Opinion: Cell phones should be banned at school


Envision this: A teacher is trying to explain physics to the class but a student decides that their phone is more important than expanding their knowledge. Once the teacher is done explaining the lesson and it’s time for the test, this student is not prepared and does not know how to comprehend the material.  This is not the teachers fault, but it is the student’s. Not only does this affect the student’s academic performance but also the school’s ranking. 

In a classroom or on campus, students shouldn’t have the opportunity to get distracted on their phone. 

In April of 1973, cell phones were invented by Martin Cooper. This invention caused a new wave for society. Fast forward to modern day society where phones have become a major issue in schools worldwide.

By 2016 at least 73% of American teens carried an iphone or similar device, according to the Los Angeles Times’ article, “Less smartphone time equals happier teenager, study suggests.” Most students bring their cellphones to school everyday without realizing it’s impact. 94% of students bring a phone to school and use it throughout the school day, according to the Student Pulse Survey from Top Hat conducted by independent research firm Survata, which polled 520 college students about cell phones.  These phones are a large part of why students are distracted at school.

Some might argue that a cell phone is necessary in this digital age, and that one cannot communicate with people or look up information for classes without it. The problem with this statement is that schools provide all of the resources you need for school work. In most schools, students are provided with computers, laptops, textbooks, and more in order to excel in their studies. If a student ever wants to contact someone in case of an emergency, there is always a phone in the office for student use. If they have a project or assignment due the next day, the library is open during and after school for students to use textbooks, books, and computers.

Cell phones also could be a cause of bullying. If a student does not have a phone or has an “old” phone they could be bullied and made fun of.  Another possibility of bully is online bullying. One in five teenagers is bullied online, according to Ditch the Label, one of the largest anti-bullying organizations in the world. Students constantly have to monitor what they are doing because it could be recorded at any time. Without this pressure, students could actually be able to express themselves without worrying.

In conclusion, cell phones should be prohibited at school for several reasons. Teachers and students get distracted. Resources are always available for students. Phones could possibly lead to bullying.

In the end, it is better to just leave the cell phone at home.

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