REV Teacher Feature: Mr. Berman

On the outskirts of the Redlands East Valley High School’s campus, lies room E120, home to AP literature and Composition teacher Mr. Berman. He is involved in a multitude of clubs at REV, and he serves as the advisor for Academic Decathlon, Mock Trial, and the Junior Statesmen of America club.

Since his arrival at REV, Mr. Berman has helped Mock Trial and Academic Decathalon amass a great number of accomplishments and awards. He first started coaching Mock Trial with Dr. Slick and now is the sole teacher-coach. Mr. Berman is aided by attorneys, known as attorney-coaches, who have helped the mock trial program for a number of years. Since Mr. Berman’s tenure as either coach or co-coach, each REV mock trial team that has been county champions has successfully gone on to be in the top eight of the state competition, a very prestigious accomplishment. This year marked another successful year for the mock trial team with yet another San Bernardino county championship.

The REV Mock Trial team overcame the RHS Mock Trial team, defending state champions. Another successful program led by the fearless, nay the ageless, Mr. Berman is the Academic Decathlon team. Over the past few years, AcaDec has also received its fair share of honors with a slew of first and second place awards. One must wear sunglasses as to not cause blindness or any subsequent injury to the eyes when he or she enters E120 as the vibrant array shines from the shelves of trophies in Mr. Berman’s classroom. After walking by the dazzling display of gold, one can make a right turn to see the hauntingly elegant black yet wooden plaques on the wall, which are so abundant that they can be mistaken for wallpaper.

There cannot be more that this man can do, right? Oh but how sadly wrong you would be. Mr. Berman also teaches AP Literature to the seniors on campus.  He said he discovered his prowess for English during his high school years, when he would read and repair his classmate’s essays.  He continued his journey into the subject of English by majoring in English at CSUSB, and later completing his masters at the University of Redlands.  After completing his schooling, Mr. Berman began to teach.  

During his career as an English teacher, Mr. Berman met the famous Jane Schaffer while grading AP exams in Nebraska.  They became good friends up until the untimely, tragic passing of Mrs. Schaffer.  Mr. Berman using his many years of English experience, Mr. Berman constantly captivates us with his analysis of obscure, yet fascinating works of literature.  Along with analysis, Mr. Berman exposes his students to a wide variety of literary works, preparing students for the advanced placement test and future English classes.

Whether it’s through the clubs we enjoy or the classes we love, Mr. Berman makes every moment of the learning experience memorable and enjoyable.  When interviewing Mr. Berman about his career and successes, he said he’d like to “thank [the] entire REV staff for support of academic decathlon and mock trial because it takes a village to raise these students.”  In the words of student and mock trial member Brennan Bartley, Mr. Berman is a “dedicated coach who gives 110% at the bare minimum. We are lucky to have him because the organizations he runs would be shadows without him.”

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