Flowers in full bloom in Carlsbad


Flowers are in full bloom this spring over at The Flowers Field located in Carlsbad. Open daily from 9am to 6pm, the 55 acre flower fields attract guests from all over with its variety of attractions for guests of all ages. Open year round, flowers, fruits are grown seasonally to accommodate weather conditions.

Beginning the walk along the flowers from the right side, the tecolote ranunculus flowers stand out in their bright shade of orange (JASMINE ROSALES/Ethic News Photo)

The giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers that make up The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch are in bloom for approximately six to eight weeks each year. From early March through early May, guests visit to see the famous flower fields in its annual burst of color.

Upon entering the ranch, guests are handed a map to help locate everything from left to right. 

Picture of map, ranging from concession stands, entrance and exit points, attractions, and the flower fields themselves. (The flower fields)

Concession stands operating to feed hungry guests throughout the day. (JASMINE ROSALES/Ethic News Photo)

Throughout the Ranch, the Flower Fields offer activities like the sweet pea maze for the younger children located toward the left of the entrance. The artist garden, located to the right of the entrance offers guests with more photo ops and a chance to see some live birds around the area. Near the sweet pea maze you may find Santa’s Playground, a chance for the little kids to roam and play around. The Flower Fields also offer guests a chance to sift sand like old miners and find polished gemstones. 

One of the many picturesque locations at the ranch, the butterfly garden features a variety of photoshoot locations for a lively photo. (JASMINE ROSALES/Ethic News Photo)

View of the fields from the walkway at the bottom. (JASMINE ROSALES/Ethic News Photo)

Allowing guests to ride around the flowers, Carlsbad Ranch offers a wagon ride to take you around and see the fields on a nice walk free ride. Payment needed before entering the wagon. 

In full bloom, the pink aisle attracts many guests for an awesome photo opportunity.  (JASMINE ROSALES/Ethic News Photo)

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