Letter to the editor: Reader raises concern on anxiety article and photo

I am writing concerning the article “Anxiety disorders explained.” As a parent of a student that suffers from panic attacks and anxiety I was disturbed by the idea that the disorder could be explained in just 5 paragraphs and using an “Artistic interpretation of an anxiety disorder ” as the photo for the article. I appreciate the attempt at addressing mental health issues but found the article unsettling and some what offensive. It is my opinion that not enough research, scientific data and empathy were considered before publishing.

From an anonymous reader

Dear Reader,

We would like to thank the author of this letter for bringing the issues found in the article entitled “Anxiety disorders explained” to our attention.  At Ethic News, we provide a way for students from various backgrounds to express their interests via writing, video production, photography, and other forms of art.  We aim to provide content that is relevant in the context of the world today and gives accurate portrayal of the subject matter. In the case of this article, the title inaccurately claims that the article can simply explain such a complex medical condition as anxiety disorders that can vary from person to person in how it affects them.  That is why we at Ethic News have decided to change the title of the article to “The scientific processes behind anxiety disorders,” as the article covers more of the scientific side of anxiety disorders. We would like to apologize to any and all readers who may have been offended by the title and what it implied. Ethic News strives to provide content that is strongly grounded in factual information and such a title was a breach of this.  All the information in the article itself is well-based in scientific fact from reputable sources, and still does provide an accurate description of anxiety disorders from a scientific point of view. The photo accompanying the article has also received concerns. It has been removed as it was not a true representation of the symptoms of anxiety disorders displayed by each afflicted individual, as no cases of anxiety disorder are the same. Although an “artistic interpretation,” we have decided to take it down to avoid further offense.  We would like to thank all those affected by errors on our part for their continued viewership and support of Ethic News and its continued mission.


Ethic Editorial Board

Click on this link to view the updated article: The scientific processes behind anxiety disorders

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