Citrus Valley enjoys a victory against Redlands High School for their Homecoming game


Citrus Valley High School Blackhawks at home in a conference matchup came up against the Redlands High School Terriers in hopes of continuing their winning form. Citrus Valley’s record at the time of Friday, Sept. 28 had a record of 4-1 whereas their opponents Redlands had a 1-4 record.

Here is a look at the game:

IMG_8552 (1)
RHS captains came out hands together in honor of their teammate Christian Diaz a senior at RHS who had been hospitalized earlier due to cardiac arrest caused by an inflamed liver.             (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)


Citrus Valley Blackhawks enter Hodges stadium with high energy in hopes of another victory. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)
Early in the game Citrus Valley junior quarterback Jonathan Calderon dodges a tackle from an RHS linebacker who broke through the Citrus Valley offensive line.                                    (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)
Citrus Valley receiver hit very hard by an RHS defensive team member knocking the ball into the air and causing Citrus Valley to turnover possession to RHS at the 20-yard line.               (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)
On the other end in the red zone, Citrus Valley junior safety Jordan Scott knocks an inaccurate pass from RHS out of play making it fourth down forcing RHS to go for the field goal.      (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)

RHS would then have their field goal attempt blocked and Citrus Valley cornerback Kareem Atkins would carry the ball for a touchdown. The Referee would not count the touchdown saying the play was downed at the 25-yard line and Citrus Valley only received possession.

Citrus Valley head coach Kurt Bruich arguing with the referee over the canceled touchdown.  “Boos” were very audible from Citrus Valley fans at the time (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)
Citrus Valley junior quarterback Jonathan Calderon carrying the ball int the end zone for Citrus Valley’s second touchdown before the end of the first half making the score 14-0  for Citrus Valley. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)
Citrus Valley’s student section nicknamed “The Nest” very ecstatic since the Blackhawks were winning 14-0 at the half. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)
Citrus Valley’s Marching Band the Gold Brigade would then perform at the half for the crowd. Flute player senior Anika Kisling pictured in white. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)
Citrus Valley announced their senior Homecoming court, King Jesse Guzman ( number 11 wide receiver for Citrus Valley football team) and Queen Layla Padilla.  (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)

Citrus Valley launched fireworks in celebration of Homecoming at halftime.

Citrus Valley kicks off the second half in while up 14-0. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)
Johnathan Calderon having a very good game having made two touchdowns and making 109 yards for his team. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)
Citrus Valley continues to fight for the game as RHS attempts to hold back the persistent offense from the Blackhawks. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)

Citrus Valley Blackhawks would go on to beat the Redlands Terriers 47-13 despite RHS 13 point attempt to get back in the game in the fourth quarter. This left Citrus Valley with a 5-1 record going into their next game against Carter High School and Redlands with a 1-5 record going up against Cajon High School.


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