Photos: Citrus Valley holds last rally of school year


Nearing the end of the school year, Citrus Valley High School holds their Prom Rally on April 14. Showcasing the spring sports, captains from each sport all share their favorite memory from this season. 

Students show support for the Inspire Choir by waving flashlights. (Elizabeth Molloy/Ethic News Photo)

An array of multicolored lights lit the CV gymnasium and upbeat music performed through large speakers, upkeeping the rally’s lively festivities. Students participated in lighting the rally by turning on and waving their flashlights during CV’s Inspire Choir’s performance of “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman.” Other festivities of the rally included performances, dancing, graduating class games, and cheering.

Citrus Valley winter guard performs to “As It Was” by Harry Styles. (Elizabeth Molloy/Ethic News Photo)

The Citrus Valley wInter guard got the chance to perform their 2023 show “As It Was” before closing out their winter season. The show presents the stages of life, from childhood, to adolescents, to adulthood, using the song “As It Was” by Harry Styles. After three competitions and three other performances, the winter guard was happy to present their skills to CVHS students after not having a team for nearly six years. 

Winter guard member, Destiny Ramos, performs as a soloist in their show. (Elizabeth Molloy/Ethic News Photo)

Citrus Valley Inspire Choir performs “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman soundtrack. (Elizabeth Molloy/Ethic News Photo)

Spring sports captains participate in a competitive game to see who can get the most balls in their basket. (Elizabeth Molloy/Ethic News Photo)

Hyping up the students in the stands, ASB brings out the spring sport captains for a competitive game. The game consisted of one captain standing in the inner circle reaching to throw balls into their teammates’ bin on their head. The goal was who could catch the most balls in a limited time. 

Upperclassmen and lowerclassmen go head to head to see who can pass the ball from side to side fastest. (Elizabeth Molloy/Ethic News Photo)

Carrying on the games throughout the rally, Kira Bruich, a junior, announces the next game versus upperclassmen and lower classmen. The goal of the game was to have the opposing teams work with their side to pass a big beach ball across the bleachers the fastest. Pumping up all the students on both sides of the gym, the lowerclassmen scrape by with a win over the juniors and seniors.

Sophomore Addison Rusk shares, “It felt shocking on how fast the year is going by.”

The Blackhawk Theatre Company performs a routine to “Voulez-Vous” by ABBA to advertise their Mamma Mia! play showing this April and May. (Elizabeth Molloy/Ethic News Photo)

Citrus Valley senior Illir Burns performs to “Billie Jean” by Micheal Jackson while doing some of Jackson’s most famous dance moves. (Elizabeth Molloy/Ethic News Photo)

During an intense “two-what” game, seniors try to be the loudest. (Elizabeth Molloy/Ethic News Photo)

Rylee Thornton, a senior at Citrus Valley, shares “When someone tells you high school goes by fast, it’s true. Although it was sad leaving those bleachers for the last time, I am excited for what’s next!”

Juniors show school spirit by wearing their class color, blue, for the spirit day. (Elizabeth Molloy/Ethic News Photo)

“I was really emotional to be honest, it felt so weird to move to the other side but i thought it was really cool, can’t wait for next year!” Charlee Witham, a junior at CV, shares her thoughts after the rally.

Closing out the year, students were able to show their Blackhawk pride by gathering together to sing the alma mater one last time for the 2022-2023 school year.

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