CV Chief Executive Officer: Jasmine Rosales (she/her)

Jasmine Rosales is a 16 year-old junior at Citrus Valley High School and the CV Chief Executive Officer of Ethic. During her free time Rosales participates in several sports including club soccer, high school soccer, and volleyball. Rosales also enjoys baking seasonal goods such as gingerbread cookies and pumpkin pies. As a student, Rosales is taking AP Spanish and AP US history her junior year. Rosales joined journalism because of her love for writing, and because Ethic gives her a platform to share her voice and be heard. Her goals for the school year are to maintain good grades and find a balance between sports and academics, but overall to enjoy her school year. After high school, Rosales hopes to attend the University of Hawaii to study Kinesiology to pursue a career in physical therapy.

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