Editor-in-chief: Miriam Yordanos (she/her)

Miriam Yordanos is a 17-year-old senior who has been with Ethic News throughout all of her high school career. This year, however, is her first year as the editor-in-chief at Redlands East Valley. During her free time, she likes to read novels and watch shows, like Designated Survivor and Vampire Diaries. After she graduates, Yordanos plans to attend either University of California, Santa Barbara, New York University or the University of Southern California with a political science major, eventually either focusing on journalism or becoming a social worker.

CV Chief Executive Officer: Emily Walos (she/her)

Emily Walos is a 17-year-old senior at Citrus Valley High School and the CV Chief Executive Officer of Ethic. She has been a student journalist since the 7th grade and joined Ethic four years ago with hopes to give a voice to people wanting to be heard. Walos is involved in ASB, link crew, varsity swim, Redlands’ swim team and thespians club. She is also the president of Jesus at Citrus and president of the virtual enterprise club. Regarding swimming, she has been on varsity for three years and with her team became the first-ever varsity girls champion team and was undefeated last school year. She enjoys performing in after-school plays, piano, ballroom dance and restoring vintage cars with her dad. She achieved over a 4.0 GPA in her high school career, with her lowest GPA being 4.1. Walos hopes to attend a four-year university majoring in broadcasting journalism to become a news anchor and finally become a respected professional journalist.

REV Chief Executive Officer: Mia Aranda (she/her)

Mia Aranda is a senior at Redlands East Valley High School. This year, she is the CEO for REV in Ethic. Aranda has been attracted to the world of journalism since sixth grade and is starting her fourth year of journalism. Along with journalism, Aranda has been involved in Girl Scouts for eight years and takes weekly piano lessons.  In her spare time, Aranda likes to watch movies, draw and play with her dogs. In fact, she has an ongoing list of all the films she has seen this year; it is currently over 100. In the future, Aranda wants to be an animator for Pixar.

News editor and translator: Mauricio Pliego (he/him)

Mauricio Pliego is a 16-year-old junior attending Redlands East Valley High School. He joined journalism because he has been interested in the people and the sense of family togetherness the class gives. He has a passion for politics and hopes to be immigration lawyer. Pliego wishes, at a younger age, to learn to play the violin. His hero is Spiderman and painting is his favorite form of art.  He enjoys photography, an interest of his for many years, rather than reading. His dream is to visit England and to adopt a pet. Pliego plans to attend New York University or University of California, Berkeley.

Features editor: Isaac Mejia (he/him)

Isaac Meja is the Features editor for Ethic and a senior at Redlands East Valley High School. He enjoys spending his free time volunteering at his church and spending time with his family. He joined digital journalism to try something new and seize every opportunity to have a fun experience during high school. Mejia likes to be creative and has a passion for science; he aspires to become a doctor after he graduates.

Arts and Entertainment editor: Emerson Sutow (he/him, they/them)

Emerson Sutow is a 17-year-old senior at Citrus Valley High School. He is Ethic’s Art and Entertainment editor. This is Sutow’s fourth year in Ethic and his second year as an Art and Entertainment editor. Sutow is in the technical engineering CTE pathway and are also taking a Japanese class at Crafton Hills College. Sutow enjoys reading, writing music and cosplaying in his free time. Sutow sees himself in 6 years as a robotics engineer after he finishes college.

Sports editor: Aileen Janee Corpus (she/her, they/them)

Aileen Janee Corpus is a 16-year-old junior attending Redlands East Valley High School. She has two siblings: an older brother and a younger sister. They have a pet goldfish named Matilda. Some of her favorite hobbies and extracurricular activities are basketball, swimming, baking, cooking, playing instruments and downhill longboarding. They joined journalism because of their passion for writing, telling accounts of other people and always wanting to be a journalist. As a junior, Corpus is excited to continue her podcast and to make new friends this year. She is the Sports editor and their second year of digital journalism. After graduation, Corpus is planning to get a degree in aerospace engineering at a university.

STEM editor: Jasmine Rosales (she/her)

Jasmine Rosales is a 15-year-old sophomore attending Citrus Valley High School and is the STEM editor for Ethic. Rosales joined journalism in order to excel in her writing skills and many other subjects as well. Rosales has been a part of journalism for two years and is in Spanish for native speakers. Rosales is a full-time soccer player but is also involved in other sports. In her free time, she enjoys working out, reading and listening to music. After high school, Rosales plans to attend the University of Hawaii and become a physical therapist.

