Category: Who We Are

eAcademy Editor-in-Chief: Madison Isaeff

Madison Isaeff is a senior at Redlands eAcademy, and an editor-in-chief for Ethic News. She is also the president of eAcademy’s ASB, and a co-editor for yearbook production. Madison is a student digital artist and designer. Besides studying, she spends time working on designs for various school occasions, or digital paintings to expand her portfolio. In her free time, she enjoys photographing nature, sewing, reading, or spending time with family and friends. After high school, she hopes to pursue an artistic education and career during college to develop her passions and work with others.

REV Staff Writer: Tatum Mapes

Tatum Mapes is a freshman at Redlands East Valley High School. In her first year in Ethic News, she is willing to contribute to the program in any way possible. Outside of school she is involved in several extra activities including giving piano lessons, playing three instruments, participating in theater, and fulfilling responsibilities at home as a part of a large family. At REV, Tatum is involved in choir, badminton, as well the theater program on campus. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and watching The Office. As she becomes more equipped to high school life, she is looking forward to connecting with students and writing about topics they can relate to. After high school, she wishes to attend a rigorous college and help people.

CV Self & Style Editor: Alexis Plasencia

Alex Plasencia is a senior at Citrus Valley High School and the editor of the Self and Style section. A hopeful Riverside Community College Sociology major, Alex thrives in English and History classes. She is excited to write for the fashion and opinion columns for her first year at ETHIC. She loves buying clothes, even to the extent of accidentally buying something twice. “My biggest inspiration is definitely my dad,” she says, “he taught me to be original and to be proud of it.”

CV Staff Photographer: Gabriel Stanfield

Gabe Stanfield is a freshman at Citrus Valley High School and a staff photographer for ETHIC News. His goal for high school is to maintain good grades all four years. Gabe hopes join the soccer team and play on varsity at some point in his school career. At home, Gabe’s siblings are Matthew and Luke. When he is not at school, he enjoys hanging out with friends and playing soccer.