“The Super Mario Bros Movie” breaks box office records


Note: This article contains spoilers for “The Super Mario Bros. Movie.” 

“The Super Mario Bros. Movie” broke box office records by receiving $377 million on its opening weekend. Frozen 2 was the previous record holder by receiving $127 million on its opening weekend. It is the third Mario movie to exist and there have been several animated tv shows, with well over a hundred video games in the franchise. The newest movie was released on April 5 and continues to rise in revenue and popularity. 

Box office records are shattered by the new Mario movie (Trusted Reviews). 

The movie featured several famous actors and actresses as the starring characters. Jack Black voiced the villain, Bowser, Seth Rogan voiced Donkey Kong, Charlie Day voiced Luigi, Chris Pratt as Mario, and Anya Taylor-Joy as Princess Peach. Many fans on social media were especially impressed by Jack Black’s performance due to his enthusiasm regarding the role. 

 Black in particular was excited to take the role of Bowser, as he expressed in nearly all of his interviews regarding the film. In the movie itself, Bowser sings a song about his love for Princess Peach called “Peaches.” Black went above and beyond to sing the full song dressed in a Bowser costume, in a music video directed by Cole Bennett that was released on Youtube. Due to his enthusiasm and the fact that he did more work than what was asked of him, many fans believe that is why Jack Black is perfect for voicing Bowser. 

Chris Pratt, who voiced Mario in the newest movie, had an extremely different response compared to Jack Black. Possibly the movie’s greatest criticism over social media is the casting of Pratt as Mario. Many fans felt the actor didn’t fit or fully encapsulate the character Mario, and several clips when Pratt delivered a famous Mario catchphrase were cut out of the final film. 

Several of his lines were cut early into the movie when Mario finds Toad and stumbles upon the mushroom kingdom. Pratt is supposed to say, “Mushroom kingdom here we come”, but the line was cut out of the film. Another line, possibly his most criticized line, was cut out of the final film as well. In the trailer, Pratt says, “Let’s go”, as a reference to Mario’s most famous catchline but it didn’t make it to the theaters. Many fans think this is in response to the criticism about Chris Pratt’s Mario voice itself. 

Throughout the franchise, the Mario franchise repeats the theme of saving a damsel in distress character, which has usually been Pauline, Rosalina, or Princess Peach. However, the movie completely ditched this theme by making Princess Peach a very capable character. 

In the newest movie when Peach meets Mario, she asks him to prove himself by completing an obstacle course that is meant to serve as a reference to the Mario games. Peach easily completes the obstacle course while Mario struggles. Another example of her strength is how she alongside Donkey Kong, Mario, and Toad leads an army against Bowser’s army while wielding a battle ax. Throughout the movie, she is portrayed as a leader who doesn’t need to be rescued by Mario. Many fans online expressed how this was a breath of fresh air compared to having Peach as a damsel in distress character. 

The obstacle course that Peach shows Mario has many references to the Super Mario Bros. games. The course has piranha plants, lucky blocks, bullet bills, the iconic Mario finish line, and more. The movie has many other subtle references to the game, such as when Mario and Donkey Kong found themselves in an underwater cave which references the underwater Mario game levels. There is also a sequence in which Mario and the gang are driving around in karts on a rainbow road which references the Mario Kart franchise. Donkey Kong appearing as a character when Mario visits Donkey Kong Island itself is a reference as well. 

Fans online have expressed thoughts that the movie hinted at the possibility of there being a part two to the movie. Their biggest piece of evidence is the final after-credit scene that briefly shows a Yoshi egg cracking. Several other popular aspects of Mario were not referenced in the movie. Several times throughout the movie Princess Peach mentions how there is an “entire galaxy worth exploring.” Many fans took this as evidence that because the newest movie did not reference Super Mario Galaxy or Yoshi’s Island, there will be a part two. Fans also consider that the record-breaking revenues of the newest movie will lead to a second movie being released. 

“The Super Mario Bros. Movie” has had extreme success with the first movie earning $377 million on its opening weekend. It has several themes that could be a positive influence on children, such as Princess Peach being displayed as a strong leader. The movie created excitement and rumors about the possibility of part two. It has averaged a 4.7-star rating on Google reviews and the revenue for the movie continues to climb. The movie provides many references that longtime Mario fans will understand. But for new fans, the movie provides a way for people to get into the franchise should they choose to see the movie.

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