Self and Style editor: Maggie Snavely (she/her)

Maggie Snavely is a senior at Citrus Valley High School. Her position in Ethic is Self and Style editor. Snavely chose to write for Self and Style because she enjoys writing articles that spread more positivity across campus. She runs an Etsy account for selling and making jewelry and enjoys spending time outside to play with her dogs. This year, Snavely is hoping to improve her social skills and become more outspoken. While in Ethic News, she is hoping to share any important information from past experiences with incoming students. Snavely’s goal for her future is to graduate high school then eventually open up her own bakery. 

CV Multimedia editor: Bella Espinoza (she/her)

Bella Espinoza is a 17-year-old senior at Citrus Valley High School and the co-Multimedia editor for Ethic News. She enjoys being in Ethic because it’s a digital newspaper that allows her to make videos such as interviews and weather reports. In her free time, her favorite activities are playing video games, watching anime or reading books such as her favorite series, “Harry Potter.” In the future, Espinoza plans to possibly continue with video editing and get a job. 

REV Multimedia editor and translator: Cyrus Engelsman (he/him)

Cyrus Engelsman, a 17-year-old senior at Redlands East Valley High School, joined Ethic as a staff writer and is currently the Multimedia editor, co-creator of The After School podcast and a translator for Ethic. In his free time, hw enjoys playing hockey and being the vice president of the creative writing club at REV. Although Engelsman loves writing, one of his favorite things to do for Ethic is to create photo slideshows because he is passionate about photography. Engelsman is glad he joined Ethic because he can have a creative outlet and people can hear what he has to say.

Culture editor and translator: Jazui Mejia (she/her)

Jazui Mejia, 16, is a junior at Redlands High School and is proud to call herself the Culture editor for Ethic News. Mejia’s writing is focused mainly on activism and incorporates diverse perspectives and voices of the Redlands community. Aside from digital journalism, she is president of the GENup chapter of Redlands, the chair of the Women’s Caucus for GenVOCAL and an alto and soprano hybrid singer of the RHS Chamber Singers. In her free time, Mejia writes songs, roller skates and spends time with her friends and family. 

REV Staff Writer: Ella Fitzpatrick (she/her)

Ella Fitzpatrick is a senior at Redlands East Valley High School. At REV, she participates as a member of the Mental Health Club and the treasurer of Compact Club. This school year, she has decided to add to her list of hobbies. In addition to writing short stories and baking, Fitzpatrick has joined the REV tennis team. For her senior year, not only is she excited about her new sport, but she is also looking forward to writing for Ethic and graduating. Fitzpatrick enjoys spending her free time reading, listening to music and occasionally drawing. Her favorite class in school is literature because of her interest in writing and reading. Her go-to book is “Strange the Dreamer” written by Laini Taylor. A quote she believes and lives by is “the dream chooses the dreamer.” Fitzaptrick’s everyday life includes hanging out with friends, attending her clubs, school and enjoying a Studio Grill movie. She also loves spending time with her dog Lulu, whom she says makes her the happiest. Fitzpatrick describes herself as an outgoing, creative person who is also very hardworking. In five years, she hopes to be studying marine biology at the University of California, Santa Barbara and having a pet dog. Until then, Fitzpatrick still wants to get a few things out of her last year of high school. She hopes to get more life experiences, pass her classes and write for Ethic News.

CV Staff Writer: Marshall Scott (he/they/it/she)

Marshall Scott is a freshman at Citrus Valley High School. Scott is a staff writer for Ethic News. They hope to become involved in Pals 4 Paws because they love their cats and other animals. In their free time, Scott enjoys catching up on sleep and cosplaying. This year, they hope to keep their personal life free of drama and enjoy their experience in high school. In Ethic, Scott hopes to write about news and keep people up to date on current events happening inside and out of their community.

REV Staff Writer: Craig Morrison (he/him)

Craig Morrison is a 16-year-old junior at Redlands East Valley High School and a first-year staff member for Ethic News. Morrison joined journalism because his older brother had been editor-in-chief for Ethic News in 2019 and he had always admired his work. Morrison has always had an interest in journalism and reads the newspaper at home whenever he gets the chance. In journalism, he hopes to gain better writing skills and acquire research on future career options. Morrison is most interested in writing news and sports pieces and can also edit videos. He previously attended Redlands eAcademy his freshman and sophomore year and recently transferred to REV where Morrison is already involved in cross country and Link Crew. At home, Morrison has two older brothers, Christian and Cole, and two cats, Lexi and Loki. In his free time, he plays the electric guitar and practices skateboarding tricks. He also serves as a referee for American Youth Soccer Organization games at the Redlands Sports Park on the weekends. After high school, Morrison aspires to earn a degree in either mechanical engineering or physical therapy and eventually leave California.

