Citrus Valley Club Rush encourages all students to explore their interests

The Ethic News and La Plaza booths join forces to advocate student journalism to potential freelancers for both student-run publications. (Ethan Dewri / Ethic Photo)


Part of the quintessential “high school experience” is the interactions teenagers have with each other, and the easiest way to form these connections is to join a club. On Aug. 16, Citrus Valley High School held its annual Club Rush, a lunch event which gave students, regardless of grade, a chance to see all the club opportunities Citrus Valley has to offer. 

Emily Huang and Annika Hidalgo distribute Interact Club pamphlets to encourage students to participate in community services hosted by the club to develop leadership, responsibility and strong ethics. “I like Interact Club because it presents countless opportunities for young students to involve themselves and make a difference in the community” summarizes Huang. (Ethan Dewri / Ethic Photo)

At the event, each club selected students to sit at a booth in the quad and talk about the club they represented to their wandering peers, answering any questions they had.

Hayden Lopez, Abigail Brossia, and Alejandro Mora encourage others to join PossAbilities Club which dedicates itself to helping special needs students have a fantastic prom experience and feel more at home. (Ethan Dewri / Ethic Photo)
Makaley Montano and Ahlora Smith hold gavels expressing their enthusiasm for Mock Trial. “Law is one of the career pathways I’m open to, so Mock Trial lets me explore this pathway” says Smith. (Ethan Dewri / Ethic Photo)

At some booths, students were encouraged to interact with the representatives. At the Thespian’s booth, students played spin-the-wheel and won prizes such as a lollipop, a Blackhawk Theater Company string bag, or the grand prize of one free ticket to any of the performances this year. Robotics Club displayed a project that allowed the student sitting inside the go-kart-like contraption to be moved around on wheels by the push of another peer. At the Marines booth, students got a chance to speak to recruiters and try pull-ups; this was not the first time students have seen this booth, as throughout the year the Marines set up in the quad at lunch. 

Marylin Makar, Grace Surber, Carolina Garcia, Fernanda Calderon, Clara Klaib and Sophia Cantuba distribute flyers and candy in hopes of gaining new members to Make-A-Wish Club, where members fundraise tirelessly to help make a child’s wish come true. “I joined Make-A-Wish because as teens we forget to realize how privileged we are to be living carefree, and unfortunately, other children will not get the chance to live the life they dreamed of. So, to encourage others to be a little selfless and make a child smile by making their wish come true, is just a great cause to be apart of and it truly warms my heart.” says Cantuba. (Ethan Dewri / Ethic Photo)

The 2019 Citrus Valley Club Rush was mostly geared towards freshman, giving them an opportunity to actually see the members of clubs and get any questions answered.

Kelly Nguyen advocates for Citrus Valley’s National Honor Society. (Ethan Dewri / Ethic Photo)

This year saw some of the highest numbers of sign ups with clubs such as Jesus at Citrus filling a whole page, something the representatives had never dreamed of. 

Nena Ojukwu and Christina Andronescu advertise Citrus Valley’s Science Club. “In Science Club we explore the fields of STEM through hands on and challenging activities and experiments. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people with similar interest, learn critical thinking, and practice nontraditional problem solving” says Andronescu. (Ethan Dewri / Ethic Photo)

J.J. Martinez, Citrus Valley’s new assistant principal, states, “Everyone’s sign up sheet had a ton of people signed up, it looked like everything went very well.” 

Carrie Safranek, a teacher of psychology, sociology and geography at Citrus Valley, encourages students to join her joy of yoga. “The practice of yoga has many benefits. It allows us to gain strength, confidence, self-knowledge, better health, and many other great things” says Safranek. (Ethan Dewri / Ethic Photo)

The event greatly encouraged students to join clubs; however, for those that did not want to join a club, students could just sit at the lunch tables and enjoy a long lunch period. 

Nathaniel Navarro, grade 11, stayed on the outside of Club Rush and says, “I just don’t have the time to be in a club this year, however I think it is a really great way to introduce people, especially freshmen, to all the club possibilities at Citrus.”

Martinez also states that what stood out about Citrus Valley’s Club Rush is that “we have a lot of clubs here, and there is something for everybody.”  

Dylan Werner, Queennie Nguyen and Haven Davis show off the Ski and Snowboard sign and equipment while, behind the table, Jonathan Diaz, Bianca Murphy, Daisy Daniels and Francis Guzman mirror their enthusiasm. “Our club is Ski and Snowboard! What we do is basically plan trips to hopefully, various different snow spots to hang out and make memories in the winter. It’s a great way to get closer to a group of people, make memories and enjoy chair lift rides like no other” says Nguyen. (Ethan Dewri / Ethic Photo)

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