Citrus Valley High School hosts annual ‘Becoming a Blackhawk’ day


CV’s staff prepare their booth for visiting 8th graders from local middle schools to advertise journalism in hopes of recruiting future writers (Meanna Smith/Ethic News)

Citrus Valley High School invited incoming freshmen to the CV campus on Monday, March 6, 2023, for ‘Becoming a Blackhawk Day’. Hundreds of eighth grade students from middle schools including Beattie, Moore and Cope Middle Schools toured the CV campus and were introduced to the many extracurricular clubs and classes provided at CV. After a brief welcome by the Citrus Valley Cheer team, choir and counselors, students were released to explore the club booths and discover clubs that indulged their interests.  The event featured 25 booths, including but not limited to, ASB, AVID, Theatre Arts, Mock Trial, Choir, Concert Band and, of course, Ethic News. 

Hallee Resendez and Melina Bline pose for a picture at their booth for ASB. (Meanna Smith/ Ethic News Photo)

Junior Riley Houser, representing the Latin class, said “I’m very excited to welcome the new Blackhawks, they’re so small and have so much potential.” While representing the art class, Serena Almanza said “art is such a fun class and we’re so excited to welcome in the new freshman.”

A visiting eighth grader and soon to be Citrus Valley High School freshman, Braylon Smith said, “it’s really cool to see my future high school and so far I’m happy with what I see.”

The production and design class presented their different show props, clothing, and equipment used to put on their creative shows. (Mia Caliva/ Ethic News Photo)

While the event was being held there were two different groups of students doing different activities. One of the groups was in the gym where many booths were held for different classes and clubs. All of the eighth grade students were given a bingo card which they had to get stamped throughout the day. There were many classes on the card and were stamped after they visited different booths. These bingo cards were needed for the counselors to see which classes they had to choose from to apply for the students future schedules. Students were to visit different booths and get their bingo cards stamped. The other group was being toured around the school and shown different elective classes. 

Soon to be freshmen were allowed to roam for nearly 30 minutes before taking a tour of CV’s campus. (MeAnna Smith/ Ethic News photo)

CV’s Editor-in-Chief, Destiny Ramos, talks to the soon to be freshman about Ethic News. (MeAnna Smith/ Ethic News photo)

Mia Caliva, MeAnna Smith and Destiny Ramos pose in front of their booth with the mascots Bubby and Bubbet. (Meanna Smith/ Ethic News Photo)

“Becoming a Blackhawk” provided an opportunity for incoming freshmen to get an idea of what to expect from their high school. Instead of figuring it out along the way, students got the chance to plan ahead in which classes and clubs they would like to participate in. Middle schoolers chatted with students that attend Citrus Valley to get a student perspective and connect with their soon-to-be peers. 

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