Citrus Valley High School’s Youth of the Year recipient 


Every year, the Boys and Girls Club of America picks an exceptional citizen to be represented as their National Youth of the Year. To be picked as the representative, candidates must go through events and are analysed on their personal achievements in their own community. The candidates for the honor are all hand chosen and are sent to Washington D.C. for a gala and dinner. At this celebration, the Youth of the Year is announced. This honor is given to the person that has inspired communities and children nationally and show the true spirit of the Boys and Girls Club. 2017’s National Youth of the Year award was to presented to Citrus Valley High School’s Isabelle Cruz.

Q: How were you feeling when you found out you were being presented with the award?
Cruz: “I was just feeling so happy and honored”

Q: How are you now feeling now that there has been a little bit of time for it to set in?
“I’m still just as excited about it as I was that day”

Q: I understand candidates had to go through events to get the award, what are some of your favorite events?
“My favorite is definitely when we were all able to have our friends and families together and make speeches on our values. It also wasn’t just me, it was lots of other people, too.”

Q: What got you involved in The Boys and Girls Club in the first place?
“Well, first my cousin told me and my family about it and said I should go join, and we all thought it was a good idea. When I got there, I realized how friendly of a place it was.”

Q: Finally, what message do you hope to put out as this year’s spokesperson?
“No matter what you go through or what challenges you meet, you just have to make sure you keep your self-confidence and self-esteem up.”

Congratulations, Isabelle! Everyone is so proud of you for this fantastic accomplishment.

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