Trump’s war against women progresses as bosses given right to deny female employees insurance to cover birth control


Donald Trump is well-known for his sexist remarks and locker-room chats about women, whether discussing his sexual desires towards them, or calling them offensive names claiming their lack of intelligence on live television. But sticks and stones, right? Perhaps not, when the same man happens to be in control of the country.

Trump has decided to revise the Affordable Health Care contraception coverage mandate that will cause millions of American women to be without free birth control, according to the New York Times. His decision to give employers full political control over contraception coverage means that misogynistic bosses can decide whether or not their women employees’ birth control is of no cost to them. Donald Trump’s supposed reason for employers’ control over their female workers’ contraception is because of “conscience-based objections to preventive-care mandate” according to their written explanation. This new rule grants that if an employer morally disapproves of birth control, they have the right to deny contraception insurance coverage to their female employees.

The Trump administration fails to acknowledge how this outrageously sexist new rule will affect 75 percent of women in the country who obtained free contraception, according to the National Women’s Law Center. Their supposed moral reasonings for this act is just plain humorous and eye-roll-worthy. The new rule is sadly not surprising when looking back on the Trump Administration’s past stances on women contraception. In March of 2016, Trump told MSNBC that “there has to be some form of punishment” for women who have abortions and that abortions themselves should be outlawed. So it is predictable that they continue their shameful agenda to diminish the rights of American women.

Trump continues to ignore multiple statistics and facts proving that birth control has lowered birth rates across the country. The Trump administration has released an explanation stating that studies are “insufficient to demonstrate a causal link.” Nobody can not help but laugh in puzzlement and confusion to hear such a claim that denies birth control does what it was invented to do: prevent pregnancy. Claims like these just show how absurd and psychotic Trump really is. In reality, it is obvious his delusional judgement towards women is truly driving him towards this political action.

His administration also hilariously claims “as contraception became available and its use increased, teen sexual activity outside of marriage likewise increased.” While it is odd that he is so concerned with teen sex, it is also ironic considering the countless inappropriately-explicit sexual comments and actions he has made about women for decades. Trump and his administration want to be known as a conservative, which is in reality an antonym when describing him. His blatant sexist remarks obviously shows his true colors about his thoughts about female sexuality. A recent example is a tweet he posted during the 2016 election saying, “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?” The horror is in the fact that Americans still voted for him, which just shows the current mindset of women which must be changed.

In 2017, America has only made a huge step backwards towards women’s rights. Yet again, this rule is just another example of how uncomfortable society still is about women’s sexuality. How do “moral rights” of people and women’s sexual health seem to somehow have a link? Why is it that a woman’s sexual health and sexuality is such a taboo that people want to treat as something to ignore, hide or defeat? In this day and age, people still think that female sexuality is something that needs to be constricted and undermined because politicians feel like they have the credentials to make such decisions. They feel as though women’s sexual freedom is a problem that needs to have laws and rules in order to control it. Women have sex, and want to be safe about it. It should be a right, not a privilege of those who can afford it. If sex is consensual and safe, the topic does not belong anywhere near the courtroom.

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