Spiritleader clinic preps future Wildcats for cheer


The Redlands East Valley High School cheerleaders and dance team had their annual Spiritleader Clinic for young girls ages 4 to 13 on Monday, Oct. 1, 2018. The event was successful and had many young girls learning the basic skills needed to become a cheerleader.

The Varsity, JV, and Song teams all helped to teach the girls as much as they could in the three hours they had with them in order to prepare them for the football game on Friday, Oct. 5, where the young girls will cheer with the cheer team until halftime.

REV Spiritleaders teach young girls the cheer “rock with it”  (ZOEY ROMAN/Ethic Photo)

The captains taught the girls a few simple cheers, modified to make the motions easier to follow. Then everyone was taught a simple dance, which they will perform during halftime at the Redlands East Valley vs. Yucaipa High School football game on Friday.

 The “ladybug” team meets together.                     (ZOEY ROMAN/Ethic Photo)

The older girls, 5th to 8th grade, were taught simple stunts like thigh stands, a movement where a smaller girl stands on her teammates’ thighs, and halves, a stunt where the flyer stands on her teammates’ hands, which are at chest level. The younger participants, below 5th grade, learned how to perform safer stunts, like knee stands, which is when a girl stands on her teammates’ knees while said teammates lunge, and had a REV cheerleader or Song member with them to help.

The girls will perform their cheers this Friday during REV’s Varsity Football game against YHS.

                     Varsity cheer performs for participants. (ZOEY ROMAN/Ethic Photo)

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