CV Staff Writer: Nadia Ceniceros (she/her)

Nadia Ceniceros is a 14-year-old freshman at Citrus Valley High School. Ceniceros plays two sports, basketball and volleyball, and spends her free time reading, scrolling on TikTok, hair styling and creating acrylic nail styles. Her favorite holiday is Christmas and she enjoys romantic comedy movies and shows. Ceniceros believes her greatest strengths lie in her writing and great listening skills. Later in life, she plans on pursuing a career in profiling with the FBI.

REV Staff Writer: Kendra Burdick (she/her)

Kendra Burdick, 15, is a sophomore at Redlands East Valley High School and she is a second-year staff writer who joined Ethic News to make her voice heard. Burdick is involved in course writing and is passionate about screenwriting. She loves both journalism and math classes and looks up to Jacob Grimm heavily. She loves animals since she has two cats, a stray and a Main Coon, and a Maltese Chihuahua mix. Burdick listens to rock music without any preference of artists. She appreciates honesty, kindness from others and her little sister.

REV Staff Writer: Miyah Sanborn (she/her)

Miyah Sanborn is a 14-year-old sophomore journalist at Redlands East Valley High School.  With her second year in journalism, she continues her childhood dream of being in a school newspaper.  After school, Sanborn loves to skate and spend time with her two cats. She hopes to continue her journalism experience in college or as a career in the future. 

REV Staff Writer and translator: Daniela Mora (she/her)

Daniela Mora is a 15-year-old sophomore at Redlands East Valley High School. She is a member of “The After School Podcast Official” and is a staff writer for Ethic News. Because of her experience, she likes to help people start their own podcasts. In her free time, Mora teaches Catechism classes to youth at her church. She listens to rock and punk pop music and plays the guitar. At school, Mora enjoys science classes that allow her to participate in hands-on experiments. After high school, she hopes to go to school and study to be a pharmaceutical scientist. Due to her love for science, she wants to make a difference in the medical field that helps people around the world.

REV Staff Writer: Spencer Moore (he/him)

Spencer Moore is a staff writer for Ethic News. He is a sophomore attending Redlands East Valley High School. At REV, he is an active member of Speech and Debate and Ethic News. He joined Ethic News to keep people informed and educated and highlight the positive news in the Redlands community. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano and walking his dog. After high school, he plans to pursue law school in pursuit of being an attorney.  He is excited to see what the future has in store for him and accomplishing his goals.

CV Staff Writer: Elizabeth Molloy (she/her)

Elizabeth Molloy is a 13-year-old freshman attending Citrus Valley High School and is a staff writer for Ethic. Molloy joined journalism because she thought it would be fun and she enjoys writing. In her free time, she enjoys embroidering. She has self-taught herself; her favorite thing to embroider is Christmas ornaments. In the future, Molloy dreams to be an actress or film director and attend New York University for their acting program. Molloy strives to meet new people, improve her writing skills, learn new languages and build a good foundation for her high school career.

CV Staff Writer: Emmitt Murphy (he/him)

Emmitt Murphy is a 14-year-old freshman at Citrus Valley High School and is excited to start his first year of being a part of Ethic News staff. Murphy’s interest in writing sparked his desire to join and learn journalism. His passion for writing has been growing since he could remember. He is excited to write and work on videos and is hoping to try to publish pieces in as many categories as he can for Ethic. In digital journalism, he hopes to meet new people and expand his horizons in both the community and the world around him. At CV, Murphy is in honors English which happens to be his favorite subject. In his spare time, he plays video games and with his three dogs. After high school, he wishes to remain in California and attend a University of California school with a major that is still to be determined.

REV Staff Writer: Ava Larson (she/her)

Ava Larson is a sophomore at Redlands East Valley High School. With a spirit of adventure and  a funny sense of humor, Larson joins the team of student journalists as a first-year staff writer for Ethic. In addition to being a journalist, Larson is an active skater. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with her friends and appreciates listening to music, especially ‘80s rock and pop. Larson’s future plans are currently undecided and she is still considering what she might want to pursue after high school. At the moment, Larson plans to focus on the present and savor every moment of it.

REV Sports Editor: Carolina Sanchez

this is carol

Carol is a senior at REV and is the sports editor for ETHIC News. She plays on the REV golf team as well. She loves to learn about history and human rights. Carol is the youngest sibling in her family and has two small dogs. She looks to go into political science and to continue her passion for journalism in college. Carol loves journalism because it creates a space to tell people’s stories.