Column: This is my Ethic photo book



I spent some time thinking about how I should say goodbye to this publication that means so much to me. I knew I had no perfect formula to senior year or even high school to share, nor do I believe I can write something so profound it would be meaningful to me. I am an individual who likes to share art and memories, something which evokes feelings from an individual and that is how I communicate.

I thought I would keep the same format I had on every editorial I have done this year. Having spent four years having participated in Ethic, I have memories I will treasure forever. As an avid photographer I document a large portion of my life through photos. So I thought given that I feel my largest contribution to the publication this year was through my photography I thought I would share some of my favorites from my time with Ethic.

This is my Ethic News photo book:

This was our 2017-2018 year banquet and I just remember how nice it was to see all the old and current editors together. (Courtesy Tayfun Saglam)

This was Ethic’s 2017 Christmas potluck and it was just very fun day share with some of my peers. That would be the first of some of the many photos of our unofficial mascot Bubby the peacock. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)

This was the day our 2017-2018 management editor Jessica Lopez had been asked to Homecoming by her crush and it was one of the purest moments of happiness I have ever seen. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)

This was taken during the Citrus Valley walkouts and it was nice to photograph in a way history and I felt like an actual photojournalist. I would also along with, one of my best friends and current arts and entertainment editor, Dorian Neighbors and current sports editor Tatum Mapes win a reader’s choice award.
That 2017-2018 year as it came to an end the current photo editor Gabriel Stanfield and I took a collection of photos with our unofficial mascot Bubby. I would later find out that humorously we were not supposed to be in that room. The photo album I would make would be titled “LIT=Bubby”. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)

The Citrus Valley 2018 Homecoming game was my first football game I covered for Ethic and the feedback was amazing. That night was so fun as I had spent the day with my friends then went to the game and just had a great shoot. This would be one of the highlights of my senior year and would be the first time I fully comprehended being a senior. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)


The Citrus Valley boys basketball senior night against Yucaipa would mean a lot to me as one of my close friends senior point guard Roman Jackson would play so I was happy to be also getting photos for him. It meant a lot that he had appreciated me coming, even though part of it was also for newspaper. I would also take one of best action shots of senior forward A.J. Burroughs going up for a basket, and I would post the article the next day. That was a long night. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)


If you have heard about the class you might have heard about Citrus Valley’s classroom antics.

These would be last senior rallies and there is just so much emotion in these photos.

This is arguably my favorite photo of the year. We were closing on the film photography for mental health shoot and I wanted to take a group photo with the people who helped so i set a timer and we all crunched in. (BRANDON SAGLAM/ Ethic Photo)


The original first editors and me (left side), and this years staff (right side). I will remember them all forever. (courtesy Tayfun Saglam)

In closing I would first like to thank Mrs. Aranda and Mrs. Snavely for their help they have provided that I find invaluable in the last four years.

I will miss my time with Ethic news from the daily high fives with Alyssa Martin, quotes from Richard Bunner such as “Drinking Caprisuns is honestly a religious experience”, and dancing throughout the classroom since day one.

I was inspired to do this by Kota the Friend’s album Foto so I will close with lyrics from his outro song “FOTO”:

“I left you with this photo,
And I kept the negative,
You can find out where you’re going,
If you know where you been,
I left you with this photo,
To be sure you don’t forget,
What mattered in a moment,
It mattered in a moment,”

Final farewell from the last of the first year students.

-Brandon Saglam a.k.a. “Happy Feet”

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