Artist Feature: Kimberly Negrete 

Kimberly Negrete is 18 and a senior at Redlands East Valley, she has been doing art for 15 years so we wanted to feature her art this issue. 
1.What type of art do you most enjoy doing?
    “ The type of art I most enjoy doing is your regular drawing”
2.What made you decide to do or try art?
“ I didn’t really decide to do it. It was mostly just like a natural talent that came because I started when I was three and I’ve never stopped since then.”
3. What inspires you?
“ What Inspires me is mostly music and the people I see on the streets because I use them as references later on and just the environment around me of what’s going on. Everything, art is just everything to me”
4. How do you work?
    “How I usually work is it happens mostly at night around two in the morning when I actually get inspiration. And I play a lot of movie soundtracks like Superman, Lord of the Rings and Inception. And I have all my stuff scattered around my desk nothing’s ever organized. And the funny part is I never plan what I’m going to draw it just appears on paper once I’m done. But usually what I wear as my “work clothes” is an oversized shirt with something catchy on it and boxers, very professional.”
5. Professionally, what’s your goal?
    “Professionally my goal would be working as a concept artist. For video games or movies whatever comes to me. But I would also want to do a screenwriting with animation just all that entertainment stuff.”

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