Interviewing Local Internet Sensations 

Every once in a while, a meme seems to rise up on the internet and become a mainstream thing to say. This just so happened to the creators of the viral video that has been shared hundreds of thousands of times all over social media.  The newest video is a series of Snapchat videos that Josh Holz, a sophomore at Riverside Polytechnic High School, filmed of his friend Daniel Lara. They are both a part of the Riverside Polytechnic High School Swim Team.

Riverside Poly had a swim meet against Citrus Valley High School on Tuesday, March 1st. When news spread around to students at CV that the internet sensations would be on campus, the reactions varied.  Some students freaked out while others ignored it. Students from CV gathered around the pool just to get a glimpse of Daniel, sand some even went to the extent of trying to get their shoes signed by him.  Students were then kindly instructed to leave Daniel alone.

Luckily, there was still time to get a short interview with Daniel Lara before chaos occurred.

What was it like being on The Ellen Show?

“It was probably one of the funnest things I have ever done. I was a little nervous before the interview but once I got on stage I was fine.”

What is it like knowing hundreds of thousands of people know who you are?

“It’s a little weird, I wasn’t used to it but I’m enjoying it so far.”

When you go to different schools for swim meets do a lot of people come up to you?

“This is our first meet and this is the first school I’ve been to and have all these people recognize me, so it has been an unreal experience.”

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