The AVID program at Redlands East Valley is close to receiving an accolade


The Advancement Via Individual Determination program at Redlands East Valley High School is very close to being named a National Demonstration School. They will be tested once more this school year by AVID coaches from all across the nation, and if they are successful in impressing these coaches, the school will receive a banner and be named a Demonstration school. All of the teachers that are participating in the program and those outside of it have high hopes for the program.

All participating teachers and Administrators of the AVID Program at REV showing that students can find them anywhere on campus and that they are all ready to help anyone who may ask. (Photo credit to AVID program)

Being named a National Demonstration school is a rigorous process in which the students must be given high expectations in which they excel in. Tutorial sessions must be excellent, where the expectations are high for the students and classes must exhibit a quality form of implementation of the AVID Program within the school. By the end of multiple observations by AVID coaches, they will evaluate whether or not the School will be given the honor.

Group Picture of Jacqueline Hernandez, Jana Bailey, Kurt Clements, Cindy Gardener and Diana Gamez who are all part of the AVID Elective teacher team. (Photo credit to AVID program)

The different administrators and teachers are preparing students for this upcoming check up from the AVID Coaches on Feb. 27. Both students and teachers have become both excited and undaunted at the thought of becoming so close to being given the honor of being named a Demonstration School. If this is to happen, they must prepare for the incoming observance from the coaches and teachers like Jana Bailey, who is also the coordinator of the program at REV. She is very excited and believes her students are ready and most of the teachers show a very similar response regarding the observance. 

The second Observance, which was on Nov. 17, 2019, in which the coaches visited a total of 8 classrooms and watched as each showed a perfect idea of what the AVID program stands for. (Photo credit to AVID program)

As the teachers prepare their students and improve the classroom environment so that they can prove to be successful in the eyes of these AVID Coaches soon to come, the school is more than happy to help and give off a college-ready feel. Helping students has always been AVID’s mission and being part of such an honor is extraordinary for these students.

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