Column: Learning to Grow Up 



Love has always been something amazing. Something that is easy to see between two people 
who are deep into it, something that can be seen with the bond a family shares, something that everyone at one point needs in their life. People search for true love throughout their whole lives. 
It’s a natural desire for human beings; we want to feel wanted, we want to feel like enough.

So, who’s to say you have to love a certain someone?

“Gays, lesbians, bisexuals” have for the longest time been around…they have just never been so open and so supported as they are now. However, there are many who still haven’t had the chance to open up about it because of their own families or because of their own friends. How could someone want to keep another person from experiencing love like others? Although one may not agree with it or find it “disturbing”, they have no right to take that away from someone. There are many high school students, college students, and even adults, who are facing strong barriers and walls between them and someone they want, someone they love; and it just isn’t right. Love is something so strong, something so amazing. Shouldn’t everyone have a chance to experience that? No matter who it is with?

​America has always been about living your dream and striving to be better; to be someone you want, anyone you want. What if that dream includes someone you love? Should they really not be allowed to have them in their life because they are the same sex? Discrimination towards “gays, lesbians and bisexuals” is the same thing as racism towards African Americans or Latinos; because they are simply different and raised in a culture that is separate from the “norm”. And I believe there should be a stand against it, just as many others in history fought for justice and equality. Learn to grow up and accept people for who they are. Learn to be a loving person. They are people too; people just like you and me…they deserve a chance to have love.

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