Where do you draw your strength from? 



What gives you the strength to succeed? Many people have different thoughts on this subject. It seems as though the answer to this question depends on how the individual was raised or where they grew up or who they have spent most of their time with since childhood. It seems logical to assume that someone who spends all of their time with their friends would be most likely to say that they succeed because of their friends’ strength and support, but this is not always the case. It also seems more likely for someone without a strong family based home to rely on their friends for the strength to succeed and there are some who would never leave the security of their home and family if it was an option. There are many reasons behind their answers, and several memories and experiences behind their reasons but everyone has their support system to help on the difficult path to success. Without this support who knows what would happen. Each and every person needs help at one point or another, even if the supporter is just there to listen to them. This support, whether it is a person, activity, or belief, helps individuals through everyday struggles and monumental endeavors. 

For some people, family was an immediate answer without much thought. For example, senior Kaylan Enge said, “My parents are the ones who motivate me to keep going on with my dreams, along with my extended family.” His family has been extremely influential in his life thus far. Other people have also felt that their families have affected them positively in their lives and have given them strength to succeed. Sophomore David Mikhail responded to this question with, “My parents, because they made the hard decision to leave Egypt and move to the United States.” In this case he has been given strength by them each and everyday with their never ending support. He also feels as though his parents made many sacrifices in order to better his future. Family has been the backbone of many people’s success stories but it is not the only source of strength.

For others while family is still an important part of their life, they also attributed to other sources of strength in their personal answers. For example, senior Jasmyn Gonzalez replied with, “Ambition and self motivation to have a successful future is what gives me the strength to succeed and making my dad proud because I want to show him how much I appreciate all he has done. Also proving people wrong, that I won’t turn out like my biological mother. I want to give my family a good name.”

Gonazalez and many other students still want to make their families proud with their support but they also rely on themselves to never give up and do what is best for them in the long run. Whether people rely solely on their family for strength or also motivate themselves they both have the potential to succeed. They have amazing strength systems and they owe some of their success to them. Whatever your support system is or you strength source, remember you can do anything you set your mind to with a little help from others.

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