What the REV WAY means to you


Redlands East Valley High School campus banners displaying Wildcat pride. 

Respect – “Respect to me means treating others how you want to be treated.” Daniel Jimena, Grade 11

Ethical – “Being ethical means standing up for what you believe in.” Noah Hernandez, Grade 12

Vocal – “Being vocal means saying what you need to say and speaking out by using your voice.” Meagan Knox, Grade 11

Wildcat“Being a Wildcat means being productive and trying to graduate.” Hannah Ralph, Grade Nine

Accountable – ”Obviously means being there for someone or something, but it also means being there on time and being there willing to do what you need to do.” Jared Carlin, Grade 12

You – ”Being myself means to me to be unique and I have a different personality and it is part of who I am.”Alexander Mercado, Grade Nine

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