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ChoirSign up to be apart of the CVHS Blackhawk singers for the 2017-2018 school year. Put your name on the sign up sheet is on the choir room door, or speak to Mrs. Anaya for more information in G-125.SeniorsAny 12th graders interested in performing the national anthem for […]

Column: Learning to Grow Up 

Love By JASMYN GONZALEZ​Love has always been something amazing. Something that is easy to see between two people who are deep into it, something that can be seen with the bond a family shares, something that everyone at one point needs in their life. People search for true love […]

These Two Weeks in History

By LIAM McABEE​Feb. 11, 1768: Samuel Adams letter, circulates around American colonies, opposing Townshend Act taxesFeb. 12, 1915: Adolf Hitler receives the relatively common Iron Cross second class for bravery in World War IFeb. 13, 1861: Abraham Lincoln declared US president in Washington, D.C. Feb. 14, 1803: Chief […]

REV Score Updates

By TIMOTHY LEE Boy’s Varsity BasketballFeb. 9th Win vs. Citrus Valley (68-42)Feb. 15th Win vs. Jordan (80-73)Feb. 18th Loss vs. Mayfair (63-86)Girl’s Varsity BasketballFeb. 7th Loss vs. Cajon (52-57)Feb. 9th Win vs. Citrus Valley (46-26)Feb. 16th Loss vs. La Canada (33-60)Boy’s Varsity SoccerFeb. 9th Win vs. Citrus Valley […]

CVHS Score Updates

By TONY MAURICIO Boy’s Varsity BasketballFeb.6 Win vs. Miller (75-40)Feb.7 Loss vs. Redlands High (45-38)Feb. 9 Loss vs. Redlands East Valley (68-42)Girl’s Varsity BasketballFeb. 7 Win vs. Redlands High (53-45)Feb. 9 Win vs. Redlands East Valley (48-26)Boy’s Varsity Soccer Feb.7 Loss vs. Redlands High (2-1)Feb.9 Loss vs. Redlands […]

Ethic Sports: CV Rugby

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News Briefs: CV

By LAURYN BEST​Club ShirtsPurchase a $10  Black Student Union t-shirt just in time for Black History Month. Students must go to the finance office and tell them their shirt size in order to purchase one.Blackhawk Spirit Crew shirts are selling at $9. Valentine’s Day GramsCV will be offering […]

REV Sports Update

By TIMOTHY LEE ​Boys Varsity Basketball:Jan. 26 Loss vs. Redlands High School (49-53)Jan. 28 Win vs. Yucaipa High School (66-45)Jan. 31 Win vs. A.B. Miller (57-32)Feb. 2 Win vs Eisenhower (75-51)Feb. 7 Win vs Cajon (74-63)Girls Varsity Basketball:Jan. 26 Win vs. Redlands High School (71-30)Jan. 28 Win vs. […]

CVHS Sports Updates

By TONY MAURICIO Boys Varsity Basketball:Jan.26 Loss Vs Cajon (75-64)Jan.31 Win Vs Carter (73-45)Feb.2 Win Vs Yucaipa (50-43) Girls Varsity Basketball:Jan.26 Loss Vs Cajon (59-31)Jan.31 Loss Vs Carter (61-31)Feb.2 Loss Vs Yucaipa (65-33) Boys Varsity Wrestling:Jan.4 Loss Vs Carter (62-14)Boys Varsity Soccer:Jan.26 Win Vs Cajon (2-1)Jan.31 Tie Vs […]

Column: Learning to Grow Up

Love By JASMYN GONZALEZ ​What is love? Love is something undefinable. For centuries, people have tried to put love into words and it has never been efficient enough to cover all aspects love provides. In search of what others might think are ways to define love, quotes were […]

News Briefs: Rev

By CAITLIN MILLER​An students who are interested in being a cheerleader at Redlands East Valley next year are welcome to come to the pre-parent/student meeting to get information for next school years’ cheer and find out what will be expected of the student and parent. This informational meeting […]

Women Speak Through Their Footprints

By MAYA SANCHEZ As stated by the official Women’s March website, “the Women’s March on Washington is a grassroots effort comprised of dozens of independent coordinators at the state level” and according to crowd scientists at the New York Times, the march in D.C. had over three times […]

Whiteboard Question: I Love __ 

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REV Ethic Sports

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These Two Weeks in History

BY LIAM McABEE January  9, 1812: Swedish Pomerania (Germany) seized by Napoleon January  10, 1776: “Common Sense” Pamphlet by Thomas Paine, published advocating American independence January  11, 1935: Amelia Earhart flies from Honolulu to Oakland Ca January  12, 1903: Harry Houdini performs at Rembrandt theater, Amsterdam January  13, 1923: Taking advantage of the chaotic condition of Germany, Hitler stages a demonstration of […]

CV Ethic Sports

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Redlands Emergency Services Academy

BY CAITLIN MILLER​For all graduating seniors who are considering a career in law enforcement or firefighting, the Redlands Emergency Services Academy (RESA) will be holding an informational session on February 2nd. Seniors can sign up for this at the Career Center and will be given a pass so […]

Battle of the Valleys

By TONY MAURICIO The Citrus Valley Blackhawks’ boys basketball team look to carry their momentum from a 48-43 victory against Redlands High School into a conference matchup against  Redlands East Valley. Citrus Valley was an underdog going against REV as Citrus is averaging 10 points fewer per game […]

Trump Picks Cabinet

By LEA CLARK​In the period of June 2015 to November 2016, there has been a drastic change in how the government has been viewed. People have begun to ask the question:What will Trump do Next? Within his president-elect period, Trump assigned his cabinet. Secretary of Defense: James Mattis (Confirmed) […]

REV Sports Score Updates

By TONY MAURICIO ​While Redlands East Valley High School was on break, it’s athletes were up and going in their sports and here’s how it turned out. Boys Varsity Basketball went 7-1 over break only losing to Oak Hills by 4 points. Girls Varsity Basketball went 5-2 with […]

Trump Becomes 45th President of the U.S

Photo Courtesy of Politico BY CAMERON KROETZ On Friday January 20th, 2017 Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States. After a long election season and two months of transition between administrations Mr. Trump took to the steps of the Capitol to be inaugurated and […]

Column: Learning to Grow Up 

Challenges By JASMYN GONZALEZ It is normal to have everyday struggles. As Kaylan Enge, a writer for Ethic Newspaper wrote, “first world problems” tend to run across our minds daily. There are those as small as picking out your outfit for the day and making sure that your […]

Wizard of Oz Auditions!

By KAYLAN ENGE ​This week on November 14 and 15 after school, REV’s Thespian department hosted auditions for the upcoming musical  The Wizard of Oz set to be showcased on March 2-5. The day of auditions the hallways of drama was full of student’s waiting to earn themselves […]

Ethic Visual

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