Tyler, The Creator releases “Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale” 


“CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST” (CMIYGL) is a hip hop/rap album released on June 25, 2021, by Tyler Gregory Okonma, famously known as Tyler, The Creator, a 32-year-old American artist and songwriter. He is known for his sense of style and has his own independent record label, Odd Future Records. The CMIYGL album is a Grammy-winning album for the best hip hop/rap album of 2021 and the sixth studio album in Tyler’s discography. The album has 16 songs and is 53 minutes long. On Mar. 31, 2023, he released his deluxe album, “The Estate Sale”

The “Estate Sale” includes eight additional tracks which include:


STUNTMAN (feat. Vince Staples)




BOYFRIEND, GIRLFRIEND (2020 Demo) [feat. TG]


The new length of the album is one hour and 17 minutes long. “The Estate Sale”. The deluxe features artists Vince Staples, A$AP Rocky, and TG. It also features the narrator for this album, DJ Drama. The song “HEAVEN TO ME” was produced by Kayne West showing a sample from John Legends, “Heaven Only Knows” and “WHAT A DAY”, sampled from Madlib.

Image of all Tyler’s alter egos from his past albums including an unfiltered version of Tyler. (“SORRY NOT SORRY” music video/Tyler, The Creator)

“The Estate Sale” was released two years after the original album was released and after his tour. The new release was a shock to fans, but he is known for releasing music every two years on an odd year since the beginning of his career in 2009. Not missing a year, the deluxe was created to show the unreleased songs that Tyler wrote, but never made it to the album. Tyler posted on his Twitter on Mar. 27, 2023, saying, “Call Me If You Get Lost was the first album I made with alot of songs that didn’t make the final cut.” He also says, “Some of those songs I really love, and knew they would never see the light of day, so I’ve decided to put a few of them out.”

The single released to promote the deluxe album was, “DOGTOOTH” on Mar. 27, 2023. Following the single, a small visual for the music video “SORRY NOT SORRY” was released. After the deluxe was released, he also released more music videos for five songs from the deluxe that were made and recorded in 2021.

In the music video for, “SORRY NOT SORRY” Tyler is surrounded by his other personas from his past albums. The personas from his past albums include, “Flower Boy”, “IGOR”, “Wolf”, “Cherry Bomb”, and “Goblin”. It also includes the CMIYGL persona as well, leaving an unknown persona that is set to be an unfiltered version of Tyler the Creator. The video symbolizes the ending of this era of the album and the unknown beginning for his future project.

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