Students share their experience with AVID

Q:What has being a part of AVID taught you?
CV Vincent Mendez: “Being a part of AVID has taught me how to stay organized and keep my priorities in line and also that there are resources available for anyone and everyone if you just look in the right places.”
CV Jazmin Cruz: “AVID has taught me how to be at my best in school and prepare for college. Since being in AVID, I have learned how to stay organized, how to manage my time wisely, and how to ask for help when needed.”
REV Kim Aiken: “AVID has taught me so much on how to be more independent, responsible, and self-determined. That I have to work hard in the classroom to also be successful on the basketball court.”

Q: What did you enjoy most about the field trip?
CV Vincent Mendez: “Being able to go on the field trip and explore so many different colleges up the coast of California was such an amazing experience, because it opened up my eyes and made me think about which colleges I can see myself attending, such as a UC or Cal State.”
CV Jazmin Cruz: “My favorite part of the field trip was making new friends with AVID students at REV and RHS and being able to visit to explore colleges without parents. It really showed me how independent  I would have to be to go to college far away from home.”
REV Kim Aiken: “The campus life. Seeing a new environment around the campus and on the campus. How people interact with each other and how they manage their time with homework and with having fun.

Q: How has AVID changed your high school experience?
CV Vincent Mendez: “AVID has changed my high school experience, because I know when deadlines are for registering for the SAT/ACT and it has just opened up so many doors for my life after high school.”
CV Jazmin Cruz: “AVID helped me create lasting friendships and has brought me into this huge AVID family. AVID has opened many opportunities for me to go to college and get scholarships. Because of AVID, high school has been the best 4 years of my life.”
REV Kim Aiken: “It has helped experience my high school career a lot. Helping me stay focused on the task at hand and that is to stay in school and succeed.

Q: How do the AVID teachers help/support you along the way?
CV Vincent Mendez: “Our AVID teachers not only help us maintain our grades, but also help us stay involved with the community by doing at least 20 hours of community service a year. Being in AVID has also informed me that volunteer work looks extremely well on college applications.”
CV Jazmin Cruz: “AVID teachers are not like regular teachers. They do not act like regular teachers, but rather like our best friends. They never get annoyed with the amount of questions we have about college and they give us the best advice. They support us on everything we do, but they are not afraid to be honest and tell us what we should do to improve our grades and ourselves. They become our parents at school, which is why I love them and respect them all.”
REV Kim Aiken: “Mrs. Bailey has helped so much on the process of helping me becoming a better student, from a 3.0 GPA to a 3.5 is what Mrs. Bailey has helped me with and also supporting me to do better, on and off the court.”

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