High School News Staff Presents to Local 8th Graders


On March 1, 2017 members of the Ethic staff visited Moore Middle School and Beattie Middle School. The purpose of this trip was to share the goals of Ethic and encourage incoming high schoolers to consider joining the program in the future. With an inviting presentation, young recruits were informed about the main principles of Ethic and about some of the responsibilities they would have if they were to join Ethic.

    As the day drew closer, the staff prepared and transformed their ideas into a simplistic presentation to help the middle schoolers understand the true meaning of Ethic. When the time came to present the information to the students, they made sure to clarify that Ethic is a symbol of Redlands unity among most high schools in the Redlands Unified School District. The staff showed the recruits that this newspaper is about more than just writing or taking photos, it is about expressing yourself through your work.
    Included in the presentation were specifics about the different areas of the Ethic newspaper including News, Features, Arts and Entertainment, Multimedia, and Sports. They were sure to tell the students that no matter what their interests, there is always a place for them in the program. They shared that it is a way to come out of their comfort zone and open up in a way of free speech, art, and photography.
    Overall, the Ethic staff journeyed to the middle schools in hope of furthering certain students’ interests of informing the public and speaking their minds. Their goal was to encourage the middle schoolers to embrace their true selves and show them what Ethic is really about. Ethic hopes to have positively influenced the students’ decisions as they make the choice to join Ethic when they enter High School.

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