Wildcat Engineering Club Competes at Science Olympiad

On February 27th, the Redlands East Valley High School Science Olympiad team traveled to Ramona High School to compete in 15 different scientifically themed events.  These events range from test taking, on site lab experiment, and even application of pre-built devices such as a robotic arm.  The subjects that the competitors prepared for all revolved around a field of scientific study, with astronomy, robotics, chemistry, even hydrogeology, and more taking part in various events.
The REV team was based around the REV Engineering Club, with many students from Mr. Radoi’s physics classes joining the team as well until a strong team was formed.  Each student participated in events that they had interest in, and also had experience or expertise in.  Students could take on a lighter, but in no means easy, workload of 2 or 3 events or all they way up to some students that took on a half dozen categories.  
The REV team received medals in four of the categories in which they competed, with the REV competitors who took on the “Air Trajectory” category taking home the first prize award.  Overall, this year the team performed exemplarily with Engineering Club’s President Nico Roque-Rivera stating that, “Our team did very well this year, and I’m very proud of all my teammates.  Although I’m graduating and will not be here next year, I am sure that with how well the underclassmen did in the competition we’ll have a great team for next year too!”

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