The Reason Honor Court is Honorable


The end of the year is approaching and one of the rewards for working hard and maintaining good grades is being invited to be in Honor Court. At Redlands East Valley, the Honor Court is made up of the top ten percent of the junior class and this year it is more competitive than ever.

Aside from having a ceremony to acknowledge the hard work and dedication the students have done, the Honor Court is also invited to Graduation where they will be paired with a Senior Honor Court member and be passed the red cord which signifies academic excellence. This tradition, which takes place at the start of Graduation, can be memorable for some as the person that is passing down the cord is often a close friend or a family member.

As well as being in Graduation, Honor Court also helps out with Senior Awards Night. Recently, the new Honor Court was commemorated  by getting a small pizza lunch with the Senior Honor Court.

But a small treat is not enough to summarize what Honor Court means. Honor Court is made from perseverance and intelligence and all the students who have made are the most academically honorable.

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