New club changes lives, one package at a time

Redlands East Valley students wait in line for tacos sold by PACKS at the Club Fair on Thursday, Aug. 30, 2018. PACKS is a service club formed to create care packages for less fortunate people in the community.  (Miriam Yordanos/ Ethic Photo)


At Redlands East Valley High School a new community-service based club called Package of Hope, also known as PACKS, has been formed  to create and deliver care packages to the less fortunate.

PACKS was established by REV juniors Lily Cao, Tara Osborn, and Rylee Salot in the hopes of starting a club that would unite Redlands after they observed the amount of homeless people, hospital patients, and military troops in need of help.

Tara Osborn, the treasurer of PACKS, stated, “There’s a lot of community service clubs on our campus already, and we just wanted to figure out what our campus needed and what our community needed as well…So, we chose to make care packages for people in need.”

PACKS focuses on making care packages for military troops, veterans, children, and local homeless shelters. Each and every package is specifically handmade and designed for each group.

PACKS is able to create care packages through partnering up with local businesses and nationwide corporations. After receiving donations from businesses, the students organize care packages.

Along with helping the less fortunate, “this club will encourage the students of REV and they will be able to witness the impact of an individual effort can make when others are inspired to follow in suit” and will serve as “a land bridge for all students, businesses, and less fortunate individuals.

Students interested in joining PACKS attended the first informational meeting on Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018, during lunch in room G-215. At the meeting, club purpose, membership requirements, and mission were discussed.

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