Readers Choice Awards – ETHIC wants YOUR opinion!

Dear ETHIC Readers,
We invite you to help judge and vote for your favorite ETHIC content of the 2017-18 school year.
Our goal in ETHIC is to create high quality news content that is accuraterelevant, and of value and interest to our readers. Please help us identify the articles that you feel best met these standards from September 2017 – May 2018. Winners in each category will be recognized.
Articles, videos, and photos have been grouped in different categories and for each list, we are asking that you just click on your favorites (no more than 3 per category please).  The google form voting link is below. You can view articles just by going to and clicking on the related category, or by using the links provided in the google form.
There are several categories and you certainly do not have to vote in all categories.
Voting will close on Thursday, May 31.
Thank you for your participation!
Voting Categories:
NEWS (high school/campus focus)
NEWS (Redlands Unified School District focus) 
NEWS (local, state, national, international focus)
ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT (school focus) 
ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT (community focus) 
ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT (movie, book, video game reviews) 
FEATURES (individual focus) 
FEATURES (school small group/organization focus)
SPORTS (school focus)
SPORTS (national focus) 
OPINION (social/cultural focus) 
OPINION (national and international politics) 
SELF & STYLE (style focus)
SELF & STYLE (self focus)
STEM Science Technology Engineering Math 


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