’s March did not stop on January 21. The organization pushes a plan of “10 Actions for the First 100 Days” which includes contacting local senators and getting your voice heard. The true effect of the the Women’s March has yet to be seen and it will be interesting to see both the actions and responses taken by President Trump’s administration and the public.

Whiteboard Question: I Love __ 

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CV Ethic Sports

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REV Ethic Sports

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These Two Weeks in History


January  9, 1812: Swedish Pomerania (Germany) seized by Napoleon 
January  10, 1776: “Common Sense” Pamphlet by Thomas Paine, published advocating American independence 
January  11, 1935: Amelia Earhart flies from Honolulu to Oakland Ca 
January  12, 1903: Harry Houdini performs at Rembrandt theater, Amsterdam 
January  13, 1923: Taking advantage of the chaotic condition of Germany, Hitler stages a demonstration of 5000 storm troopers and denounces the ‘November crime’ 
January  14, 1799: Eli Whitney receives government contract for 10,000 muskets 
January  15, 1535: Henry VIII declares himself head of the Church in England 
January  16, 1493: Columbus leaves the new world and sets sail for Spain on his 1st trip 
January  17, 1864: General longstreet’s command ends heavy fighting at Dandridgem TN 
January  18, 1671: British pirate Henry Morgan captures Panama City from its Spanish defenders 
January  19, 1668: King Louis XIV & Emperor Leopold I sign treaty dividing Spain 
January  20, 1801: John Marshall appointed US chief justice 
January  21, 1846: 1st edition of Charles Dickens’ “Daily News” 
January  22, 1953: Arthur Miller’s “Crucible” premieres in NYC 
January  23, 1849: Elizabeth Blackwell becomes 1st woman in the US to earn a medical degree 
January 24, 1679: King Charles II disbands English parliament 
January 25, 1802: Napoleon Bonaparte elected president of Italian (Cisalpine) Republic 
January 26, 1784: Benjamin Franklin expresses unhappiness over eagle as America’s symbol 
January 27, 1671: Pirate Henry Morgan lands at Panama City 

California Scholarship Federation


Attention students, CSF signups will be in Mrs. Toth’s room in G-115 before school and at lunch for the next two weeks. Signups start on Monday January 23 and conclude on February 3. All that is needed for those who qualify is a copy of last semester’s transcript. Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors must pay five dollars to the finance office in order to be a part of the program. Students must be sure to drop off their transcript to G-115 to obtain potential scholarship opportunities.

REV Sports Score Updates


While Redlands East Valley High School was on break, it’s athletes were up and going in their sports and here’s how it turned out. Boys Varsity Basketball went 7-1 over break only losing to Oak Hills by 4 points. Girls Varsity Basketball went 5-2 with their losses coming from Yucca Valley and Mark Keppel. Boys Varsity soccer only played two games over break winning one and losing one against Cajon. Girls Varsity soccer played four games, going 2-2 with losses coming from Vista Murrieta and Aliso Niguel. Girls Varsity Water Polo played 4 games and finished with a record of 1-3 with the losses coming from Cajon, Chaparral, and Elsinore. Those are your score updates for sports occurring over the break.

Redlands Emergency Services Academy


For all graduating seniors who are considering a career in law enforcement or firefighting, the Redlands Emergency Services Academy (RESA) will be holding an informational session on February 2nd. Seniors can sign up for this at the Career Center and will be given a pass so they can attend the event. For any more questions students are advised to visit the Career Center and see Ms. Severo.

Trump Picks Cabinet


In the period of June 2015 to November 2016, there has been a drastic change in how the government has been viewed. People have begun to ask the question:

What will Trump do Next? Within his president-elect period, Trump assigned his cabinet. 

Secretary of Defense: James Mattis (Confirmed)
Homeland Security: John F. Kelly (Confirmed)
C.I.A: Mike Pompeo (Confirmed)
Attorney General: Jeff Sessions
State: Rex W. Tillerson
Transportation: Elaine L. Chao
Housing: Ben Carson
Interior: Ryan Zinke
Education: Betsy DeVos
U.N.: Nikki R. Haley
Health: Tom Price
E.P.A.: Scott Pruitt
Commerce: Wilbur Ross
Treasury: Steven Mnuchin
Energy: Rick Perry
Small Business: Linda McMahon
O.M.B.: Mick Mulvaney
Labor: Andrew F. Puzder
D.N.I.: Dan Coats
U.S Trade Rep: Robert Lighthizer
Agriculture: Sonny Perdue
Veterans: David J. Shulkin
C.E.A.: No Appointee Yet
Do not require Senate confirmation

Chief of Staff: Reince Priebus (Appointed)
Chief Strategist: Stephen K. Bannon (Appointed)
Senior adviser: Jared Kushner (Appointed)
Nat. Sec. Adviser: Michael T. Flynn (Appointed)

Homeland Security Adviser: Thomas P. Bossert (Appointed)
Counselor: Kellyanne Conway (Appointed)
Regulatory Czar: Carl Ichan (Appointed
White House Counsel: Donald F. McGahn II (Appointed)
Trade Czar: Peter Navarro (Appointed)
Press Secretary: Sean Spicer (Appointed)

Sources include The Washington Post, Countable, and The New York Times.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon perform well


Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are the first main line Pokémon games to not have Pokémon gyms. The game starts off with the player choosing what they look like. Next, they get a call from the Pokémon professor named Professor Kukui in the region called Alola, which is based on Hawaii. He introduces the game like every otherPokémon   game and sends you into another cutscene. After the cutscene, there will be a knock on the door, and it is Professor Kukui who takes you to go and meet the island kahuna Hala. You go to look for him and find the professor’s assistant. After saving her, you find Hala with the professor, and he gets you your first Pokémon who are Litten, Popplio, and Rowlet. This game also includes my favorite feature which is player customization. It includes many new and cool outfits. I absolutely love that the fact that hidden moves were removed and replaced with ride Pokémon to make the game easier. I give it a 10/10 for the fact that it has a better storyline than most of the other games with side quests throughout the games.  ​

Amazon donates $15,000 to Angel’s Closet


Angel’s Closet received a $15,000 donation in the form of clothing and other goods early last month. On December 5th, 2016, Amazon generously brought a full truck container of various clothing items to Redlands East Valley High School in support of the charity foundation.

Angel’s Closet is an organization that seeks to provide clothing for those who are in need of it, especially in the winter seasons when the temperature is at a low. Teenagers who have families that are struggling financially are given gently used clothing that has been donated from other people who have grown out of it or have no use for their clothes anymore. This organization has been around since 2008 and is located at the REV campus.

The ceremony, which was delayed while waiting for local news stations to arrive, had amassed a large crowd of teachers and students who had come out to watch. It took place in front of the Wildcat Cafe and was widely broadcasted and photographed. Pat Williams, founder of Angel’s Closet, started off by thanking many of those who have supported the organization since it opened. Then, the Amazon Prime associate spoke briefly before having Amazon workers dressed up as elves bring out boxes of goods from their truck. These items included jackets, shirts, pants, shoes, etc.

Overall, the event was a good way to spread publicity for the charity organization as well as the kindness from those at Amazon; those who came out to witness the event know the positivity that it had brought.

Trump Becomes 45th President of the U.S


Photo Courtesy of Politico


On Friday January 20th, 2017 Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States. After a long election season and two months of transition between administrations Mr. Trump took to the steps of the Capitol to be inaugurated and to deliver his first speech as the nation’s President.

After a fairly traditional inaugural ceremony President Trump delivered an address considered by many to be reminiscent of his campaign speeches. The President began the speech by thanking Chief Justice Roberts as well as President Obama, President Bush, President Clinton, and President Carter and by thanking the American people for his election. He then said that the “ceremony, however, has very special meaning because today, we are not nearly transferring power from one administration to another or from one party

to another, we are transferring power from Washington D.C. and giving it back to you, the people.” This remark drew a large round of applause from the 250,000 strong crowd assembled on the National Mall. Trump continued by railing against the political elite in Washington by saying that they do not represent the people and that “January 20th, 2017 will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of [the] nation again.” The President went on to indirectly criticize the previous administration’s policies on foreign relations, infrastructure, and immigration while promising that under his administration “America will start winning again, winning like never before.” He then turned to his plans for foreign policy by promising that he is going to “put America first” by encouraging patriotism in American public life. Trump ended his address with his trademark campaign slogan saying that “together, we will make America great again.”

After the inauguration, President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump headed to their new home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue while President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama along with their two daughters and their dogs hopped on a plane to take their first vacation as private citizens with their destination being Palm Springs. The celebrations in the capital lasted late into the night with many Washington bigwigs and Republican donors being invited to the inaugural ball at the White House. President Trump and the First Lady enjoyed their first dance in the White House ballroom while their supporters and White House staff enjoyed the festivities. The night ended in the early hours of Saturday morning and President Trump began his first full day in office on the 21st.

Column: Learning to Grow Up 



It is normal to have everyday struggles. As Kaylan Enge, a writer for Ethic Newspaper wrote, “first world problems” tend to run across our minds daily. There are those as small as picking out your outfit for the day and making sure that your homework is in your backpack and then there are those that are always lurking in your mind, like thoughts of self doubt or confusion as to what your future holds and what you can do to shape it.

Being in high school, all of these thoughts tend to mush together and ultimately form a huge wave of bewilderment. In which case, many have acknowledged these thoughts and how our decisions tend to shape our future person. There’s colleges, jobs, fields of interests to look at; leaving behind family and friends. This is the season for goodbyes, and although it will all pass, it is these decisions that will most greatly affect each and every one of the new generation’s lives. The youth of this generation are deciding the place that their future takes place and with whom it takes place, thus ultimately shaping their future.

As it is that time of year to look ahead at what is waiting, it would be great if students looked at what they have now. The parents that have shaped them for the moment that their graduation hats fly in the air; the friends who have been by their sides through each and every new experience; the teachers who have put in huge amounts of their time and lives into their education for a future.

While students are experiencing challenges now, maybe even some of the most challenging and decisive choices, there are all those other challenges they have made it through that prepared them and influenced them to choose their future. Take a look at what you have been through. While it might have been a lot at the time, it will ultimately prepare you for a future hardship or trial or challenge that will make you a stronger person. Although the saying is cliche, it’s true that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

As a student in high school and on the brink of graduation, I know how much the small things can accumulate over the stress of an uncertain future and path. If students could just stop and appreciate what they have and what has made them the person that they are today, they could see that all their past challenges made them the person they are and the person they will be.